Thursday, October 20, 2005

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Back to my career. Me and Monica are trying to get back on track with our writing. We got sidetracked by a couple of flakey producers, but a new relationship is in the works. Instead of re-capping, I am just gonna cut and paste the emails.

10-20-05 5:58a
Morning lady-
I spoke with Wendell...he likes "Wanta Get To Know You"..but is busy and does not know when he will be able to create a track for the song. He likes your voice and is interested in assisting with the melody and structure of the song. Cheryl Dickerson has not followed up regarding the other song...So I really do not know how or what I should read into that.....One thought was to forward her the song in the rough version.... if she likes then work on re-recording the song...If she does not it ...then place it in our "things to complete file"....when time permit we can revisit the matter...I understand you have a busy schedule and working on your on project...and the song does not fit your long story short...I do not want to waste any ones time....Or we can complete the song in our own time and send it to her..
Let me know your honest thoughts...not that I did not think you wouldn't...


Hey M,

I think we should send her Wanna Get To Know You and let her know if she likes the style we can re-work it to fit the girls. I think that is a marvelous idea. In terms of Wendell, let's see what kind of relationship we can get with him to try and get a catalog of songs for future placement and opportunities that come up. I feel like we had steam and then it was let out with T and P. I'd like to move on, personally...I believe that like everything else, every song has its time.

Can we try to schedule a meeting with Wendell to see if he would be interested in working with as a songwriting team? For his and other projects?

Thanks for the follow-up...You have to come by and see my new spot. I think we are painting this weekend, but in the future, it could be a good place for us to work because there is a lot of extra space in the apartment. (ie...3br plus a den and living room.)

Let me know.



10-20-05 9:02a
Great lady.....I will send her a copy of the song with a brief write up.....Wendell is suppose to hit me back with a meeting date and time...If he does not contact me within a week...I will follow-up with him. I would love to write with you at your new place.....Best of luck with the whole paint thing...
Have a good day.

*M has great song ideas; can't wait to get back* We've been trying to get this song to this group called's Jerry Rice's daughter's group. I bet you can't guess which one she is. (being sarcastic)

In other news, me and Tuna Butter are scheduled for a pre-production meeting around Thanksgiving since he'll be back from Berkelee. We'll record the song "What's the Difference" when he's back for Christmas. This track will be be released on the album.


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