Friday, October 07, 2005

I am an A.M. chick

So, it's damn near 11pm and I am actually considering leaving my house to get to the studio - 3 hours later that I was supposed to be there. I waited the obligatory hour and got home about 1/2 hour ago. By the time, I leave and there it will be midnight. We were supposed to meet at 9p. Now, I am cool with the fact that a brutha has to work and all - I am just peeved by two things:

  1. We made an appointment last week to meet this Friday...
  2. I get kinda bitchy this late, considering I've been gone all day...until now
*Issue* While I could easily say that we can reschedule another time - I don't want to. But I am afraid that when I get there, I may be no good to perform anyways. My best efforts are given in the morning...after a good night's worth of sleep. Can't you tell that's when all my blogs are done?

*Analysis*Seeing as how my life is overbooked right now, I can't give my time or the things that need to be done Travel Vouchers so I don't know when we will be able to meet. As you can see, I schedule shit at least a week in advance. So I guess in about two weeks - I just hate waiting that dog-on long to record a song, especially when I was all geeked up for today.

*Think* Nap, until he calls (which will be after he leaves work) and then get your act together and head out one more 'gin.

*In Conclusion* I am gonna sleep.


*what is that "diddy" says about sleep being for the weak (circa MTB, Season 2)?*


Anonymous AIII said...

You know when you blow up youll going to have to shed your allegiance to getting all that sleep...until you become a megastar, then you can make your own hours lol.....

10:03 AM  
Blogger Elle B. said...

aiii, I know it's gonna be a bitch. Hope megastardom will come sooner than later...*dreaming*

10:53 AM  

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