Monday, October 31, 2005

Elle B on MySpace Music

In a previous post, I mentioned that I need to be on I also mentioned that I don't like but it is inevitabley (sp?) necessary. But in my marketing meeting with GV of Elevated Enterprises, we decided that it's necessary. I did ask if my marketing consultant could set it up for me, so that I don't have to go anywhere near the site.

Here's the link... Elle B. on MySpace Music.


In other news, I am submitting the title track of my forthcoming album, For My Girls to the the International Songwriting Competition this evening. DJ Okay and I need to re-record it with the final verse before midnight, so that's on the agenda tonight.

I wrote a new song yesterday entitled, Slowly. It's a song about me pursuing this guy but changing up my game now that I'm older. I don't have a track yet, but there are a couple of instrumentals that I've yet to use - so I will see if any of them speak to me. But I think I want to have one created by DJ OK, our stuff seems to come out better that way. *Ironically, I envision this track being upbeat despite the title of the song*

And I'm hoping I can meet up with THE BEATNIX to finally record Joseph's Song. Phonix aka Darius didn't get back to me. I hate to do this, but I think I may just see if someone can reproduce a similar track that I wrote Trifiling Woman to. My desire to complete this track was re-invigorated when I saw this chick on Friday, who is just the type of female I wrote about.

*I need to finish these songs so that I can decided which tracks I'm going to release on the EP*

Photoshoot Stuff:

I spoke with LH (my normal photographer) about my photoshoot. I want to do vintage hollywood glamor for my first round of promotional photos. Think Dorothy Dandridge.

Some other photographer's I'd like to work with in the future are Jeffery Lewis and Gema Hanson.

And finally, I met John Singleton again this weekend. He's a USC alumn and was the host for the USC Young Alumni Homecoming Afterparty, The Reign this past weekend. He was really nice and asked me to send him some of my music soon. Maybe I can be the star of "Baby Girl" 'specially since he shot the film in my neighborhood (Jody's house was on 11th avenue *my block* but four blocks North of where I grew up) and he seems to cast west coast musicians in his filsm *Ice Cube 'n' Higher Learning, Tyrese 'n' Baby Boy and Four Brothers*


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