Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Very Productive Day...10/24/05

Yesterday proved to be a very productive day.

1. DJ OK calls to tell me that Andrew, my guitar player, has found me a drummer, who makes beats. Although I am less enthuesed about the beat-making, I am excited that I have a guy who wants to be in MY BAND! Furthermore, it was uncertain whether or not A.M, the guitar player was down with my band - but since he's recruiting others, I suppose that means he's in. More Details to come later.

2. ASACP hollar'd at me! I finally got my ASCAP Welcome Packet yesterday. My pops said he'd call me as soon as it hit the mail box, but when I went home to pick up more clothes, I found it buried under other mail. *I gave my pops minor grief for this one* Officially, Apostrophe Music Licensing and Publishing, LLC is soon to be open for business.

3. The Elusive Phonix aka Darrius. So one of the producers me and Monica were working with this summer is back in town. I called him last night to see what was up, cus he'd be in NorCal for a couple of months, meaning we couldn't get nothing done in his absence. I shared with him my time line for the EP and the album due first quarter of the new year. He asked me to give him a day and he'd get back to me so we can discuss his involvement with my project. Apparently things have been kinda hectic for his; his pops is working on the new MJ project and has been in/out of the country...so Phonix aka Darrius has been filling in. Some stuff went down in the Bay..but now things are cool. *Sigh* too much drama for me. I pretty much told him that if he can't committ now to taking time to make a great track, then let's not rush it...HASTE MAKES WASTE!

4. Elevated Enterprise Marketing...My boi and I are meeting on Wednesday evening to discuss a preliminary marketing plan. I have a lot of ideas on how to promote Elle B. and Apostrophe. I won't go into further details cus it's TOP SECRET.

5. South Africa: Yesterday I was invited to go to South Africa next June on behalf of the Magic Johnson Foundation Taylor Michaels Scholars. Only about 6-7 of us were invited, so I am very honored to have been considered worthy enough to be selected. We will spend about 2-2.5 weeks in the country and will visit Robbins Island, Table Top Mountain, Soweto..and other famous places. I read Nelson Mandela's Long Walk To Freedom and fell in love with SA. It seems only appropriate that my first trip abroad would be to the MOTHER LAND!

6. Buying my domain name and server space so that I can finally stream some music and play video here on ElleB-dom.blogspot.com.

7. My "mentor" and I made a lunch date when she comes to LA for business. She used to be the head of Magic Johnson Entertainment, before the company decided to focus on it's brick and mortar business. She's doing alright though, now working as an executive in Seattle with Starbucks Entertainment. I haven't seen ND in two years almost.

8. Got the hard copy of my offer letter...and things are what I thought they were. I didn't think that i heard the recruiter right when he told me the salary, so I was bracing myself until I recieved the offer letter (although I verbally accepted on Friday)...and things are as I heard them. *Thank You Jesus*

*Back to work, this has been my lunch break*

P.S. I have been listening to a lot of Jigga lately...and am feeling inspired to try my hand at mc'ing. What? I can't explain it...but we'll see how it turns out cus I've been writing a lot of rhymes, but I ain't got no flow!


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