Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Just a Scribble

K, so a quick run down on the last twenty-four hours:

  • Has a walk through at Point Moorea for the "Black Alumni Young Alumni" mixer for USC Homecoming, October 28th. An hour turned into two because the GM took us to lunch at Cabrini's in the Wilshire Grand. The tiramisu was to die for!
  • When I returned to work, I found that somehow, the bank deleted my employee number, so I was unemployed temporarily for a couple of hours. They reassigned my old number to some new guy who just started this week. It was a nightmare. I got absolutely no work done the entire afternoon. *Cube Wall Staring doesn't count.*
  • Went to DJ OK's apartment after work to solify the songs for the show, rehearse and fine tune the tracks. Here is the official list:
    1. Ladies and Gentlemen/Apache
    2. Ain't Gonna Cry
    3. Despite What They Say
    4. He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother/Brother
    5. Chain of Fools
    6. For My Girls
  • Went home for a sec to get clothes, cus I knew it was gonna be a long night. Hit the bed about 1am.
  • Left at 7:30am to head to work, found that my car had been towed about 7:10a. Apparently, I had to move my car from that spot by 7am. Although I was parked inside his building, I guess I should have expected something like this to happen, considering the fact that they make paying tenants pay for parking.
  • Went to get my car out of hock...$163.
  • At work, I had my first staff meeting and presentation on a pilot I am spearheading starting the first 06. The damn computer froze...had to restart it...staff had to wait, cus I was 1st on the agenda...I did alright in the end. I was kinds nervous cus our Senion VP was at the meeting. The outcome, however, is that I will now be presenting at the Executive VP's director's meeting, next. WooHoo.
  • By 3p this afternoon, I finally got access back to the network...all the shit that didn't get done yesterday is now super urgent.
  1. Rehearse the Background singers
  2. Pick up Sem from the Airport
  1. "Pay the Lady" first month and 1/2 security and get the keys to my new spot
  2. Work!!!!
  3. Find a 'fit for Saturday's show
  4. Go see HS homie perform at Level One on Wilshire around 10p
As you can see it's been hella crazy...can't wait til the show though.


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