Thursday, October 27, 2005

Hall of Fame

I am instituting a new feature here on ElleB-dom. It is the Hall of Fame. There are my favorite artists, some of whom are considered great by the masses others may seem obscure. But as an artist, I must recognize that my music, although original and genuine, has been influenced by my predecessors...the musicians and singers I listened to my entire life.

I'll preface the EXPECTATIONS by saying this...don't expect to find Juelz Santana or Pretty Ricky anywhere near this Hall of Fame. I am an old soul and I grew up in a house with a mother that was classically trained and a father who is a self-proclaimed music officianada. Meaning, you may get a lesson in music appreciation or find yourself in the Amen Corner - depending on your taste in music.

This is just one way that I can say thank you to those who have influenced and inspired me.


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