Sunday, April 30, 2006

Quick and Dirty: Weekend Edition

Life is good. Got the singer and drummer situation squared away.

The Lakers may take the series over Phoenix and looks like they will be challenging the Clippers for an LA showdown for conference semi-finals.

In disappointing news, USC Football is going through some tumultuous times right now. Sanchez is accused of sexual assault. Booty is hurt. Jarret may be dis-qualified for next season. Reggie is going to the Saints and was the #2 pick after Mario Williams outta N.C.; Matt went #10 to the Cardinals and my Lendale went #45 to Tennessee Titans where he'll be teamates with Vince Young.

Tomorrow I expect to be stuck downtown because of the immigration rally that may block me from leaving work. I'm not looking forward to the inconvenience. I'm not apathetic - I have an opinion on the matter - but I'll opt not to share for the sake of likeability.

And I thank God for bringing me through a tough past two weeks; emotionally and spiritually.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

And the day gets better and better...

So I just lost one of my background singers, the Soprano. She had a death in the family and doesn't feel she'll have the right focus to rehearse and perform...


I Have the Worst Luck...

with drummers.

It is starting to seem that way.

Exhibit A:

- On my first show, my drummer (whom I've known since birth practically) backed out on me to do a show with Jon B. While I understand the 'getting-paid vs. not-getting-paid' dilemma, I was a little more disgusted by the fact that he had some random guy call me, acting as his manager, to quit the gig. This was on a Friday evening and my show was on Saturday.

In the End: Fortunately, the other musicians in the band helped out and called people they knew and we eventually found a drummer. He was amazing too!

Exhibit B:

- As tempted as I was to call my childhood friend, I opted not to. *Fool me once...fool me twice, shame on me, right?* So instead my boy, the honorable, called one of his good buddies. After talking with the drummer and discussing logistics, I thought we were set - but I guess I had a feeling. Because not more than a couple of hours later he called to quit, citing that, although he was available, it might just be too much. He's in school I can understand.

In the End: I posted an ad on

Exhibit C:

- So my craigslist post yielded three responses. The first of which is a 22 year old cat from Newport Beach. We'd been talking for the past several days about meeting tonight, until I get an email from him this morning. I get an email from his this morning stating his car was impounded last night for driving too fast and that he may not be able to make it out tonight to audtion for me. While this is not the end of the world, as I still have a week and a half until my bad luck is up to its old tricks again.

In the End: I may need to call the other two drummers that responded, but we shall see.

*ciao for now*

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

My favorite story of the day...

As a bit of irony, R (pronounce: ar-uh) takes it in the face...

Jay-Z childhood friend and Def Jam A&R VP, Ty Ty Smith, plead guilty to spraying "R" and Kelly's four bodyguards in the face with mace in 2004 while on the Best of Both World Tour.

like diddy said: 'take that, take that'

get the story here.

*personally, I think it's poetic justice - As a punishment Ty Ty has to perform four days community service - but in my opinion the mace was enough*

Monday, April 24, 2006


So as you can see there has been a little change to the page - nothing major. But since I do have a show coming up VERY soon, everything right now is geared towards that.

Imma post it again, just so you get all of the details...
If you have a myspace account, RSVP to

*ciao for now*

Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Fly On The Wall Presents...

the fly on the wall presents...

entry 4: april 22, 2006

it’s deeper than espresso

on one cooler than usual los angeles afternoon, i was sipping on my usual nonfatextrahotwithwhippeppermintmocha (red sprinkles optional). as i was waiting for the ‘extrahot’ part of my afternoon delight to abate, i came across this quote on my grande cup:

    The Way I See It #76

    The irony of commitment is that it’s deeply liberating – in work, in play, in love. The act frees you from the tyranny of your internal critic, from the fear that likes to dress itself up and parade around as rational hesitation. To commit is to remove your head as the barrier to your life.

