Monday, October 31, 2005

Elle B on MySpace Music

In a previous post, I mentioned that I need to be on I also mentioned that I don't like but it is inevitabley (sp?) necessary. But in my marketing meeting with GV of Elevated Enterprises, we decided that it's necessary. I did ask if my marketing consultant could set it up for me, so that I don't have to go anywhere near the site.

Here's the link... Elle B. on MySpace Music.


In other news, I am submitting the title track of my forthcoming album, For My Girls to the the International Songwriting Competition this evening. DJ Okay and I need to re-record it with the final verse before midnight, so that's on the agenda tonight.

I wrote a new song yesterday entitled, Slowly. It's a song about me pursuing this guy but changing up my game now that I'm older. I don't have a track yet, but there are a couple of instrumentals that I've yet to use - so I will see if any of them speak to me. But I think I want to have one created by DJ OK, our stuff seems to come out better that way. *Ironically, I envision this track being upbeat despite the title of the song*

And I'm hoping I can meet up with THE BEATNIX to finally record Joseph's Song. Phonix aka Darius didn't get back to me. I hate to do this, but I think I may just see if someone can reproduce a similar track that I wrote Trifiling Woman to. My desire to complete this track was re-invigorated when I saw this chick on Friday, who is just the type of female I wrote about.

*I need to finish these songs so that I can decided which tracks I'm going to release on the EP*

Photoshoot Stuff:

I spoke with LH (my normal photographer) about my photoshoot. I want to do vintage hollywood glamor for my first round of promotional photos. Think Dorothy Dandridge.

Some other photographer's I'd like to work with in the future are Jeffery Lewis and Gema Hanson.

And finally, I met John Singleton again this weekend. He's a USC alumn and was the host for the USC Young Alumni Homecoming Afterparty, The Reign this past weekend. He was really nice and asked me to send him some of my music soon. Maybe I can be the star of "Baby Girl" 'specially since he shot the film in my neighborhood (Jody's house was on 11th avenue *my block* but four blocks North of where I grew up) and he seems to cast west coast musicians in his filsm *Ice Cube 'n' Higher Learning, Tyrese 'n' Baby Boy and Four Brothers*

USC Homecoming...came and went but it's all about SHOWING UP!

USC Homecoming was this past weekend and it was cool. There was minor drama, but such is life. Really, this weekend answered this question for me: Who are my real friends? In the last couple of months of undergrad, the was tons and tons of drama with females who WERE my friends. I was so stressed out that I got a muscle spasm in my lower back the last week of classes and couldn't walk for two days. I've been in love before and I've gotten my heart broken once too. But I assure you, there was no pain greater than having the beef that I did with these girls. I am an only girl, meaning..I have no blood sisters - so I take my friendships with my girlfriends seriously. By nature, I am loyal, extremely loyal, and probably too nice to a fault. I won't go into details on how things all started - the beginning of the end. I'll just end with the end - this year's homecoming. I've relinquished my hurt feelings, there's no need to harbor them. I refuse to have an ulcer or another back spasm on account of pettiness and selfishness. But being faced with one of the major culprits and have her completely ignore me (I don't even know why she is beefing with me at all), proved one thing to me: I am better off by myself. Now, I am not friendless...I just have few friends. But I am okay with this, particularly because I think I am a special person and people have to be worth the loyalty that I grant - or simply to receive the best of me. Nor am I a loner, USC Homecoming also proved this to me...I know ALOT of people and I used to feel saddend by the fact that I know so many folks but felt no connection to them. Now it's okay! Easy come and easy go..the smiles are but for a moment but they are fleeting. But the test of true friendship is will people show up for you! And as I embark on my career, its so important that I recognize those FRIENDS who continue to show up for me under all circumstances...not just when they think I'm hot. More and more people have been asking me about the Elle B. project..."Yo, I heard your show was great" "When can I get a cd?" ect, ect. That's all well and good, but these same people had my name in their mouth,..when bullshit ass drama was going down at the end of senior year. AA said it best, "they made you look crazy Boogie"and that may be true, but now they are crazy trying to be down! It's all good. I know I am sensitive, but I've got a lot of bravado...which is what I'll need in this industry. My boi DJ, Columbia Graduate, would always sign at the bottom of his emails "It's lonely at the top" that's were I plan to be sooner than later. But I don't plan to be lonely, there will only be a few. But I've realized that despite all of the people I'm surrounded by and will be surrounded by the in future, there are just a few who I will call my true friends. But I'm cool with that.

*Shout outs: LB(family), SH, SD, MA, JQ, LT, AA, GV, SC, VN, BW, OK, MM*

Thursday, October 27, 2005

ElleB's Hall of Fame: Donny Hathaway


If you know anything about me, then you know that I love Donny Hathaway. I was first introduced to him sometime in high school. I came home one day and my father, in habit, was playing music. Usually its Cameo, James Brown, Lyle Lovett, or Parliment. But that day there was a new sound filling the house and I almost cried at the sound of it. I don't know about you and where you were when you first heard Donny Hathaway, but I walked in "A Song For You" and I was stopped in my tracks. Not only is the melodic piano, almost haunting, the lyrics and plaintive fashion in which Donny Hathaway sings them just captures you. From the moment on, I was in love!

