Friday, December 30, 2005

ElleB's Hall of Fame...

Mary J. Blige's The Breakthrough.

I know that it has been several week since doing an Elle B Hall of Fame induction. Although I originally planned to do inductions weekly, I found it to be difficult to post about music that I epitomize. Although it sounds like a simple task, giving proper tribute takes time and so instead of rushing week-to-week, I've decided instead to add a new inductee when the spirit moves me...

Well I most surely have been moved. Mary J. Blige's most recent effort is nothing short of amazing for so many reasons. As the title suggests, this album reflects a new plateau of spirituality, self-perception and strength that Mary is now standing on. She's been saying she's Not Gon' Cry for years, but finally has said that's Enough Cryin' on the The Breakthrough. I believe her.

But beyond her emotional development, Mary's The Breakthrough is symbolic for so much more. I've always loved Mary, ever since I was allowed to listen to contemporary RnB and Hip-Hop. Before Lil Mo and Fabolous or Ashanti and Ja Rule or Kelly and Nelly, Mary has been the tie that bonded RnB with Hip-hop and has done so quite seamlessly. Calling to mind her appearance on "Can't Knock the Hustle" on Jay's classic debut Reasonable Doubt, or Mary's top singles from Share My World featuring Nas on "Love is All We Need" and Lil Kim on "I Can Love You." Or native ties to Diddy from Uptown days with What's the 411? Lauryn Hill maybe the only one who has done it better. But for these tracks, we've known her and revered her as the Queen of Hip-Hop soul, our own kind of royalty. But if you look carefully, you can see that she's elevated to much more than that today - still wearing her crown proudly from where's come from and reigned, but certainly enlarging her territory.

I've chosen to induct The Breakthrough album because it is a body of work representative of Mary J. Blige at this period in history. There are many Mary albums to choose from and many we can easily recount the demons she struggled with at the time of their release. Mary came to us with her story, her pain - and her voice carried that to our speakers over the freshest beats. She was real, tangible. But around Mary, we noticed that "The Voice" began searching, looking for something different - a change from the heartache and pain - a sort of salvation. And over this journey, we listened, we waited...she was still searching...finally THE BREAKTHROUGH.

Rarely are we able to witness someone's life elvove before our eyes or better yet through our ears, but with Mary we have. This is truly art.

But beyond my own symbology of the The Breakthrough, are the tracks that make this work fresh-to-death...My personal favorites (in this order):

1. Be Without You
2. One with U2
3. I Found My Everything Raphael Saadiq
4. Ain't Real Loce
5. Enough Cryin
6. Alone
7. Can't Hold a Good Woman Down
8. Noone Will Do
9. Take Me As I Am
10. Can't Hide From Love

The production is flawless and Mary's voice is like I've never heard it. Not only is this album classic in my opinion, but, when I listen to it I feel like I am doing my homework because this album embodies everything that I want to be.

The critics say she's too damn happy and that she's "passionless" I beg to differ - they must be listening to a different record (or unless you start with the one Will.I.AM. track - dope producer, but only when you don't let him say nuffin')

*What is your opinion on The Breakthrough? Leave it in the comments.*

Thursday, December 29, 2005

And Now a Word from Our Sponsors....

Naw not really, but these are two of my good friends, doing their thing...please show em' love.

The Cynical Ones
Awards Time:
Part I (12.28.05)
Part II (12.29.05)

"I Ain't Dead Award: Mariah Carey for The Emancipation of Mimi and Mary J. Blige for The Breakthrough. Two good albums delivered by two long written off artists. Take that, take that."

Black Thought II:

His interivew with Common for AOL Black Voices

In reference to ‘I Used to Love Her,’ what is she/hip hop doing now?

I think she is becoming a grown person. She is expressing her creative side, her gangster side, her businesswoman side. She’s been through a lot of trials and tribulations and is still actually showing growth. She’s open minded and allowing progressive artists to touch her and allowing gangsters to touch her. She is taking care of business. I love her. I love hip-hop.

Check out the entire interview HERE.

*Enjoy and Peace*

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Keep Running...

Your girl, Elle B is exhausted. I think I am fighting off the flu (my body is aching) and these two jobs are whooping my derriere.

I am trying to decide whether to stay on at Crate and Barrell after the holidays. I don't want to part just yet with the 30% discount, but I can't keep working these 30 hours. I'll talk to a manager about it.