      --Anne Morriss
      Starbucks customer from New York City. She describes herself as an “organization builder, restless American citizen, optimist.”

i looked around to see if anyone else had heard it. starbucks had just dropped a bomb on this just barely turned 23-year-old.

commitment = freedom? whoa, whoa, whoa. maybe anne morriss had had one too many mochachocalattes when she decided to fill out this particular comment card. i mean, the emphasis we put on “commitment” in this culture is too overwhelming to ignore, or even argue.

consider the statements commonly used with said word:

this is a VERY big commitment

i have a fear of commitment

commit and DIE

ok, the last one i embellished a tad. but you can just feel the weight of negativity attached to this word, like velcro on hair. it hurts. and it is something that begins to haunt us as early as our teens.

relationships and dating have evolved (or devolved, rather) in the past few decades. we could point the fingers at the conservativeness of the 40s, the baby boom of the 50s, the feminist movement of the 60s, oil crisis of the 70s or michael jackson’s thriller album of the 80s. but in the business of pop* dating in the 90s, we made the full transformation from being courting clients to player presidents.

not that there weren’t the exception-al ones who still believed in ‘true love’ and monogamy (but that’s for another time and cyberspace).

how do i know? helloooo, i was a teen in the 90s. i saw eighth graders exchange partners like pokémon cards**.

as i got older, i realized that although it was “cool” to have a boyfriend, i also observed that that commitment was often short-lived. a speedway of hormone driven youngsters (ages ranging from 13-33) changing lanes and changing minds before you can say, check, please!

is this all in the name of sexual liberation and emotional freedom? are we really keeping our options open to otherwise avoid being tied down? or are these statements just as ms. morriss says, a dolled up rationale for truly irrational hesitation...

in some cases, the resistance to commit stems from a deeper fear known only to that individual.

but HOLD ON a sec people, what about the other 99% (give or take)? why can we all but say the word when involved with someone we REALLY like? hey, i admit, i am not innocent of pulling the commitmentphobe card once or twice in the past. but i also pulled the i’mjustsobusy card and the iheardaboutyou card. but that’s all they were, cards out of a deck of excuses that would leave an open space for the right person to fill.

the PROBLEM lies in the player that pulls the commitmentphobe card, but refuses to end the game. they want it all but...that. they like you but they’re not ready for...that. and the absence of that, is what keeps us in an emotional limbo, unable to move in either direction (either into or completely out of the relationship).

is this commitment theory really deeper than espresso, or is my cup simply a bearer of cold milk?

i think back to the times when i chose to commit myself to something (move to LA, pursue writing, get paid practically nothing while living in LA and writing) or someone (one serious sweetheart in high school). yeah, maybe ms. morriss has got a point. because if we lay the right cards out on the table, you never know, we just might win.

*the word “pop” here is open to interpretation

**pokewhat? also see:

dating ‘drobe no-no of the decade: stiletto, pumps! (come on! you’re not beyoncé and he’s not flying you to st. tropez. it’s no fun treading astroturf in heels. four!)

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Don't Sleep On...

*courtesy of

yeah, yeah, yeah...y'all know about her milkshake and that she's bossy and that she used to hate a dude a whole lot. and if you are a fan of kelis already more power to you - if you're not, then DON'T SLEEP ON her! she's mos def still on the rise. the thing i love about kelis is that she's a mf'ing GDI* and has always been - even though she's following this recent entertainment trend of weighing like 75lbs - she still does it with originality.

some of my favorite kelis songs were from WANDERLAND, an album that was only released in Japan - 'Junkie For Your Love' is a classic. If I get around to it, I might post some tracks for you to dl this weekend.

*gdi= g*d damn individual

*ciao for now*

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Really Doe?

as you may very well know, the outcome of my initial audition with the 'label exec' yielded me working with 'the producer.' after waiting about two months after our first meeting, i finally received a cd of 14 tracks. although i think that I am a good songwriter - I did think that I could polish up and write stronger material if I had a writing partner. so, i pursued the option of writing with two of my producers, one in particular has pissed me off today!

i dare say he doesn't realize that he's offended me. the first song we wrote together went down without a hitch. the second one, i kinda took over because the melody her wrote inspired me - maybe he took that as his que to write songs on his own. but in that instance we still collaborated - i used his melody, but wrote an intensly personal song to it and asked his help on the bridge and solidifying the chorus once he could understand the full context of the song.

the next song, he wrote the melody to the entire song at home. the night we were supposed to meet, he had car problems and could only drop off a cd instead of the melody. we sat in his mom's car and listened - great melody! we decided that we'd both write something and share. well i wrote and shared and sent my initial lyrics. all melodies are maleable when you marry them to lyrics...he hadn't heard the lyrics with the melody - i hadn't heard anything from him regarding the song.

today when he calls me on his break from work, he says -

"i wasn't feeling the lyrics"
"the words don't go with the melody"
"I don't like the topic"
"I wrote a completely different song to the melody I wrote"
"I wrote the song from the other person's perspective"