Since first hearing Donny, I've made every attempt to collect all of his albums. I have most of them on CD and a few in vinyl. Not everyone can appreciate Donny. My best friend hated him for the longest time...he's too slow, it's so sad. And for me, while a hook is catchy in most music today, it's the emotional delivery from the singer that makes a song awe-inspiring. Consider, Dangerously In Love *and I throw a muthuf*ker in there so ya'll ingorant fools hear me* as a modern example...or any of Mary J. Blige's songs from the Mary LP. Anyways, I have my favorite Donny songs:

- A Song For You
- For All We Know
- He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother
-Be Real Black For Me (Donny & Roberta)
-Baby I Love You (Donny and Roberta)
-I Know Its You
-Je Vous Aime

I love the ENTIRE Everything is Everthing Album.


Donny Hathaway was one of the brightest new voices in soul music at the dawn of the '70s, possessed of a smooth, gospel-inflected romantic croon that was also at home on fiery protest material. Hathaway achieved his greatest commercial success as Roberta Flack's duet partner of choice, but sadly he's equally remembered for the tragic circumstances of his death -- an apparent suicide at age 33. Hathaway was born October 1, 1945, in Chicago, but moved to St. Louis when he was very young, and began singing in church with his grandmother at the scant age of three. He began playing piano at a young age, and by high school, he was impressive enough to win a full-ride fine arts scholarship to Howard University to study music in 1964. While in college, he performed with a cocktail jazz outfit called the Ric Powell Trio, and wound up leaving school after three years to pursue job opportunities he was already being offered in the record industry.

Hathaway first worked behind the scenes as a producer, arranger, songwriter, and session pianist/keyboardist. He supported the likes of Aretha Franklin, Jerry Butler, and the Staple Singers, among many others, and joined the Mayfield Singers, a studio backing group that supported Curtis Mayfield's Impressions. Hathaway soon became a house producer at Mayfield's Curtom label, and in 1969 cut his first single, a duet with June Conquest called "I Thank You Baby." From there he signed with Atco as a solo artist, and released his debut single, the inner-city lament "The Ghetto, Pt. 1," toward the end of the year. While it failed to reach the Top 20 on the R&B charts, "The Ghetto" still ranks as a classic soul message track, and has been sampled by numerous hip-hop artists. "The Ghetto" set the stage for Hathaway's acclaimed debut LP, Everything Is Everything, which was released in early 1970. In 1971, he released his eponymous second album and recorded a duet with former Howard classmate Roberta Flack, covering James Taylor's "You've Got a Friend." It was a significant hit, reaching the Top Ten on the R&B charts, and sparked a full album of duets, Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway, which was released in 1972. The soft, romantic ballad "Where Is the Love?" topped the R&B charts, went Top Five on the pop side, and won a Grammy, and the accompanying album went gold.

Also in 1972, Hathaway branched out into soundtrack work, recording the theme song for the TV series Maude and scoring the film Come Back Charleston Blue. However, in the midst of his blossoming success, he was also battling severe bouts of depression, which occasionally required him to be hospitalized. His mood swings also affected his partnership with Flack, which began to crumble in 1973. Hathaway released one more album that year, the ambitious Extension of a Man, and then retreated from the spotlight; over the next few years, he performed only in small clubs. In 1977, Hathaway patched things up with Flack and temporarily left the hospital to record another duet, "The Closer I Get to You," for her Blue Lights in the Basement album. The song was a smash, becoming the pair's second R&B number one in 1978, and also climbing to number two on the pop charts. Sessions for a second album of duets were underway when, on January 13, 1979, Hathaway was found dead on the sidewalk below the 15th-floor window of his room in New York's Essex House. The glass had been neatly removed from the window, and there were no signs of struggle, leading investigators to rule Hathaway's death a suicide; his friends were mystified, considering that his career had just started to pick up again, and FlackRoberta Flack Featuring Donny Hathaway was released in 1980, and both of the completed duets -- "Back Together Again" and "You Are My Heaven" -- became posthumous hits. In 1990, Hathaway's daughter Lalah launched a solo career.

-Biography written by Steve Huey. Published on

*Hope you enjoyed this post, please let me know what you think in the comments*

Hall of Fame

I am instituting a new feature here on ElleB-dom. It is the Hall of Fame. There are my favorite artists, some of whom are considered great by the masses others may seem obscure. But as an artist, I must recognize that my music, although original and genuine, has been influenced by my predecessors...the musicians and singers I listened to my entire life.

I'll preface the EXPECTATIONS by saying this...don't expect to find Juelz Santana or Pretty Ricky anywhere near this Hall of Fame. I am an old soul and I grew up in a house with a mother that was classically trained and a father who is a self-proclaimed music officianada. Meaning, you may get a lesson in music appreciation or find yourself in the Amen Corner - depending on your taste in music.

This is just one way that I can say thank you to those who have influenced and inspired me.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

can HE be my first video muse?

Henry Simmons from NYPD Blue

There is a strong possibility that he's too old for me or that he may have a wife. But until someone tells me so...I'm swooning.

*Clapping for the fine brutha*

P.S. thanks to Fresh for the link to "Mary J. Blige: A Retrospective of Incomporable Music" which lead me to this bundle of joy!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Taylor Michaels...
10/25 is her birthday. Taylor Michaels died at a young age of cancer. Although she wasn't able to have children before she past, her legacy is survived by the Magic Johnson Foundation Taylor Michael's Scholarship program. I never met Taylor, but because of her, I have another large extented family through the foundation. I am proud to be Taylor's Kid.

Rosa Parks...
Credited as the mother of the civil rights movement, Rosa Parks is an icon for any generation. Considering how the smallest action can incite a decade of change, we owe much to the politics of defiance, started by Ms. Parks. May you rest in Peace.