This past weekend, minus Christmas Day, was insane. Friday night was a Gi-Normous disappointment...not only because I rocked a fly ass fit and stayed at the club for an hour and a half, but my song wasn't play ONCE...because someone just assumed that the club would have a CD player.

you know what happens when you assume, right? it makes an ASS out of U and ME!

Then there was Crate and Barrell's Annual after-Christmas sale. This is when you realize why HE is the reason for the season. Because without HIM we'd all be scathing vile creatures who fought over placements marked half-off forever and not for the few minutes these crazy shoppers were in my store (in front of my corner, screaming for a MANAGER).

But like a well oil-engine, I keep running. There is a larger picture and a bigger prize.

I'm working New Year's Eve, but we close at 5p. And I get the 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th free. New Year's week I'm gonna take some regular schedule maintenance in more ways that one...

*I'll Holla*

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Christmas smelled like Roses this year...

The family had 0 (read: zero) arguments, which is a testament that prayer really works!

Plus, my parent's held me down on the gifts - I got everything I wanted, or at least a variation of what I wanted, which was just a fabulous - after all, the actual items on the list were all just inspirations of what I like.

I got the DKNY watch...a bedding set...a replica tiffany necklace (b initial)...

My favorite gifts:

FAX Machine from my dad...

Elle: *unwrapping the box that reads "Panasonic Fax Machine with Copier Function"
Pops: It's a business solution
Elle: So it is...

So my dad is a man of practicality. To say the least, this is his way of showing support considering the huge fight we had this summer about the possibility that I may not ever go to law school...

Charm Bracelet from my mom...

Elle: What's this? Is this a gift *picking up a mini giftwrapped box*
Mom: No, someone just spent the effort to wrap a little box for no reason.
Elle: I mean it coulda been decoration...geez
*opening the box to reveal a small blue suede pouch*

My mom gave me a silver charm braclet with a single HEART charm with ELLE B inscribed on it. This is my mom's way of showing her support for my music career.

ROSE BOWL TICKET from both of my parents

Mom: We have one more, no, two more gifts for dad.
Dad: oh?
Mom: From the family...althought its not here yet - and I don't know where it is - we got you a Magellen GPS system
Dad: I'll take that
Mom: And finally, my husband is going to the Rose Bowl...
Mom (cont'd): And he's decided to take his daughter.
Elle: *jumping up doing the stupid elaine dance* Yes!!!
Mom: We waited until after you opened all of your other gifts to make sure you were going to be a brat...if you were, your father wasn't going to give you the ticket - and we would've told you that instead
Dad: *shakes his head in agreement*

Thank God I passed that test! I'm going to the Rose Bowl, The Rose Bowl, The Rose Bowl...

My brothers hit me off with the gift cards. I bought a much needed desk for my room with the Crate and Barrel gift certificate my oldest brother gave to me + my employee discount.

I helped my mother cook dinner - I made the Cornish Game Hens. Dinner was the bomb diggity - better than Thanksgiving.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

May you have a safe and blessed holiday season.

Friday, December 23, 2005

The Fly On The Wall presents...

The fly on the wall presents...

entry 2: december 22, 2005

shoot, darn, muthasucka?

when d’angelo said it, it was art. let a young lady say it and it’s – well – last week’s posting. so it’s no longer a secret that i have no problem inserting an expletive here and there. necessary, i feel, to emphasize a point in a story,, any other time i feel like it? but i have recently been re-informed (i must’ve forgotten) that it is unattractive when a woman uses swear words in casual conversation. mind you, it’s not like i was goin all lil’ kim on a dude, but i guess sweet nothings aren’t as sweet when you plug a “shit”, “damn”, “muthafucka” in the middle of it (unless you have abs like a god and a smooth beat backing the statement). granted, our crooning friend d just caught his girl in bed with his best friend, but you can’t TELL me that you never caught yourself singin along to the chorus like it was gospel (reality check: later in the song, he’s talkin bout killin ol’ boy and wifey)...but i digress.

we’re talking here, about what makes a lady a LADY. apparently, on the richter scale of ladylike-ness, the regular use of a curse word here and there will bring you down a few notches. again, i’m not talking vulgarity on the level of trina, but in casual conversation (i.e. “this shit is inappropriate,” “why must you be such an ass,” “i fucked up...fuck!”). that’s ok, right? one man protests, “that type of language should be left to use for athletes, sailors and rappers.” because what men really want is a lady in the street and a lady in...the...bed?

ten men protest.

ohhhh, so you’re saying the BR is neutral territory. o.k., well it’s good to know the first amendment remains safe and unscathed somewhere in this great nation of ours. i’m not pulling this out of my bum people (somehow, just doesn’t sound the same). using my very accurate, very random, very indiscriminate polling techniques...i text messaged some of the homies to gain further insight on the issue:

question: is it unladylike/unattractive for a woman to cuss?

