Thursday, October 06, 2005

What to Say?

Althought nothing sigificant has happened in my career over the last 24 hours, I have committed myself to posting everyday. Who knows how far I'll get with that, but hey, I can try. In honor of the "nothing-ness" I have decided to share what it is I am waiting for:

  • My accepted ASCP application for my Music Publishing company
  • My voice to comeback fully (it's almost back)
  • My next two month's worth of paychecks:
    • LLC Application to the state - $70
    • Trademark Applications - $70 x 2
    • Logo Design and Printing - $500
    • Re-recording/Mastering 6 tracks for EP - $$$
    • New Hair Cut & Color - $300
    • Photo Shoot & Duplication - $500
    • CD Duplication - $500-1000
I know there is plenty that I missed, but these are the priority items. Being independent is hard, but it's so necessary for me work hard out of the gate and have a strong product before I begin looking for managment. Setting up my business entity is where I plan to make the steady income while I am out here trying to find the most lucrative deal possible. Here's the plan:

  1. Launch Apostrophe Music Publishing, LLC
  2. Drop the EP, For My Girls - Jan. 1
  3. Sell the EP and Elle B. merchandise at shows and online
  4. Start playing gigs to get some local exposure
  5. Seek investors to expense: Apostrophe and National College Tour
  6. Sign new songwriters/producers on national search as part of the tour
  7. Create regional street teams to promote the EP and set play dates
  8. Seek management, for greater exposure and additional revenue opportunities
Although I numbered this list, don't get it twisted - most of it will be similtaneous. The camp is building slowly but surely.

*I guess I had something to say*


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