*Blessed to belong to such a rich history*

Very Productive Day...10/24/05

Yesterday proved to be a very productive day.

1. DJ OK calls to tell me that Andrew, my guitar player, has found me a drummer, who makes beats. Although I am less enthuesed about the beat-making, I am excited that I have a guy who wants to be in MY BAND! Furthermore, it was uncertain whether or not A.M, the guitar player was down with my band - but since he's recruiting others, I suppose that means he's in. More Details to come later.

2. ASACP hollar'd at me! I finally got my ASCAP Welcome Packet yesterday. My pops said he'd call me as soon as it hit the mail box, but when I went home to pick up more clothes, I found it buried under other mail. *I gave my pops minor grief for this one* Officially, Apostrophe Music Licensing and Publishing, LLC is soon to be open for business.

3. The Elusive Phonix aka Darrius. So one of the producers me and Monica were working with this summer is back in town. I called him last night to see what was up, cus he'd be in NorCal for a couple of months, meaning we couldn't get nothing done in his absence. I shared with him my time line for the EP and the album due first quarter of the new year. He asked me to give him a day and he'd get back to me so we can discuss his involvement with my project. Apparently things have been kinda hectic for his; his pops is working on the new MJ project and has been in/out of the Phonix aka Darrius has been filling in. Some stuff went down in the Bay..but now things are cool. *Sigh* too much drama for me. I pretty much told him that if he can't committ now to taking time to make a great track, then let's not rush it...HASTE MAKES WASTE!

4. Elevated Enterprise Marketing...My boi and I are meeting on Wednesday evening to discuss a preliminary marketing plan. I have a lot of ideas on how to promote Elle B. and Apostrophe. I won't go into further details cus it's TOP SECRET.

5. South Africa: Yesterday I was invited to go to South Africa next June on behalf of the Magic Johnson Foundation Taylor Michaels Scholars. Only about 6-7 of us were invited, so I am very honored to have been considered worthy enough to be selected. We will spend about 2-2.5 weeks in the country and will visit Robbins Island, Table Top Mountain, Soweto..and other famous places. I read Nelson Mandela's Long Walk To Freedom and fell in love with SA. It seems only appropriate that my first trip abroad would be to the MOTHER LAND!

6. Buying my domain name and server space so that I can finally stream some music and play video here on

7. My "mentor" and I made a lunch date when she comes to LA for business. She used to be the head of Magic Johnson Entertainment, before the company decided to focus on it's brick and mortar business. She's doing alright though, now working as an executive in Seattle with Starbucks Entertainment. I haven't seen ND in two years almost.

8. Got the hard copy of my offer letter...and things are what I thought they were. I didn't think that i heard the recruiter right when he told me the salary, so I was bracing myself until I recieved the offer letter (although I verbally accepted on Friday)...and things are as I heard them. *Thank You Jesus*

*Back to work, this has been my lunch break*

P.S. I have been listening to a lot of Jigga lately...and am feeling inspired to try my hand at mc'ing. What? I can't explain it...but we'll see how it turns out cus I've been writing a lot of rhymes, but I ain't got no flow!

Monday, October 24, 2005

Quick Update>>

"I'm Not Saying I'm A Golddigga,
Cus Baby I Make My Own Chedda
But don't ask me to pay for my own Dinna
Not when you claim to be a big spenda"
"Golddigga_Remix" by Elle B.
(c) Apostrophe Music Publishing, LLC 2005

I got a job offer last Friday from the bank, where I feel like I have been the eternal intern. My official position title is Product Manager Associate.

My Job Description is insanely long...but it includes everything that I already do an an intern.

Responsibilities Include: Help to define client and/or internal stakeholder needs and develop the corresponding business and functional requirements. Assist in the development and execution of functionality. Help to manage, and participate in, user acceptance testing, training, pilot and client launch as needed for any of the web services/sites. Conduct research, investigation and analysis related to specific projects in support of the online services/sites. Collect data, on an ongoing basis, related to market needs, competition and vendors regarding online services/sites features and functionality, and perform analysis leading to recommendations regarding enhancements or activity related to the services/sites. Assist in prioritizing and managing the execution of future enhancements to the services/sites. Participate in defining system requirements and performing user testing for enhancements. Assist in the development, recommendation and implementation of product strategies and action plans based on marketing goals. Establish and ensure adherence to product quality standards. Manage interaction as needed with all internal stakeholders to resolve issues and ensure a positive experience with the service/site. Monitor and report any Relationship Manager/Banker Team member exceptions to service level standards. Provide recommendations for maintenance and enhancement of customer service/satisfaction processes. May be assigned to coordinate internal/external communications, marketing collateral and promotions, and customer/employee training materials, in support of initiatives, while ensuring satisfactory compliance and regulatory adherence in all client-facing materials and communications. May be assigned to participate in providing product sales expertise and training on an ongoing basis to consultants and line organizations, and to Corporate Training department and other trainers. Report to, and coordinate all duties under a Senior Product Manager, communicating needs, challenges, risks, product performance, planning, strategic analysis, and recommended corrective changes, improvements, modifications, etc. Coordinate with other Senior Product Managers in the department as needed. Perform other duties as requested.

Requirements Include: Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Must be able to excel and thrive in a collaborative, team environment. Good reasoning, analytical, interpersonal and organizational skills. Project management experience. Excellent computer skills and technical knowledge (Microsoft Word, Excel and Lotus 5, I.E. all versions, Internet). Must be able to travel locally.