  • 1 said no, 1 said HELL no
  • 5 said it depends (ok to use for emphasis, during an emotional outburst)
  • 7 said yes, it is unladylike (although an exception was given to the lady with “kids and a gold grill”...noted)

the question that followed: would it be ok in the bedroom?

  • 1 said yeah, 1 said HELL yeah
  • 4 out 5 of the “depends” say its ok and reference their previous examples
  • 6 of the “yes” answers failed to respond (and that says it all)
  • 2 wanted examples (umm...k, research ends here)

POINT is, none of us are channeling foxy brown in our regularly scheduled communication with others, but gosh darnit if a lady don’t feel like expressing herself sometimes too. it’s hard enough for women today to live up to the standards of what it means to be a lady (standards not set by a lady, mind you) without adding “maintaining a clean vocabulary” to the list of proper hygiene practices. sure there is “another way to say what you need to say,” as he (the informer) put it. which seems to be just another way of saying, “know your place, lady.” and to this intention i say – legs crossed, elbows off the table, laughing ever so slightly – bump that, because i CHOOSE to.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Join Me Tomorrow Night...

6356 Hollywood Boulevard (Corner of Hollywood & Ivar)


Music By:
DJ Maestro & DJ On the Clock

December 23rd, 2005

To Get On
Elevated LA's Guestlist
Click Below To RSVP
or email:
Or Call 323.370.9671

Doors Open:
9:30pm - 2:00am

21+/Dresscode Enforced
Upscale Attire
Doorman's Discretion

DJs will be playing my song "Ain't Gonna Cry" all night.

*Hit me up at if you wanna go*

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

More photos...

More photos from the shoot on Tuesday morning. Next stop, photo shoot in the studio where I am not cold as hell.


Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Dawn of a New Day...

This is one of the pictures from my photo shoot today. More to come later...

Please show love to my fabulous photographer.

*I may need to take up Kanye's work out plan*

Elle's Pic of the Week...

Diana Ross @ The Funeral for Richard Pryor

Looks like Dorothy grew up to be the wicked witch of [insert your comment here].

*damn, diana...reach out and touch a stylist.*
thx to Fresh @ C&D for this pic...

Monday, December 19, 2005

I Guess That Didn't Work...

So my boi, Black Thought, interviewed Common, Goapele and Ludacris today for an online media company that he interns for. He asked the homies if we had any questions to ask Common during the interview... Being the enterprising young woman that I am, I said...

Ask Common if he's ever heard of Elle B...

So the interviews went well today. Apparently, Common was in Cali at this italian restaurant on La Brea - I am like 10 minutes from La Brea. Anyways, I asked Black if he'd asked Common my question, this is what he said:

MsTrojanChocol8: how did the interview go with common?
MaRcUsV01: it went well, real cool, gave me a "Love man" and hung up, lol
MsTrojanChocol8: did you ask him if he knew who Elle B was?
MaRcUsV01: i was like how does an up and coming artist get her music out to you, i was like she's in LA, by the time you finish your lunch, she can show up and sing a song for you
MsTrojanChocol8: of course you did
MaRcUsV01: i did, he laughed
MsTrojanChocol8: haha

I guess that didn't work...

*Back to the drawing board*

Sunday, December 18, 2005

My favorite number 5...

So I've been slacking, slightly, on my pimping (in the proverbial sence, of course) cus I didn't know I was called out TWICE by two of my favoritist bloggers, TriniPrincess and TheCynicalOnes, to share 5 random "tidbits" *or at least I think that's what they've been calling em'* about myself.

Seeing as how this blog is dedicated, in large part, to my music career, I'll share with you "tidbits" bout that...

