Thursday, December 01, 2005

1920 was a good year...

Some notable events that took place in 1920:

- The League of Nations holds its first meeting and ratifies the Treaty of Versailles ending WWI
- Prohibition instated as the 18th Amendment goes into effect.
- Adolf Hitler presents his national socialist program in Munich
- The first game of the Negro National League is played in Indianapolis, Indiana.
- The United States Postal Service rules that children may not be sent via parcel post.
- First transatlantic two way radio broadcast *start of the modern music industry*
- 19th Amendment is passed, guaraunteeing women's suffrage

MY NANA WAS BORN - November 3, 1920.

She is the most fabulous woman I know. She is the only girl and youngest of three siblings. Her mother passed when she was 14 and was seperated from her brothers to live with relatives. She was in the 8th grade, but never returned to school after the move. She was married twice. Her first husband was an abusive and alcholic service man. She divorced him and moved to Los Angeles. Nana worked as a maid for affluent white families. She remarried. She became an entreprenuer and opened a day care. She has one daughter, two grandsons and three grandchildren. I met her when she was 63. I was an infant. She raised me. She's not my biological family member. But she is the reason I read Vouge Magazine (our weekend ritual was to go to Beverly Hills to Saks, Nordstroms and the such to pay her bills or buy a new St. John knit suit). She is baptist and the reason I can sit through a 3 hour church service. She would host holiday gatherings for all the parents of the children she kept. They all drank egg nog with Jack Daniels. We weren't allowed in grown folks business, so watched TV in the "back room." She's the reason I use Tabasco Sauce, she is from Lousiana, where they make Tabasco. She has the sun in her smile. She's my NANA!

Now she is 85 and losing her memory. Crazy thing is, it's her short term memory that is going because the memories from past *all the important ones* are more vivid than ever. And I don't mind listening to them 3x in a row because she's forgotten she just told me.

I was missing her today.

*I hope this post brings to mind memories of someone who impacted your life*


Anonymous Anonymous said...

makes me think of my grandma when she started losing her memory...and my dad's good friend who passed who used to love watching me edit video projects for him and other people...


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