Preferred Skills Include: Product management experience. College degree. HTML and JavaScript knowledge. Expert level I.E. browser functionality and troubleshooting experience. Web and graphic design software experience. Microsoft FrontPage (or similar), Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe ImageReady, Adobe Acrobat. Marketing experience. Understanding of web navigational schemes, Internet security issues, Mac platform familiarity, and customer service experience.

The offer was sweet as hell. I'll say this...I make $15/hour as an intern....I am now at almost twice that salary.

Truly the offer was a blessing to my music careeer. I'll have enough disposable income to get my EP produced and can AFFORD to give it away Promotionally *aka for $Free.99* get the website up and running, branding materials, and the LLC *$70/application and $400/taxes to CA state* sooner that I'd originally thought.


*Happy as hell, I went to college first!*

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Back to Regularly Schedule Programming

Back to my career. Me and Monica are trying to get back on track with our writing. We got sidetracked by a couple of flakey producers, but a new relationship is in the works. Instead of re-capping, I am just gonna cut and paste the emails.

10-20-05 5:58a
Morning lady-
I spoke with Wendell...he likes "Wanta Get To Know You"..but is busy and does not know when he will be able to create a track for the song. He likes your voice and is interested in assisting with the melody and structure of the song. Cheryl Dickerson has not followed up regarding the other song...So I really do not know how or what I should read into that.....One thought was to forward her the song in the rough version.... if she likes then work on re-recording the song...If she does not it ...then place it in our "things to complete file"....when time permit we can revisit the matter...I understand you have a busy schedule and working on your on project...and the song does not fit your long story short...I do not want to waste any ones time....Or we can complete the song in our own time and send it to her..
Let me know your honest thoughts...not that I did not think you wouldn't...


Hey M,

I think we should send her Wanna Get To Know You and let her know if she likes the style we can re-work it to fit the girls. I think that is a marvelous idea. In terms of Wendell, let's see what kind of relationship we can get with him to try and get a catalog of songs for future placement and opportunities that come up. I feel like we had steam and then it was let out with T and P. I'd like to move on, personally...I believe that like everything else, every song has its time.

Can we try to schedule a meeting with Wendell to see if he would be interested in working with as a songwriting team? For his and other projects?

Thanks for the follow-up...You have to come by and see my new spot. I think we are painting this weekend, but in the future, it could be a good place for us to work because there is a lot of extra space in the apartment. (ie...3br plus a den and living room.)

Let me know.



10-20-05 9:02a
Great lady.....I will send her a copy of the song with a brief write up.....Wendell is suppose to hit me back with a meeting date and time...If he does not contact me within a week...I will follow-up with him. I would love to write with you at your new place.....Best of luck with the whole paint thing...
Have a good day.

*M has great song ideas; can't wait to get back* We've been trying to get this song to this group called's Jerry Rice's daughter's group. I bet you can't guess which one she is. (being sarcastic)

In other news, me and Tuna Butter are scheduled for a pre-production meeting around Thanksgiving since he'll be back from Berkelee. We'll record the song "What's the Difference" when he's back for Christmas. This track will be be released on the album.

Access Denied...FOREVER!!!

This Ain't Got Nuttin' to do with Singing...I just need to vent

So a couple of days ago, it was storming in LA...I was SOL cus I let this chick borrow three of my nice coats this summer when she was going to Paris to see her lil bro' play bball overseas.

*She calls* she calls me the day before she leaves, in the evening actually, to ask me if she can borrow some of my treasured outerwear in Paris. Her mom would like her and her sister to be dressed to the 9s while they are in France. I understand this totally and oblige her. But I ain't rushing home to give nobody my clothes, who called me at the last minute. So I wake up, at 6am to head home (I slept over at a friend's house) so that she can shop at CHEZ MOI aka my closet. The girl said she'd be back in a week, and would bring them back as soon as she got back.

*She Returns* I get no call. No coats. No nothing. I expected this to happen, but I am not tripping because its the summer and I ain't gonna bitch out about coats I am not even gonna wear for a couple of months. During the summer, I called her and said that I'd pick up my coats..Once when I was coming back from the salon, but I was on the phone and forgot that I was going to her parent's house to pick them up and was too far away at that point to turn around and go back (don't you know gas is crazy, right now?)...the next time was at her graduation party, which I decided not to attend cus I really didn't want to go and she didn't tell me until like 2days before it was supposed to happen. That's my bad, that I didn't track her down for my coats. But be mindful of the fact that my failed attempts at getting my clothes took place almost 2 mos after she borrowed them. Never calling me to return them before then.

*She's a bitch!* So with the onset of the rainy season in So Cal..or a rare 2 day storm, I am needing my gear. 1) because she has my good coats and I need to be fitted for work, 2) it's been too damn long. So call her, leave a message, send her a text "I need my coats, it's been two months since i let you borrow them. Call me to arrange dropping them off to me." she texts me back (no call, mind you) "I'm going to my parent's house to pick them up tomorrow;" that was yesterday. Last night I realized I had not heard anything from her all day. This morning "I need my coats, you said you were gonna get them yesterday, this is ridiculous." She proceeds" You said that you going to pick them up several times and never showed [I mentioned the 2x above], I am going to drop them off to Leah, since she sees you more than I see you. All well and good, but I say "You made a point to borrow them from me, so you need to drop them off, nevermind the fact that I volunteered to pick them up myself months after you said you'd return them.." Next text to her "Furthermore, it's your responsibility and not Leah's to return my can bring them by my office if it'd be easier for you."

