Saturday, December 10, 2005

Quick and Dirty...

Hilarity - cus ideas for songs come from the damn-dest places.

Since I've learned that there are some technical difficulties downloading Joseph's Song, I created an embedded link here on the page. Check it Out! and let me know what you think....

Also, I got a shout-out of sorts at Jerome Baker's Blog. Peep it.

Finally much to my suprise - I've been heavily trying to get my weight up for my Elle B myspace page - I had like 12 friends on there and most of them were my cousins (just kidding).

Anyways, I found this guy that I had a serious crush on - and never quite got over - which induced a song. How I felt/feel about him is the base of the song, but a convo I had with one of my girlfriends earlier fills out the rest.

No title yet. Two Verse. Sketched Pre-chorus. Tentative Chorus (I like the essence, but I'm not sure where I want the song to go in the end, which is why I need a title). No Bridge (yet).

Great Day Yall.

Ciao. Elle.

P.S. My ex's head is gonna explode when he finds out about this song. Also, thanks to everyone who checked out the song and posted comments. It's always appreciated.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

joseph's song is on's got this haunting familiarity to it in a minor key cuz thats probably why...all those dissonant chords...but anyway...i really like the groove, like the really close only thing is like i think tuna butter said on myspace the chords sometimes clash with those harmonies especially during the say change the chords and keep the harmonies cuz the harmonies are a part of what makes the song tight...for some reason i really like the doctor gives the song a more unique/interesting quality than the general lyrics alot of songs have...anyhoo...let me know when you're free so we can get together.


4:01 PM  
Blogger Elle B. said...


So eloquently explained...
Girl you would not believe that I am working 30 hours at C&B on top of my regular 40 at the bank --- so I only have a couple of days free. Imma hit you up though, cus we need to get together before you fam gets here.


7:50 PM  

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