1. I was the understudy (read: back-up) for Mya to sing "One Voice" in a tribute to Harry Belafonte at the NAACP Image Awards (in 2000, I believe). The fear was that she wouldn't get the song down in time enough for the performance and so I rehearsed the leads in anticipation that it might go down. In the end, she sang the song and also performed in the show - as part of the choir. It all turned out for the best, though, because I lost my voice only an hour before we were to perform from rehearsing so my times.

2. One of my biggest fears is not failure, it is the perception that I am stupid. This was one of my primary motivators for going to college before pursuing a music career. I've never been the best student, quite frankly, I'm lazy - I f*ck up with easy courses and excel in interesting/challenges subjects. But, I never wanted it to be said, that my success was because of someone else's intellect and I was just a pawn (who got lucky). Plus I really dig and admire intellectuals.

3. I love singing because of other singers. The first time I ever heard Lauryn Hill sing, I cried. I was in a movie theater, watching Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit. I cried because her voice is truly transcedent - almost etheral because there was never any voice like it. Listening to voices like hers and others (ie Donny Hathaway, Nina Simone, Jamie Foxx *acoustic*) invokes so much emotion - it's like hitting the nerve of my soul. I want to do that same thing to people - I have faith in myself, that I can and will.

4. I was a bookcover model for a BET Arabesque book a few years ago (or at least it seemed like it). It was really random because the photographer/art director saw my picture in a photo album and picked me out the be on the cover. This is what it looks like:

5. I believe that God has truly set a course for my life and my music career and that nothing to date has happened by coincidence. From birth (my mother lost her voice for a large part of the time she was carrying me *and she's also a singer*) to the people I've met, to the opportunities I've been granted. I just believe that he knows his child (read: me) the desires of my heart, which has to do with the fact that I love what I do, but I also know that he's not positioning me for my own glory and edification, but for HIS - as such, I am always getting ready for when I am called to do HIS work, for real. 5 to be "called out:"
1. Rell
2. Courtney
3. Jamila
4. Berry
5. Alvin

*Later ppl.*

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Elle's gotta photo shoot coming up...

So depending whether or not the weather holds here in So. Cal - I've got a photo shoot scheduled this Tuesday morning:

Point Dume State Beach, CA

It's past Malibu, about an hour outside of Los Angeles proper - straight up the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway for all my east coast ppl)

Yes, folks, this black girl is gonna be on the beach at the butt-crack of dawn to take promo photos. Necessary since we're starting to do PR and web development. I don't know what I'm gonna wear yet....

stylist, where are you?

This shoot is my photographer's concept. He's been in the studio with jazz living legend Nancy Wilson who is recording a new project (he's taking the stills of the project). He believes in me so much, that he says, that I am the "Dawn of a New Day" because the old school has to pass the baton.

So the photo shoot at dawn, will represent my future...

Kinda hot! He's so dope. Show Leroy some love yall!

Don't Sleep On...

Don't Sleep On: Viveca Hawkins
Check her out.

She's my homegirl from college.
In so feeling her, "Interlude JHOlive in concert..." track

*And in case this is your first time here at Elle B-dom, don't forget to check me out as well.*

Thursday, December 15, 2005


Do you know what it's like to be in love?

I mean really, really, really in love?

And to have your love so close and yet so far away?

I feel it in my bones. It prevails in my heart despite the time that has passed.

and what was i supposed to do when my heart was broken by my first love?

I often wonder how else was it supposed to end? not any other way, right?

naive, i thought that it might never end and that we would just exist forever.

but it ain't work out that way.

i tap into that emotion too easily. it's on the lower shelf so that it can been reached at will.

and even if i don't want to grab it, i can't help it - it's omnipotent - love is - because it exists everywhere so that i can't bind it up and tie it down.

to do so would mean i'm going to erase my memories - because all subsequent loves and my willingness to love is an extension of my first love in you.

and sometimes i wonder if i am looking for another love to replace you.

if i've promised myself somehow not to give you the satisifaction of my love

but in punishing you, i've only left myself in search of satisifcation.

i don't believe you'll be the only man i love. you were just the first. and it still hurts.

i've moving on, of course, there are 2 ton weights attached by strings to my ankles - I must have read the packing wrong...

and i want you to be happy and move on too. but please don't share your heart completely

compartmentalize my love on the side neatly. cus i'mma do the same for you.

i already have.