*She's Tripping Now* Her response, "I don't know where the hell you live and I would have no way of bringing them to you if I did, I am on that set. When I get home, I'll call you" I don't believe this could have called me to find out where I live, trick! Furthermore, how'd you pick them up from you parent's house yesterday? with a car, I am sure. You are lying to me. Just stop being lazy and inconsiderate and have some integrity to your word. I send another text "You found a way to get what you wanted by picking up the phone, you can just as easily do the same to find out where I live" her response..."Seriously stop texting me"


*She's gonna get slapped* My final text "Just tell me when I am gonna get my shit and i am through. You are amazing."

The moral of the story is this...don't let people borrow your shit unless you live with them. Actually, just never let this chick borrow you shit...cus you'll never see it and she'll get mad when you try to get it back. The fact of the matter is, she wants my coats... more than one of her friend's has mentioned this. She hopes that I just won't say anything and she'll get to keep 'em. Think again...I have a serious shoe habit, but my addiction to outerwear is worse. Don't mess with coats...or I will have to come after you.

What do you think? Comments?

*I am pissed and want to knock her out for being outright wrong and rude*

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Pictures before the Concert...

So my best-good friend Sem, helped me out tremendously with the outfit. Here are some pics.

Hopefully I can figure out this video link soon, so I can show you some of the show.

*Back to is an an incredibly tense day*

Monday, October 17, 2005

The Show was a Success

Wow, Saturday night was amazing. Here are the details:

Set Length: 27 minutes
Total Songs: 6
Standing Ovations: 1
Total F*k ups: 0

So pretty much, the show was on point. My fears of performing live are quickly fading away but here I know I still need work. I think people (that I knew) were most amazed by the fact that I rollled out there with a live band:

- Guitar, bass, drum, keys

and background singers:

- LaPorche (soprano), Ryan (baritone), LaTicia (Alto)

with original music and a full set. My girl Jamila, an aspiring screenwriter/dope choreographer/refined documentary-style filmaker, told me she was inspired by my performance. When I first embarked on this journey I shared with her my plans and ambitions - that was this summer when I was running the track at SC' and she was heading to rehearsal for her new dance troupe. I told her that this show was really about seeing if I can rise to the occasion - and I think that is really what amazed people. Sans the "cold" scare on Friday morning, I spent the majority of my time worrying about being on stage for so long, worrying whether people will get sick and tired of looking at me and hearing me.

E.Badu once said "I'm and Artist and I'm sensitive about my shit." Well, that sensitivity runs the fine line of fear. True, artists make art from the heart...but the heart is a personal thing - between that person and their soul. And when you think about that - that to share your art is to share your heart...share your soul - it can be pretty damn intimidating. And even the most trivial and inconsequential music or lyric is still a reflection of its creator - in that they could not have said it any other way....

There was certainly minor drama lasting up and until the last minute:

1. Thursday night @ 9pm, my drummer backed out on me. Now, I've known said drummer since we were little... we grew up together. His mother and my mother were in the USC School of Music together. His mom, played for Gladys and the Pips and we used to go to Vegas to see her show (part of the reason I love Gladys so much to this day!) And when I called him, he feigned insult by the fact that I hadn't told him sooner that I was working on a project. But at the eleventh hour (well...more like 47th cus there were still two days left), he had his manager - whom I never knew existed - called to tell me that his client couldn't make the sorry but he forgot that he had a show with Jon B. and was on a red eye that night. Had his mom not told me a couple of months ago that he was playing for Jon B. then I woulda been more pissed...mostly though I was inconvenienced and hurt that he had some random ass person call me instead of hearing it from him. In the end me and DJ O.K. scrambled to find a drummer...Boise....for $100 to do a 30 mimute set. Boise the Black Man (affectionately) is what they said he was a Human Metranome...cus he listened to all the tracks two hours before the gig and was in the pocket the whole set.
2. Friday morning I wake up to find that my voice is half gone (no high register) and I have sick sinuses... I take the day off, minimize my talking...fill up with Tea and Honey...and am good to go in time for rehearsal that night.
3. Saturday: I almost had a heart attack because the SC vs. Notre Dame game came down to the last few seconds... The game was an instant classic - more proof as to why SC is stilll Number 1 and undefeated. Next stop Homecoming!
3a. My mom called me 20 minutes before the show to tell me she wast still in the valley and was running late for my show
3b. My bass player got incorrect info about when we'd be playing. He had another gig 1/2 hour away the same night - a gig he'd had agreed to play before this show came up. We had to push up our spot in the program to FIRST..meaning my parents would miss even more of the show... slighty irritated, by then.
3c. My mom calls me back to tell me she hit traffic...don't give a **** at this point. But calming down cus a vexed singer is one that don't hit her notes
3d. Sound check was hectic...all kinda crazy with the monitors and the levels and whatnot. We tried to get the best sound quality possible, but I still heard that people couldn't hear nothing on the left side of the house.
3e. My parent's walked in mid-way through Chain of Fools - which was the 5th song in my 6 song set... They really liked "For My Girls" though (the last song).

***After the show, everyone was asking about the CD***I decided to release the EP sooner that anticipated but with less songs for free to get my name out there. The album will come around the first quarter of the year. I am still waiting to hear back from ASCAP before I can get production rolling.

I've the show all video - so be on the lookout for the link here. Pictures of the 'fit will be up tomorrow too.