*scoobie doo'd and scrunched faced I proceed*

"you haven't heard the song yet"

from that point he tells me that, he'll have his sister demo the song and send it to me...there is no other discussion on the topic. trying to diplomatic, I say:

"i'll listen, maybe we can work it out"

but really, I'm thinking...this isn't a collaboration. and having not given the song a chance or calling me to hear it, i felt like he had an agenda from the start...and you don't do that to the artist. not like i'm pulling rank, but I am, saying...don't just discard a person's work without giving it a chance - assuming yours is better (undertone of the conversation).

i'm irritated. i have no problem with constructive criticism and i guess I'm still waiting for it. I didn't send him an entire song, i sent the concept in a form and fashion that could be molded TOGETHER...

*booing him as i click 'publish this post'*

Elle's Pic of the Week

so this isn't some absurd photo, but this is song was sooo necessary necessary recently! Latoya Luckett's Torn video for her forthcoming album due out this summer. I'll admit that I like this song, but I can't do a 'Don't Sleep On' post for her just yet...the verdict is still out for me.

*whatchu think?*

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Quick and Dirty...

1. I'm shelving a track I worked wrote for the 'label exec' because the track is limited and I think needs to be remixed...

2. My show is coming up on May 7th and I have a lot of old friends and collegues who planning on coming to the show. yay! I also have at least on fellow blogger who's coming out to show some love.

The current show listing is as follows:
- Ain't Gonna Cry (D'greg remix)
-Despite What They Say
-Triflin' Woman
-Joseph's Song
-About You
-He Ain't Heavy (remix)
-For My Girls

I wanna do a cover tune - a throw back,'s what I have in mind:
- One Step (aretha franklin)
- Love Has Fallen on Me (chaka khan)

I am open to suggestions...maybe something more contemporay? holla at me with your suggestions!

3. For the on-going project for the 'label exec' I've written 2 complete songs to the 'producer's' tracks and and 1/3 of two other tracks completed. I want to write to three other for a total of 7 choices before going to the studio.

4. My mom was recently let go (on some shadiness too) from her job (and is appealing), but has brought up the idea of being my manager.

Here are some pros and cons:
- Pro: I can trust her
- Con: She still sees me as her little girl (and I'm not)
- Pro: She's a great contract negotiator
- Con: She could be very 'stage-momish'
- Pro: She's extremely creative and thinks outside of the box
- Con: We have very different personalities

at the end of the day, I wonder how my mom would feel being my employee. There would be a contract and this would most likely be an interim position for her until she can move into another capacity (she'd really like to run a not-for-profit).

k, that's the major update with me...I'll holla!

*ciao for now*

Monday, April 17, 2006

More details to follow....

@ Cinespace, Sol Sundays. Mark your calendars, more details to come...

Holla At Me...

Interesting find in my tracker today...

I'm gonna take this as a good sign - I don't presently know anyone at the University of Chicago, but whoever you are, hollar at me!!!

*blog about the week to come*

Friday, April 14, 2006

Don't Sleep On...

Don't Sleep On: Murs
Latest Release: Murray's Revenge
Signed By: Record Collection Music
Favorite Track (s): Dark Skinned White Girls; Love and Appreciate; L.A.

*basically my homeboy turned me on to Murs. he hit me with 3:16 and Revenge at the same time and I enjoyed the sounds. it mos def has something to do with 9th's warm production styling that makes you feel like your sitting in a big comfy chair while Murs is hollaring at you about aspects of his life. initially, I thought Murs was a borderline prick or just a complainer, but I realized he's talking about some everyday stuff - any of the things my homeboys would hit me up to talk about. So I'm cool with Murs - you should be too.*

Oh and did I mention he's from L.A.?!?

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

In A Lazy Blogging Mood...

This is one of those old school Aresenio Hall moments...that make you say, HMMMMMM....


Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Please don't take offense....

Get this video and more at

My friend, Lull, and his boys at the University of Washington are aspiring actors, directors...whatever. *actually Lull is going to Dentistry school* The video is pretty hilarious (could be because I know him). Anyways, please don't take offense to the language - I am testing the limits by posting this, but I think it's pretty funny.

Anyways, it's my blog and I'd like to share.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Elle's Pic of the Week.

Usually, my pic of the week features a celeb, but today it's in honor of l'absurd!

Productive Weekend...

What up Fam!

This weekend was pretty productive despite this cold lingering over me.