*inspiration for love songs - emotion experienced first hand - I've got a song in my heart, I'm trying to coax it out slowly*

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Favorite Pic of the Week

Man 1: "Say, what?"
Man 2: "Yeah, I don't know what happen, she just WIGGED out man!"
Man 1" "Word."

But oh how I love Lauryn Hill. This is better than most of the one's she's been rocking as of late. It's like she channeled the spirit of Roberta Flack and Chaka Khan to grace the top of her head.

She's still gorgeous.

*wanting the queen to regain her throne*

My Team...

Okay so my team does not consist of three white men and a big black man name Mr. T, but...

Last night, Elevated Enterprise (GV and Nick) and I met to follow-up on the marketing plan for the release of my EP. As part of the discussion, we had to address who is doing what for this project. My starting line up:

Marketing: Elevated Enterprise
Publicity: J. Huffman
Photography: Leroy Hamilton
Hair: D'Juan Dabney
Website : SM Harris Media
Music Video: Boogie 1 Day aka J. Glass
Stylist: The Fly On The Wall aka S. Debessai
Production: Oren Yoel, Tuna Butter, The Beatnix
Graphic Design: The Gr8
Business Plan and Budget: S. Crim

whew...that was a lot. All smart, talented and driven ppl. I've very excited.

Other news:

- Working on Elle B. Merchandise. Dope Tees for men and women created by Evolve Clothing.
- Getting love in the club: "Ain't Gonna Cry" is gonna be in heavy rotation @ Cinespace on the 23rd. Flier and details to come soon.
- And just because she's dope, Artist Synthia St. James hooked me up with this Printer's Proof:

(c) Synthia St. James, 1991

All original prints are sold outs, but because I loved this painting so much, she sold me the printer's proof - which is one of a kind. And it's signed.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Introducing...The Fly On The Wall

My roomate doubles as my stylist - she's pretty effing good at it too, but her real passion is writing. So to marry our two world together, I've asked her to try and post once a week about her world and the experiences she has (we are both out here trying to make our dreams a reality) while sprinkling her two cents on fashion faux-pas and yes mahs! Below is her first entry - from her on out she is known as THE FLY ON THE WALL (profile coming soon.)


the fly on the wall presents...

entry 1: december 12, 2005

growing up is hard to do...

how old is too old to throw a tantrum? a colorado state university study states that “tantrums typically appear at the age of 2 or 3 and start to decline by 4.” if by “decline” they mean increase, then, yes, that is true. because today, my own studies showed that tantrums are at their peak between the ages of 32 and 40. really! if you don’t believe me, try parking at a popular specialty grocery store on a sunday afternoon (see: elle b. blog 11/27/2005). or delaying a cranky bunch of paying gym members from their 5am workout. pre-coffee, pre-10am meeting, pre-making other people’s life a living hell...they rely on their daily cup of cardio-joe – extra hot, no cream. and apparently, no manners either. let me provide the data that has led me to this conclusion:

4:45am: i arrive to work at the to cover a 2-hour shift. should be a simple, fairly smooth morning right? except for the fact that the gate to the parking garage is locked and members are expected to start trickling in soon.

4:50am: members are trickling in, and they are NOT happy. how do i know? one woman says to me, “i am NOT happy.” uh, ok. here’s a cookie, sit over there and i’ll let you know when i have done everything in my power to make you happy again.

4:52am: i call the front desk manager and, SURPRISE, he’s not answering. well, hell, neither would i. it’s 4:52 in the friggin morning and, come to think of it, why is anyone awake at all?

4:57am: and the show must go on. i park my car near the gate and walk off to the gym to open it up for business, as members look on in despair.

5:05am: the 3 or 4 sharper pencils in the bunch find parking down the street while the rest of the dull points call back to back, parked on the street, hazard lights blinking, to let me know that the gate is locked. REALLY? “can you open the gate?” one member asks. i shut my eyes tight and wiggle my nose. nothing. “nope, i guess not.”

did i mention that i worked a TWO hours shift? luckily this only went on for about an hour of the two, during which one member requested that the club pay for her “salary” if she is late to work. hmm, really? your SALARY. still thinking. ok, no. i offered her a lollipop instead and she walked away fairly satisfied.