*Back to the ole' heaveho*

Friday, October 14, 2005

Catching a Cold

This morning I woke to a painful reality, I am coming down with a cold. My throat was soar and my sinuses were are raging.

*I think* Since moving into my apartment with no furniture to speak of, me and my roomate, Sem have been sleeping on foam pads on the floor. The draft in the apartment probably has something to do with the onset of this cold.

*What Did I Do?* Took the day off to nurse my voice. Found a really great tea, "Mango Passion Fruit" at Ralphs.

By the time rehearsal came around my voice was okay. I hope it holds up for tomorrow.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Two Days Away...The Reconstruction Concert

I hope to see you there.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Just a Scribble

K, so a quick run down on the last twenty-four hours:

  • Has a walk through at Point Moorea for the "Black Alumni Young Alumni" mixer for USC Homecoming, October 28th. An hour turned into two because the GM took us to lunch at Cabrini's in the Wilshire Grand. The tiramisu was to die for!
  • When I returned to work, I found that somehow, the bank deleted my employee number, so I was unemployed temporarily for a couple of hours. They reassigned my old number to some new guy who just started this week. It was a nightmare. I got absolutely no work done the entire afternoon. *Cube Wall Staring doesn't count.*
  • Went to DJ OK's apartment after work to solify the songs for the show, rehearse and fine tune the tracks. Here is the official list:
    1. Ladies and Gentlemen/Apache
    2. Ain't Gonna Cry
    3. Despite What They Say
    4. He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother/Brother
    5. Chain of Fools
    6. For My Girls
  • Went home for a sec to get clothes, cus I knew it was gonna be a long night. Hit the bed about 1am.
  • Left at 7:30am to head to work, found that my car had been towed about 7:10a. Apparently, I had to move my car from that spot by 7am. Although I was parked inside his building, I guess I should have expected something like this to happen, considering the fact that they make paying tenants pay for parking.
  • Went to get my car out of hock...$163.
  • At work, I had my first staff meeting and presentation on a pilot I am spearheading starting the first 06. The damn computer froze...had to restart it...staff had to wait, cus I was 1st on the agenda...I did alright in the end. I was kinds nervous cus our Senion VP was at the meeting. The outcome, however, is that I will now be presenting at the Executive VP's director's meeting, next. WooHoo.
  • By 3p this afternoon, I finally got access back to the network...all the shit that didn't get done yesterday is now super urgent.
  1. Rehearse the Background singers
  2. Pick up Sem from the Airport
  1. "Pay the Lady" first month and 1/2 security and get the keys to my new spot
  2. Work!!!!
  3. Find a 'fit for Saturday's show
  4. Go see HS homie perform at Level One on Wilshire around 10p
As you can see it's been hella crazy...can't wait til the show though.

Monday, October 10, 2005

ElleB-dom's New Look

As you all can see, the site has gotten a new look. When I started the blog, I knew that it would only be a matter of time before I gave the look an upgrade. I hope yall enjoy.

In this "do-it-yourself" independent artist phase, I am learning CSS language and experimenting with photoshop more frequently. I don't know how many people can appreciate the html code and its relevance to new languages such as XHMTL or CSS and others...but I know I sure has hell do!

Next on the Elle B. project plan...Radio Blog? or I should say that I am not the biggest fan of Before you cast me off as a hater, let me qualify this statement by, simply stating, that it's me and not myspace. I think it's a great interface and has taken off beyond the creator's wildest dreams. Just the other day, I was chatting with my producer's brother about artist promotions. He's in New Media over at Warner Records and was telling me about their new soul/r&b talent. He'd just created pages for two of the artists to get the word out about them.

That record company execs are using to promote already signed talent is proof enough that it is a great platform. But this gift to indie and signed talent is a double-edge sword. OK's bro, also mentioned how many people are on myspace because they can simply upload anything and everything into the player for all the world to consume.

*Case and Point* Record execs are not spending their time searching for new talent.

To me, is more akin to a flee market. You have to go in knowing what you are looking for OR that you are already aware that you a merely aimlessly wondering through isles of traders and their wares. Either way, you have to have a point or no point. I just don't know that even if you have a'll find it on myspace. I guess I see as another hook-up shop; however, it's much more than that considering the fact that ASCAP has music events in collaboration.

Why did I just take you along this verbose journey? To simply say, that I will put a page because I feel as though I have to - especially if record execs are. It seems to be an industry standard. But by golley, don't expect me to answer personal inquiries from random guys name Tom from Indiana...if he wants to know more about Elle B, he'll need to come here.

Look for music links soon.

*Heading to to get more details...*

Not Too Much to Post Today...

Ladies and Gentlemen,

This is a quick update post...the show is in less than a week. Got a rehearsal on Wednesday and Friday. The show's lineup is as follows:

- Ladies and Gentlemen
-Ain't Gonna Cry
-For My Girls
-Despite What They Say
-Ode to Soul & Hip-Hop Medly
-He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother/Brother
-Band Intro/Finale

This will be about a 30 minute set.

*Back to biz-naz*

Friday, October 07, 2005

I am an A.M. chick

So, it's damn near 11pm and I am actually considering leaving my house to get to the studio - 3 hours later that I was supposed to be there. I waited the obligatory hour and got home about 1/2 hour ago. By the time, I leave and there it will be midnight. We were supposed to meet at 9p. Now, I am cool with the fact that a brutha has to work and all - I am just peeved by two things:

  1. We made an appointment last week to meet this Friday...
  2. I get kinda bitchy this late, considering I've been gone all day...until now
*Issue* While I could easily say that we can reschedule another time - I don't want to. But I am afraid that when I get there, I may be no good to perform anyways. My best efforts are given in the morning...after a good night's worth of sleep. Can't you tell that's when all my blogs are done?

