Friday, October 07, 2005

Can't Afford No Stylist

"Paid my rent,
that's why my money's spent
but that's alright,
cus I'm still fly

"Got a quarter tank of gas

In my new E-class
But that's all right
cus I'm gone ride"
Excerpt from Still Fly,
Original By: Big Tymers

So with my show in a week and a half, I've been thinking about my wardrobe. I just worked for the last two weeks to make enough to pay first month's rent and the my other half of the security deposit, which leaves me with about $80 or so bucks until my next paycheck. It's even less than that because I owe SallieMae her money, on-time, plus my damn Express Card, and Cingular just got there damn money two days ago. What is up with a $120 bill every month? Especially, when I got like 1200 rollover minutes, I ain't never gon' use?

So, me and my fabulous girl friends are gonna have a grand time tyring to piece together Elle B.'s look for her first show. I have a vision of what I think my image should be, Urban Chic. I think I know what that looks like...Just kidding. Ubran Chic, I feel represents my style of music - hard beats with soulful vocals and no-nonsense lyrics. I do have an affinity for the preppy though, but more like a female Kanye (please don't loose your lunch on that one). On any given day I'll rock a hot belt, with a pair of loafers, big purse, fitted jeans, a polo or a beater, with a pair of diamond *uh hem* I mean zubic studs. Less is more...but I don't want to be understated on stage, so here are a few ideas that I had in mind.

Let me know what you think, in the comments:
  • I like parts of this 'fit - particularly the jacket. (Bottom left photo.)
  • I wouldn't quite call this Urban Chic, but it's such a cute dress. Plus white is a good color for me and tube top anything is a plus. Gotta work that collar bone. (Fifth photo down)
  • This is kinda Fergi-ish, but I like the argyle sock...naw. Really though, I am a fan of cropped pants, gauchos - this style might be interesting as well. (Third photo down)
  • Feeling the boots with the pants in this look. The pancho is not really a good stage aesthetic tho. (Second photo)
  • Love, love the big earrings. Gold is so hot! on the chocolate complexion.
  • This is a more complete look - I am not the biggest fan of Cowboy boots, but I love the skirt. (bottom left)
  • Not a fan of hats, but this outfit is hot! (Third left)
  • Can I just have this shirt though?
  • I like the concept - but I am not a fa fan of pink. (Second on the right)
  • Same concept, different print, material - I really like this. (bottom right)
  • This is the cropped pant look, that I like. ( Second Right)

*Yeah...I still need to find money for a stylist*


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