Monday, October 10, 2005

ElleB-dom's New Look

As you all can see, the site has gotten a new look. When I started the blog, I knew that it would only be a matter of time before I gave the look an upgrade. I hope yall enjoy.

In this "do-it-yourself" independent artist phase, I am learning CSS language and experimenting with photoshop more frequently. I don't know how many people can appreciate the html code and its relevance to new languages such as XHMTL or CSS and others...but I know I sure has hell do!

Next on the Elle B. project plan...Radio Blog? or I should say that I am not the biggest fan of Before you cast me off as a hater, let me qualify this statement by, simply stating, that it's me and not myspace. I think it's a great interface and has taken off beyond the creator's wildest dreams. Just the other day, I was chatting with my producer's brother about artist promotions. He's in New Media over at Warner Records and was telling me about their new soul/r&b talent. He'd just created pages for two of the artists to get the word out about them.

That record company execs are using to promote already signed talent is proof enough that it is a great platform. But this gift to indie and signed talent is a double-edge sword. OK's bro, also mentioned how many people are on myspace because they can simply upload anything and everything into the player for all the world to consume.

*Case and Point* Record execs are not spending their time searching for new talent.

To me, is more akin to a flee market. You have to go in knowing what you are looking for OR that you are already aware that you a merely aimlessly wondering through isles of traders and their wares. Either way, you have to have a point or no point. I just don't know that even if you have a'll find it on myspace. I guess I see as another hook-up shop; however, it's much more than that considering the fact that ASCAP has music events in collaboration.

Why did I just take you along this verbose journey? To simply say, that I will put a page because I feel as though I have to - especially if record execs are. It seems to be an industry standard. But by golley, don't expect me to answer personal inquiries from random guys name Tom from Indiana...if he wants to know more about Elle B, he'll need to come here.

Look for music links soon.

*Heading to to get more details...*


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