*Analysis*Seeing as how my life is overbooked right now, I can't give my time or the things that need to be done Travel Vouchers so I don't know when we will be able to meet. As you can see, I schedule shit at least a week in advance. So I guess in about two weeks - I just hate waiting that dog-on long to record a song, especially when I was all geeked up for today.

*Think* Nap, until he calls (which will be after he leaves work) and then get your act together and head out one more 'gin.

*In Conclusion* I am gonna sleep.


*what is that "diddy" says about sleep being for the weak (circa MTB, Season 2)?*

Can't Afford No Stylist

"Paid my rent,
that's why my money's spent
but that's alright,
cus I'm still fly

"Got a quarter tank of gas

In my new E-class
But that's all right
cus I'm gone ride"
Excerpt from Still Fly,
Original By: Big Tymers

So with my show in a week and a half, I've been thinking about my wardrobe. I just worked for the last two weeks to make enough to pay first month's rent and the my other half of the security deposit, which leaves me with about $80 or so bucks until my next paycheck. It's even less than that because I owe SallieMae her money, on-time, plus my damn Express Card, and Cingular just got there damn money two days ago. What is up with a $120 bill every month? Especially, when I got like 1200 rollover minutes, I ain't never gon' use?

So, me and my fabulous girl friends are gonna have a grand time tyring to piece together Elle B.'s look for her first show. I have a vision of what I think my image should be, Urban Chic. I think I know what that looks like...Just kidding. Ubran Chic, I feel represents my style of music - hard beats with soulful vocals and no-nonsense lyrics. I do have an affinity for the preppy though, but more like a female Kanye (please don't loose your lunch on that one). On any given day I'll rock a hot belt, with a pair of loafers, big purse, fitted jeans, a polo or a beater, with a pair of diamond *uh hem* I mean zubic studs. Less is more...but I don't want to be understated on stage, so here are a few ideas that I had in mind.

Let me know what you think, in the comments:
  • I like parts of this 'fit - particularly the jacket. (Bottom left photo.)
  • I wouldn't quite call this Urban Chic, but it's such a cute dress. Plus white is a good color for me and tube top anything is a plus. Gotta work that collar bone. (Fifth photo down)
  • This is kinda Fergi-ish, but I like the argyle sock...naw. Really though, I am a fan of cropped pants, gauchos - this style might be interesting as well. (Third photo down)
  • Feeling the boots with the pants in this look. The pancho is not really a good stage aesthetic tho. (Second photo)
  • Love, love the big earrings. Gold is so hot! on the chocolate complexion.
  • This is a more complete look - I am not the biggest fan of Cowboy boots, but I love the skirt. (bottom left)
  • Not a fan of hats, but this outfit is hot! (Third left)
  • Can I just have this shirt though?
  • I like the concept - but I am not a fa fan of pink. (Second on the right)
  • Same concept, different print, material - I really like this. (bottom right)
  • This is the cropped pant look, that I like. ( Second Right)

*Yeah...I still need to find money for a stylist*

Thursday, October 06, 2005

What to Say?

Althought nothing sigificant has happened in my career over the last 24 hours, I have committed myself to posting everyday. Who knows how far I'll get with that, but hey, I can try. In honor of the "nothing-ness" I have decided to share what it is I am waiting for:

  • My accepted ASCP application for my Music Publishing company
  • My voice to comeback fully (it's almost back)
  • My next two month's worth of paychecks:
    • LLC Application to the state - $70
    • Trademark Applications - $70 x 2
    • Logo Design and Printing - $500
    • Re-recording/Mastering 6 tracks for EP - $$$
    • New Hair Cut & Color - $300
    • Photo Shoot & Duplication - $500
    • CD Duplication - $500-1000
I know there is plenty that I missed, but these are the priority items. Being independent is hard, but it's so necessary for me work hard out of the gate and have a strong product before I begin looking for managment. Setting up my business entity is where I plan to make the steady income while I am out here trying to find the most lucrative deal possible. Here's the plan:

  1. Launch Apostrophe Music Publishing, LLC
  2. Drop the EP, For My Girls - Jan. 1
  3. Sell the EP and Elle B. merchandise at shows and online
  4. Start playing gigs to get some local exposure
  5. Seek investors to expense: Apostrophe and National College Tour
  6. Sign new songwriters/producers on national search as part of the tour
  7. Create regional street teams to promote the EP and set play dates
  8. Seek management, for greater exposure and additional revenue opportunities
Although I numbered this list, don't get it twisted - most of it will be similtaneous. The camp is building slowly but surely.

*I guess I had something to say*

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

No More Kermit!

So this past weekend I took my homegirl to Vegas for her 21st birthday. On Friday night, I was less than stunning when I got sick because I forgot to eat before I hit my SoCo 100 bottle. I was cool in the pre-game, but when we got to PURE - the drinks just kept coming. I am a lush so I couldn't resist. Well I couldn't resist having my way with the club's bathroom stall either. Since I had no food in my stomach it didn't take too long before I was dry heaving...and there went my voice, folks. G-O-N-E, GONE! I tried to be soldier, staving off embarrasement for the fact that I had to be escorted out of the club and met by an EMT in the closed KENO section of Ceasars' Palace. But when I realized that I had dry heaved so bad that my voice was gone, I shed a tear like it was the dead homie.

