Monday, October 17, 2005

The Show was a Success

Wow, Saturday night was amazing. Here are the details:

Set Length: 27 minutes
Total Songs: 6
Standing Ovations: 1
Total F*k ups: 0

So pretty much, the show was on point. My fears of performing live are quickly fading away but here I know I still need work. I think people (that I knew) were most amazed by the fact that I rollled out there with a live band:

- Guitar, bass, drum, keys

and background singers:

- LaPorche (soprano), Ryan (baritone), LaTicia (Alto)

with original music and a full set. My girl Jamila, an aspiring screenwriter/dope choreographer/refined documentary-style filmaker, told me she was inspired by my performance. When I first embarked on this journey I shared with her my plans and ambitions - that was this summer when I was running the track at SC' and she was heading to rehearsal for her new dance troupe. I told her that this show was really about seeing if I can rise to the occasion - and I think that is really what amazed people. Sans the "cold" scare on Friday morning, I spent the majority of my time worrying about being on stage for so long, worrying whether people will get sick and tired of looking at me and hearing me.

E.Badu once said "I'm and Artist and I'm sensitive about my shit." Well, that sensitivity runs the fine line of fear. True, artists make art from the heart...but the heart is a personal thing - between that person and their soul. And when you think about that - that to share your art is to share your heart...share your soul - it can be pretty damn intimidating. And even the most trivial and inconsequential music or lyric is still a reflection of its creator - in that they could not have said it any other way....

There was certainly minor drama lasting up and until the last minute:

1. Thursday night @ 9pm, my drummer backed out on me. Now, I've known said drummer since we were little... we grew up together. His mother and my mother were in the USC School of Music together. His mom, played for Gladys and the Pips and we used to go to Vegas to see her show (part of the reason I love Gladys so much to this day!) And when I called him, he feigned insult by the fact that I hadn't told him sooner that I was working on a project. But at the eleventh hour (well...more like 47th cus there were still two days left), he had his manager - whom I never knew existed - called to tell me that his client couldn't make the sorry but he forgot that he had a show with Jon B. and was on a red eye that night. Had his mom not told me a couple of months ago that he was playing for Jon B. then I woulda been more pissed...mostly though I was inconvenienced and hurt that he had some random ass person call me instead of hearing it from him. In the end me and DJ O.K. scrambled to find a drummer...Boise....for $100 to do a 30 mimute set. Boise the Black Man (affectionately) is what they said he was a Human Metranome...cus he listened to all the tracks two hours before the gig and was in the pocket the whole set.
2. Friday morning I wake up to find that my voice is half gone (no high register) and I have sick sinuses... I take the day off, minimize my talking...fill up with Tea and Honey...and am good to go in time for rehearsal that night.
3. Saturday: I almost had a heart attack because the SC vs. Notre Dame game came down to the last few seconds... The game was an instant classic - more proof as to why SC is stilll Number 1 and undefeated. Next stop Homecoming!
3a. My mom called me 20 minutes before the show to tell me she wast still in the valley and was running late for my show
3b. My bass player got incorrect info about when we'd be playing. He had another gig 1/2 hour away the same night - a gig he'd had agreed to play before this show came up. We had to push up our spot in the program to FIRST..meaning my parents would miss even more of the show... slighty irritated, by then.
3c. My mom calls me back to tell me she hit traffic...don't give a **** at this point. But calming down cus a vexed singer is one that don't hit her notes
3d. Sound check was hectic...all kinda crazy with the monitors and the levels and whatnot. We tried to get the best sound quality possible, but I still heard that people couldn't hear nothing on the left side of the house.
3e. My parent's walked in mid-way through Chain of Fools - which was the 5th song in my 6 song set... They really liked "For My Girls" though (the last song).

***After the show, everyone was asking about the CD***I decided to release the EP sooner that anticipated but with less songs for free to get my name out there. The album will come around the first quarter of the year. I am still waiting to hear back from ASCAP before I can get production rolling.

I've the show all video - so be on the lookout for the link here. Pictures of the 'fit will be up tomorrow too.


*Back to the ole' heaveho*


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