i mean, how old IS too old to throw a tantrum. apparently, we’ve had it all wrong for years and the “terrible-twos” in fact refers to the population over the AGE of two. so if that’s you, fortunately there are ways to identify if you are suffering from uncontrollable idiotic, ridiculously irrational outbursts. when life just aint goin right (i.e. starbucks gives you a latte when you ordered a cappuccino; need quarters for the meter and all you have are pennies; starbucks gives you a cappuccino when you ordered a latte; intern goes MIA and you need a copy – yes, an uncomplicated task, but what are you NOT paying them for, right?), are you:

    • Kicking, hitting, biting, scratching, hair pulling, or pinching other people?
    • Throwing or breaking things?
    • Head-banging or inflicting self-injury?

if so, you are suffering from the symptoms that WebMD lists under the condition commonly known as Temper Tantrums. in my professional experience, i add to the list:

    • Bein a bitch.
    • Bein a punkass bitch.
    • Bein a oldass punkass bitch.

come on people! let’s get it together and realize that the world does NOT revolve around us and these simple (and i mean SIMPLE) so-called tragedies. stop, think, take a deep breath and move the fuck on. if all else fails, do as the two-year-olds do and take a fuckin nap....say, tomorrow at 5am?

*fashion ban of the day: salmon-pink cordoroy pants...matter-of-fact, cordoroy pants (too much fabric-abuse goin on).

Monday, December 12, 2005

Don't Sleep On...

DONT SLEEP ON: Anthony Hamilton
Latest Release: Ain't Nobody Worryin' (12.13.2005)
Released On: Arista Records
My Favorite Song(s):
Can't Let Go
Pass Me Over
Change Your World
Never Love Again
Recently Seen: Complex Magazine Feature

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Quick and Dirty...

Hilarity - cus ideas for songs come from the damn-dest places.

Since I've learned that there are some technical difficulties downloading Joseph's Song, I created an embedded link here on the page. Check it Out! and let me know what you think....

Also, I got a shout-out of sorts at Jerome Baker's Blog. Peep it.

Finally much to my suprise - I've been heavily trying to get my weight up for my Elle B myspace page - I had like 12 friends on there and most of them were my cousins (just kidding).

Anyways, I found this guy that I had a serious crush on - and never quite got over - which induced a song. How I felt/feel about him is the base of the song, but a convo I had with one of my girlfriends earlier fills out the rest.

No title yet. Two Verse. Sketched Pre-chorus. Tentative Chorus (I like the essence, but I'm not sure where I want the song to go in the end, which is why I need a title). No Bridge (yet).

Great Day Yall.

Ciao. Elle.

P.S. My ex's head is gonna explode when he finds out about this song. Also, thanks to everyone who checked out the song and posted comments. It's always appreciated.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

My Christmas Wishlist....

Dear Santa,

I'd like only a couple of things this year. Here's what they are:

Sunparlor Duvet and Shams from Anthropologie.

DKNY Toothcase Mesh Watch from

Elisa Peretti Letter Pendant "L" Necklace from Tiffanys and Co.

Tickets to the BCS National Championship Rose Bowl Game.


Elle B.

The Chance to Take a Stance...

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has the opportunity to grant clemency to Stan "Tookie" Williams. While I follow the argument that his co-founding the Crips gang and refusal to name names of other infamous members is greater than his plea to excavate his death sentence, I am reminded that in our justice system we do not imprison and certainly do not punish by death any person solely on his association or failure to name names.

In fact, our justice was once focused on Rehabilitation - the belief that with right circumstances and attention that a person can repay the debt that he or she owes to society and can become a productive citizen. However, since the onslaught of the Regan Era and a Scalia.Thomas.Rhenquist court - our judicial system has focused less on rehabilitation - reinstated the death penalty - and built a lucrative *and conservative-centered* Prison Industrial Complex.

We claim, that "One Nation Under God, Indivisible with Justice for All" is our pledge of alliegance, but to what? when it comes to certain underserved populations in our country. Our intellectuals and academicians aren't taking up the burden, few and still less of our politicians are taking up the burden, the affluent aren't taking up the burden, hell many parents are not taking up the burden to see that the next generation of Americans have justice. And when I refer to the underserved population I am first talking about the Ethnic and Racial Minorities, but all of the impoverished class of this country - who lack in sufficient health care, housing and education. Most of whom will never have the opportunity to really consider the American dream as something as part of their own. This in itself is an INJUSTICE.