The voice box is almost back to steady state status, which is good because I was getting nervous with my show coming up in about a week. I still have some background vocals I need to laydown for the lead track and a studio session with a new producer on Friday. I could kick myself - but that would be even less productive - for putting myself in this position. Protect the voice at all costs - sounding like Miss Kermit (aka: A FROG) is hardly how I want to rep on stage or on record.

*Back to Nursing*

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Catch me, EllE B. @ "THE RECONSTRUCTION" concert
to benefit displaced persons of the Gulf Coast.


For more information or to make a donation contact
***Shout out to my "sis" for putting this together in spite of the apathetic attitudes of the African American community at USC. People of color suffered the greatest loss, but because of a lack of conciousness of responsility we have no integrity to move beyond our self-interest to do something worthwhile for our "cousins." SEEMS TO ME, GEORGE BUSH IS NOT THE ONLY PERSON WHO HATES BLACK PEOPLE!

Monday, October 03, 2005

Hilsyde @ Temple Bar [The Art of Live Performance]


Tonight I went to a show at the Temple Bar in Santa Monica, CA to see my producer DJ O.K. perform with his boi Hilsyde. The set was cool for a Monday night outing - I was too tired, so I had to rest my eyes for a few cuts.

I love going to shows with live bands. Some of the best shows that I have seen have been in smaller venues for example The Black Cat in DC or the Knitting Factory in LA, where I was first introduced to Bilal and Jaguar Wright for the low cost of $8. Don't get me wrong, I love huge venues and big shows - I dare say it, but Justin Timberlake was off the hook at the Staples Center (and don't even say anything cus yall know Timbaland did the damn thang with Cry Me A River and that Neptunes cut *singing* do do do do, dah do do do do). I can still remember my first concerts - Michael Jackson: The Bad Tour, Janet Jackso:The Rhythm Nation Tour and Velet Rope Tour at the LA Sports Arena. MC Hammer with Jodeci, Boyz II Men and TLC opening all at the Great Western Forum. Jay-Z and the Rockafella camp at the Verizon Amphitheater in Irvine. And I cannot forget Lauryn Hill who I had the pleasure of seeing (with Outkast opening) at the former Universal Amphitheater twice in one weekend. Newly added to the repetoire this summer, the Hollywood Bowl where I saw Femi Kuti and Mos Def in one show and Gladys Knight and Chaka Khan in another.

There is nothing like live performance. It is the true test of whether an artist will sink or swim. Recently I saw Fantasia live at a tribute to Stevie Wonder. Now, I already liked the girl - but now, I am officially a bonafide fan. Some people say that she's a little too gospel with it - does too much, but I just don't think that radio and recordings can ever do an exceptional artist (with an exceptional voice) justice. And yes, I do think that Fantasia is exceptional (despite her literacy challenges, which in itself is something else). I think we are living in the age of entertainers which is fine because we all want to be entertained - I'll be the first to admit it, but I will always prefer to hear great sounds to over produced vocals. Great singers don't need hella fireworks and 100 dancers on stage, because their passion comes from performance alone. It's a gift.

As this all relates to me as an artist, I have to decide what kinda artist I will be live. There is no doubt that singing into a popper stopper and mic in a sound booth is different from trying to move a crowd of people from skeptics to believers.

*Point*A month or so ago, I was invited to an old choir member's house to watch videos from our days in the Norwood Kids Choir. As I was watching myself, I noticed two things. 1) I was given ALOT of solos 2) I sang well but was dead on stage.

*Analysis* I don't know that I should compare my 22 self with my teenage one, because many years have passed and I am mos def a different person. But seeing myself on camera nudged me not to throw caution to the wind about the danger of thinking my voice is just going to carry carry my to the top. When I was about 16-17, I had an audition/meeting with an A&R rep from then YabYum Records (Babyface's group and Jon B.'s home). Although she said that I sounded great, she said that there was no passion - no artist within. So while I stand on my soapbox about overproduced and undertalented "artists" I have to also look into the mirror and tell myself - artists are to be SEEN and HEARD!

*Think* Patti LaBelle, Lauryn Hill, Chaka Khan, Jaguar Wright.

*In Closing* As I am preparing for my first show as EllE B. in two weeks, I wonder will I rock the mic or put the audience to sleep. I have faith that I will succeed in the former because I have too much riding on this, namely my confidence. It will be the first time that I do a show performing my own material - that I wrote. Maybe before I didn't have passion because there was no ownership, that I didn't feel the need to do justice to someone else's song beyond singing on pitch and getting a few rises from the crowd. Or it could have been that at the time, I didn't have platinum aspirations except for the platinum I'd buy one day because I was going to be a successful lawyer. Either way, I know that I must be hot! and truly COME CORRECT. I wanna have folks telling people one day "Yo, I was saw Elle B. for $5 in LA back in the day."

And I'm out.
Ladies and Gentlemen
Proudly Introducing
A smile so lovely
and a voice of Honey
Her name is Elle B
Her name is Elle B.
- "Ladies and Gentlemen" from forthcoming EP "For My Girls"
(c) Apostrophe Music Publishing, LLC 2005

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

Introducing ElleB-dom: Diva In Training on blogger. I am here to chronicle my journey from recent college graduate to household name as a Singer/Songwriter and business woman. Check for updates on my escapades, challenges and triumphs as I pursue my dream.

Elle B.