Friday night, Tuna Butter (peep the production crew links on the right), and I got to work writing to the new tracks I received from the 'producer' last week. We wrote a track called 'Addict Me' I usually don't toot my own horn, but the song is mos def fresh! Kinda has a Missy Elliot feel to it.

Saturday was spent trying to get better. Tuna Butter and I met again to start working on a new track. We didn't make much progress, partly due to creative differences. We will be working again on Tuesday night to start on a new track.

Sunday was cool. I hung out with one of my roomies and then attended Sol Sundays at Cinespace. It was a chill event - the first one for Elevated. I politicked a bit with Nakrumah from Ankore (who is also a dope graphic designer) and got to see Hilsyde perform (my main producer Oren Yoel plays the keys in the band). All in all it was a good event. Looks like I'll be heating up the stage to May 7 at the next Sol, so be on the look out.

Anyways, yall it's Monday and time for me to get some work done. I'm still trying to beat this cold. I'm in the mood for an 'Elle's Pic' since it's been a while, so if I get some free time today, I'll add another post.

*I'll holla*

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Hysterical Blindess ...

Have you ever been so pissed off that your eyesight went blurry? well, today that happened to me.

If You're In LA....

I'm So Lady...

Last night was the XXL Mag and Nick Cannon album release party at the Cabanna Club in Hollywood. The atmosphere was amazing - or as my boy claimed "it was pandamonium."

I'm sure fun was had by all, but I never made it into the party. I tried. Trying was a major step above what I might have normally done two years ago.

I will admit, when it comes to these types of events, I don't go unless I know that I am on V.I.P. status - but I learned last night, that I'm hardly considered, very important - hell, even important for that matter.

I went for the press opportunity and the networking. However, it seemed that my timing was all wrong. By the time 'The Fly' and I made it front of the line, the head bouncer was not accepting anymore 'regular guests.'

Despite knowing several of the promoters (and having one blatantly ignore me - which I will remember for future references), I was determined to get inside the party. Not that I particularly cared one way or the other, I figured since I'm here, why not try, right?

As I began to work my magic on one bodyguard *smile, wink, hand on arm* Brandy, Jahiem, Mysterious (MTB) and some bball player shut down my hopes of getting in.

It wasn't the 'freindly' bodyguard who elbowed me to move people out of the way. Because quite frankly, I was tucked away perfectly just out of the way of the velvet rope.

Instead, it was some other prick that showed up when the celebs started rolling in. I think he needed more hugs as a child, that or his mother didn't like him very much, cus he was an ass! Instead of networking wih other V.I.P., all I networked with that night was a celeb-hungry and overzeoulous bodyguard's elbow to my sternum.

I wasn't humiliated nor was my pride wounded - I walked away without a black eye or being called out of my name. My dignity was still in tact.

Maybe it's because I spent a better part of the time day dreaming on 'Who I'm ABOUT to be - that real V.I.P.!" It comes with the territory.

*ciao for now*

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

New Sh*t, New Sh*t

Crazy story lead to me meeting the this producer, yesterday. He's played the keys for some big records, such as:

- Blueprint, Jay-Z
- College Dropout, Kanye West
- Damita Jo, Janet Jackson
- Afrodisiac, Brandy

ect... but most recently, he produced my favorite track from Ne-Yo's album, 'Don't Get Down Like That.'

Anyways, our meeting went well. I am looking into working with him and his partna to get some tracks to the label exec and maybe even partner with them as a songwriter and vocalist for tracks they submit to other artists.

*prospects are looking attractive today*

"The Guy Needed a Bra..."

That's what scouts were saying about my boy Lendale White at the USC combine for NFL Scouts.As you may know, I love Lendale, but I guess what I heard is true: he's lazy! Not that I ever thought Reggie was overrated (although maybe I thought Mat was at one point), but I've always thought Lendale was underappreciated. Well now, he's just overwieght and quickly sinking to the bottom of the NFL draft pick list.

Check Out the Article: Lazy LenDale turning into Clarett: RB doesn't look like 1st-round pick with extra weight, no work ethic
"White weighed in at 244 pounds, up six pounds from the doughy 238 pounds he displayed at the NFL scouting combine in February. White also did his best not to display much by wearing a loose-fitting warm-up suit for the entire workout. This was after White drew audible groans from NFL scouts when he bared his chest at the combine.

As one NFL general manager said after seeing White at the combine: “The guy needed a bra, it was ridiculous. You come to the combine looking like that and you want to be a first-round pick? Come on. The guy had obviously been doing nothing.”