I make no excuses for Tookie. He is a murderer. But I am a woman - although that is not all I am, nor is all that I will ever be. And Tookie is not only a murderer. Like my gender, Tookie can never relinquish the title of a murderer, something he is reminded of everday with the presence of steel bars and his lack of freedom. But, he's done much more and has a resounding message - one that I believe America can embrace. It's not romanticized, in fact, it's an ugly realization. But out of the darkness always emerges light, even if the dark seems to go on forever. And in many places that darkness persists. Many of them leading prison cells for the course of a human life because of perpetual circumstances and inheritated ignorance.

My Governor has a tremendous opportunity. Of course, I seriously doubt that he understands its gravity.

I advocate for Tookie's clemency. But in doing so, I am advocating not just for his life, but for what it does represent - a message he, himself, has already taken great strides in sharing. I think he's more impactful alive - a message like his can't be effective in death - it defeats the message of hope.

really. hope. is.what.we.need.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Apparently, QuickDump is actin' a fool with the music links.

So, I will be updating them tonight and adding them to my actual server. In the meantime, you can check out both:

1. Joseph's Song
2. Ain't Gonna Cry

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Thank You for your patience.

More "In Training, Less Diva" Pt 2.

Since posting "Ain't Gonna Cry" I've been holding on to "Joseph's Song" not really sure if I was going to share the track yet.

I recorded this track with the Beatnix about a month ago, maybe a little longer.

Anyways, I was struggling with the same issues I had before - I didn't like the mix: not completely happy with the levels on the vocals, ect.

Well, I let a couple of my friends listen to the track, but in my usual vain, I have so many disclaimers prior to letting him listen he simply said to me....

"Stop doing that!"

So, I've limited those disclaimers (sans the few comments above) and decided to let you tell me what you think, unaffected by my comments, prior to listening.

As always, I only ask that you tell me how you truly feel - I won't be offended, I promise!


*wiping my brow*

Joseph's Song
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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Favorite Pic of the Week...

The Love Below was really about...

Andre 3000 and Elle B
(*singing* Smile, Smile for me..I just, I just want to get you home)
Andre 3000 and Elle B (smiling)
John Singleton and Elle B.

Andre 3000s love for the Trojans!

Usually I have a funny pic as my favorite of the week. But this week, I must share with you the highlight of my December (so far). I met Andre 3000 this past weekend at the USC-UCLA game. If you don't know already, I graduated from SC and I bleed Cardinal and Gold. So it was much to my delight that Dre being a personal friend of John Singleton (also an SC alum) joined us in Trojan Country as we BEAT THE BRUINS in our last game of the season.

Andre 3000 was such a cool dude. And he's also surprisingly tall (I am 5'8 and some change). This mean that Big Boi ain't as short as we may have all thought.

*Roses Bowl roses don't smell like boo boo and I think Dre would agree*

Monday, December 05, 2005

Karma is an Angry Black Woman...

Yes, I am the stick figure in green in this drawing.

People fall everyday. Toddlers learning to walking are especially prone to it. Drunk people too. Also, those afflicted with inner ear problems. Me, though, not usually.

See I knew today wasn't going to be - well - the most balanced. As I was walking to the bus this morning, I could tell my right ankle was a little shaky - I figured it had something to do with where I latched closed the strap around my ankle and not a forshadowing of my pumel to earth in the near future.

Once I arrived to the office, I decided to treat myself to a tall-iced-soy-carmel-macchiato (I've concluded, by the way, that iced is better than hot in the macchiato family). In order to get to Starbcuks, a person has to walk down a three steps succession with landings in between.

I didn't even make it past the first set of 3, when my left foot snagged, I noticed my arms flailing above my head in an effort to regain balance and then decided not to PANIC and just fall - cus any other contortion of my body would surely lead to greater injury.

While I am falling, time ticks on in slow motion, because I hear a person crying out loud "OH NO!" and notice a mid-life couple coming up the stairs in my direction, oh and the concrete. Once I've fallen, I sit and assess my pain level - wondering if I've broken anything (since I'm in 3 in pumps) and notice the couple coming towards me, asking "Are you okay?" Determined not be make a scene, I jump up - with as much "jump" as I could muster - declare that I am in fact okay and head towards Starbucks.

I landed on my left knee and ankle.

