Monday, October 24, 2005

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"I'm Not Saying I'm A Golddigga,
Cus Baby I Make My Own Chedda
But don't ask me to pay for my own Dinna
Not when you claim to be a big spenda"
"Golddigga_Remix" by Elle B.
(c) Apostrophe Music Publishing, LLC 2005

I got a job offer last Friday from the bank, where I feel like I have been the eternal intern. My official position title is Product Manager Associate.

My Job Description is insanely long...but it includes everything that I already do an an intern.

Responsibilities Include: Help to define client and/or internal stakeholder needs and develop the corresponding business and functional requirements. Assist in the development and execution of functionality. Help to manage, and participate in, user acceptance testing, training, pilot and client launch as needed for any of the web services/sites. Conduct research, investigation and analysis related to specific projects in support of the online services/sites. Collect data, on an ongoing basis, related to market needs, competition and vendors regarding online services/sites features and functionality, and perform analysis leading to recommendations regarding enhancements or activity related to the services/sites. Assist in prioritizing and managing the execution of future enhancements to the services/sites. Participate in defining system requirements and performing user testing for enhancements. Assist in the development, recommendation and implementation of product strategies and action plans based on marketing goals. Establish and ensure adherence to product quality standards. Manage interaction as needed with all internal stakeholders to resolve issues and ensure a positive experience with the service/site. Monitor and report any Relationship Manager/Banker Team member exceptions to service level standards. Provide recommendations for maintenance and enhancement of customer service/satisfaction processes. May be assigned to coordinate internal/external communications, marketing collateral and promotions, and customer/employee training materials, in support of initiatives, while ensuring satisfactory compliance and regulatory adherence in all client-facing materials and communications. May be assigned to participate in providing product sales expertise and training on an ongoing basis to consultants and line organizations, and to Corporate Training department and other trainers. Report to, and coordinate all duties under a Senior Product Manager, communicating needs, challenges, risks, product performance, planning, strategic analysis, and recommended corrective changes, improvements, modifications, etc. Coordinate with other Senior Product Managers in the department as needed. Perform other duties as requested.

Requirements Include: Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Must be able to excel and thrive in a collaborative, team environment. Good reasoning, analytical, interpersonal and organizational skills. Project management experience. Excellent computer skills and technical knowledge (Microsoft Word, Excel and Lotus 5, I.E. all versions, Internet). Must be able to travel locally.

Preferred Skills Include: Product management experience. College degree. HTML and JavaScript knowledge. Expert level I.E. browser functionality and troubleshooting experience. Web and graphic design software experience. Microsoft FrontPage (or similar), Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe ImageReady, Adobe Acrobat. Marketing experience. Understanding of web navigational schemes, Internet security issues, Mac platform familiarity, and customer service experience.

The offer was sweet as hell. I'll say this...I make $15/hour as an intern....I am now at almost twice that salary.

Truly the offer was a blessing to my music careeer. I'll have enough disposable income to get my EP produced and can AFFORD to give it away Promotionally *aka for $Free.99* get the website up and running, branding materials, and the LLC *$70/application and $400/taxes to CA state* sooner that I'd originally thought.


*Happy as hell, I went to college first!*


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