Thursday, October 20, 2005

Access Denied...FOREVER!!!

This Ain't Got Nuttin' to do with Singing...I just need to vent

So a couple of days ago, it was storming in LA...I was SOL cus I let this chick borrow three of my nice coats this summer when she was going to Paris to see her lil bro' play bball overseas.

*She calls* she calls me the day before she leaves, in the evening actually, to ask me if she can borrow some of my treasured outerwear in Paris. Her mom would like her and her sister to be dressed to the 9s while they are in France. I understand this totally and oblige her. But I ain't rushing home to give nobody my clothes, who called me at the last minute. So I wake up, at 6am to head home (I slept over at a friend's house) so that she can shop at CHEZ MOI aka my closet. The girl said she'd be back in a week, and would bring them back as soon as she got back.

*She Returns* I get no call. No coats. No nothing. I expected this to happen, but I am not tripping because its the summer and I ain't gonna bitch out about coats I am not even gonna wear for a couple of months. During the summer, I called her and said that I'd pick up my coats..Once when I was coming back from the salon, but I was on the phone and forgot that I was going to her parent's house to pick them up and was too far away at that point to turn around and go back (don't you know gas is crazy, right now?)...the next time was at her graduation party, which I decided not to attend cus I really didn't want to go and she didn't tell me until like 2days before it was supposed to happen. That's my bad, that I didn't track her down for my coats. But be mindful of the fact that my failed attempts at getting my clothes took place almost 2 mos after she borrowed them. Never calling me to return them before then.

*She's a bitch!* So with the onset of the rainy season in So Cal..or a rare 2 day storm, I am needing my gear. 1) because she has my good coats and I need to be fitted for work, 2) it's been too damn long. So call her, leave a message, send her a text "I need my coats, it's been two months since i let you borrow them. Call me to arrange dropping them off to me." she texts me back (no call, mind you) "I'm going to my parent's house to pick them up tomorrow;" that was yesterday. Last night I realized I had not heard anything from her all day. This morning "I need my coats, you said you were gonna get them yesterday, this is ridiculous." She proceeds" You said that you going to pick them up several times and never showed [I mentioned the 2x above], I am going to drop them off to Leah, since she sees you more than I see you. All well and good, but I say "You made a point to borrow them from me, so you need to drop them off, nevermind the fact that I volunteered to pick them up myself months after you said you'd return them.." Next text to her "Furthermore, it's your responsibility and not Leah's to return my can bring them by my office if it'd be easier for you."

*She's Tripping Now* Her response, "I don't know where the hell you live and I would have no way of bringing them to you if I did, I am on that set. When I get home, I'll call you" I don't believe this could have called me to find out where I live, trick! Furthermore, how'd you pick them up from you parent's house yesterday? with a car, I am sure. You are lying to me. Just stop being lazy and inconsiderate and have some integrity to your word. I send another text "You found a way to get what you wanted by picking up the phone, you can just as easily do the same to find out where I live" her response..."Seriously stop texting me"


*She's gonna get slapped* My final text "Just tell me when I am gonna get my shit and i am through. You are amazing."

The moral of the story is this...don't let people borrow your shit unless you live with them. Actually, just never let this chick borrow you shit...cus you'll never see it and she'll get mad when you try to get it back. The fact of the matter is, she wants my coats... more than one of her friend's has mentioned this. She hopes that I just won't say anything and she'll get to keep 'em. Think again...I have a serious shoe habit, but my addiction to outerwear is worse. Don't mess with coats...or I will have to come after you.

What do you think? Comments?

*I am pissed and want to knock her out for being outright wrong and rude*


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i dont have a blog account...i use livejournal. and i came across your blog cuz i was on facebook and im an internet junkie...but anyway...dang...that's messed up...i can't even imagine being in that situation with something that is expensive and valuable to me. im still trying to get my fame dvd back from this guy who borrowed it cuz he was the writer/director of a sports musical i worked on at SC. My dad gave me the dvd as a gift and he was pissed that i let somebody borrow and lose it. So ive been waiting for this guy to buy me another one and then get it to me...really annoying...but not the same as expensive coats. haha. and then the conversation had to go into the profanity zone...that's sad...anyway you learn more and more about stank people every day. keep hope alive.


11:07 AM  
Blogger Elle B. said...

Hey Jamila,

I'm happy you made it to Elle B-dom. I finally got two of them back, but there is one still at-large. Please cease to amaze me these days.

Talk to you soon.

12:54 PM  

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