In line at Starbucks, noone seems to have noticed my fall. So in this environment, I begin to worry less about saving face and realize the shock of what just happened. I almost cry out of fear. Moments where I have no control - scares the hell outta me. I don't cry. I button my lip until it's my turn to give the barista my drink order.

When it was all said and done, I am happy my fall wasn't worse. My knee was bruised and bleeding a little - but it's now bandaged. I'll forget about it in a couple of days (provided my ankle doesn't become more sore).

At the end of the day, however, there was no real reason why I just fell like that. No small trip into a moment of being caught of guard by a delinquent bird...

I have only to conclude, that it was Karma for all the times I've laughed at some else fall and bust thier chops. Karma - she's an angry black woman who just taught me a lesson.


Sunday, December 04, 2005


Sometimes I miss having a boyfriend.

I guess I'll just write a song about it or something.

Best Weekend Ever...

*thanks Vandy for the pic*

Final game of the season -
USC beat the Bruins

Whoop that Trick!!!
We are #1, Undefeated and ready to have a thick juicy steak for dinner on 1/4.
See you at the Rosebowl.

Also, I met one of my favorite artists on Saturday. He came out to support the Trojans. I can't tell you the story until I have the pics to show you. But here is a hint or two:

1. He's a friend of John Singleton, who is one of more well known Trojan Black Alumni.
2. He recently starred in John's latest directorial feature.

*I forgot my digital camera at home, so I am at the mercy of other ppl until they send me the pics*

In other news: I picked up a holiday gig at Crate and Barrel. The Discount is a whopping 30% homie. Although I have a good job, there's nothing like extra cash and discounts on Home Furnishing. My roomates and I moved inour new apartment almost 2 months ago and our apartment is still largely unfurnished.

Go Sofas!!!!

Family in from the East: Our family from DC/Maryland came to LA for the weekend for the VH1 Big in 05' Awards. They were here for a very short trip, but fortunately, they came to the SC' tailgate Saturday morning.

This family is not blood, but we've known each other for so long there's no other way to explain it.

Okay, that's it.

*I've got an interesting (and somewhat, age old) discussion for yall this week*

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Don't Sleep On...

Latest Release: Fight To Win
Special Guest Appearances: Mos Def & Jaguar Wright
Signed By: MCA International
My Favorite Song: 97'
Recently Seen: July 2005 @ Hollywood Bowl

Thursday, December 01, 2005

1920 was a good year...

Some notable events that took place in 1920:

- The League of Nations holds its first meeting and ratifies the Treaty of Versailles ending WWI
- Prohibition instated as the 18th Amendment goes into effect.
- Adolf Hitler presents his national socialist program in Munich
- The first game of the Negro National League is played in Indianapolis, Indiana.
- The United States Postal Service rules that children may not be sent via parcel post.
- First transatlantic two way radio broadcast *start of the modern music industry*
- 19th Amendment is passed, guaraunteeing women's suffrage

MY NANA WAS BORN - November 3, 1920.

She is the most fabulous woman I know. She is the only girl and youngest of three siblings. Her mother passed when she was 14 and was seperated from her brothers to live with relatives. She was in the 8th grade, but never returned to school after the move. She was married twice. Her first husband was an abusive and alcholic service man. She divorced him and moved to Los Angeles. Nana worked as a maid for affluent white families. She remarried. She became an entreprenuer and opened a day care. She has one daughter, two grandsons and three grandchildren. I met her when she was 63. I was an infant. She raised me. She's not my biological family member. But she is the reason I read Vouge Magazine (our weekend ritual was to go to Beverly Hills to Saks, Nordstroms and the such to pay her bills or buy a new St. John knit suit). She is baptist and the reason I can sit through a 3 hour church service. She would host holiday gatherings for all the parents of the children she kept. They all drank egg nog with Jack Daniels. We weren't allowed in grown folks business, so watched TV in the "back room." She's the reason I use Tabasco Sauce, she is from Lousiana, where they make Tabasco. She has the sun in her smile. She's my NANA!

Now she is 85 and losing her memory. Crazy thing is, it's her short term memory that is going because the memories from past *all the important ones* are more vivid than ever. And I don't mind listening to them 3x in a row because she's forgotten she just told me.

I was missing her today.

*I hope this post brings to mind memories of someone who impacted your life*