“The guy can play, but he just gets by,” said a former USC offensive player who was teammates with White. “He coasted in practice and he coasted in the offseason. He came in thinking he just had to put in his time and that’s what you see now. People think he’s great and the talent is there … but the stuff he did was just because he played next to Reggie and with all those other guys around him. If he had really worked at it, he would have been amazing.”


I'm hoping in true Trojan fashion, he'll come back to play some stellar ball in the NFL from whatever lowly seed position he's earned himself and does great things in the league. Lendale the NFL is no small pond my dear, the league only has room for the best of the best.

Lendale, stop being lazy, boo!!!

*what a shame*

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

What's Really Good?!?

Disclaimer: No. I don't like Dipset...well maybe Juelz sometimes.

It's funny how situations change when you wash your hands of them. Well after waiting for several months to make progress with the 'producer' that the 'label exec' put me in contact with and not having made ANY progress, I decided to stop stressing.

I had put my EP on hold for a while. I stopped everything. And once I re-activated the process - that's when I get a CD with 14 tracks to choose from from said 'producer.'

the story goes on and on...

Without going into too much detail, I'll just say, the prospects are looking really good once again.

A little prayer and faith will take you a long way!


Monday, April 03, 2006

food for thought...

Peep the convo below and then tell me what you think about the questions that follow:

B: my mom was giving me shit this weekend about kids
me: WTF!!!
B: I know.
Friday like, an hour after I got home
you should've heard her!
she was like, pissed
I'd said something about not wanting them anyway
and she went off
"Well, you're about to be 24 anyway..."
(I've been 23 for 5 minutes.)
B: "And you still have grad school, that's another four years, and hopefully you meet a guy there, by then you're already 28, you date and fall in love, that's another few years and maybe you'll get married, by then you're already 30..."
me: wow
so that's your life in nutshell
B: "Then you want another few years before you start thinking about kids, that's 35 and then you'll decide you don't want em, and by then you'll be 40."
me: thanks mom
B: (this was all in one breath)
me: whew
B: I was like, "You just planned out my whole damn life, huh?"
I couldn't even speak after that
I was staring at her, completely stunned
me: i'd be the same way
B: like, where did all that hostility come from?
she sounded mad
me: tell her to talk to Alicia* (her sister)
B: lol
too young
me: well next time
you can say, start warming alicia up to the idea
she's in a better position
she make not like it
but hey, bring attention to the fact that there is another womb around
B: lol
we would never wanna take attention away from the chick(s) brandon's* (her brother) gonna knock up
me: shaking my head
why is that depressing?
B: because it's a distinct possibility
me: funny, cus that's what I worry about my lil brother
and I'm really worried because I think he's 13 years old mentally when it comes to responsibility
B: I know what you mean

1. why are there still these expectations on career oriented women to have the house with the white picket fence and 2.3 children?
2. why are our mothers mad at us for not wanting that life?
3. why aren't our mother's sons given higher expectations?
4. what will happen to relationships between black men and women, given the increased opportunities for black women (who satisfy double minority quotes *black and female*) and the increased plight of black men (check this article)?
5. what is the black woman's responsibility to the black community given what we know?

*I know this is kind of a heavy topic, but it's real*
*names have been changed.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Business Is Booming...

So to speak.

this weekend I had two performances. they both were for community events, but I had fun nonetheless.

i performed for the USC's chapter of Delta Sigma Theta's non-profit scholarship foundation ball. they started their non-profit last year and this year was the first year they were able to give out scholarships. I was honored to be asked to be the entertaiment for the evening. i know many of the chapter's members personally or as members of BWi, Black Women Investing (a club i founded in undergrad). they also honored three outstanding women from the community. great event!

as an added bonus, i was approached by a jazz singer, Amber Weeks, who would likw to mentor me as a vocalist. I am going to pursue the offer.

speaking of which, i received a call earlier friday about joining a performance band. although it's still in the early phase (they are primarily a swing band, but are expanding their repetoire), I am excited about the prospects. if this is a go, I will be able to get more live performance experience - plus i love to perform. period.

my other performance this weekend was for the ladera heights little league opener. i sang the national anthem. i performed a favor for my high school college counselor. her son is in the little league. i actually expected there to be like 5 people in attendance, but it ended up be far more than that. anyways, fun was had by all (despite forgetting the lyrics *ramparts we watched* mid-song, although I picked it back up).

k, that's my update.

*I'll holla*