Wednesday, December 14, 2005

My Team...

Okay so my team does not consist of three white men and a big black man name Mr. T, but...

Last night, Elevated Enterprise (GV and Nick) and I met to follow-up on the marketing plan for the release of my EP. As part of the discussion, we had to address who is doing what for this project. My starting line up:

Marketing: Elevated Enterprise
Publicity: J. Huffman
Photography: Leroy Hamilton
Hair: D'Juan Dabney
Website : SM Harris Media
Music Video: Boogie 1 Day aka J. Glass
Stylist: The Fly On The Wall aka S. Debessai
Production: Oren Yoel, Tuna Butter, The Beatnix
Graphic Design: The Gr8
Business Plan and Budget: S. Crim

whew...that was a lot. All smart, talented and driven ppl. I've very excited.

Other news:

- Working on Elle B. Merchandise. Dope Tees for men and women created by Evolve Clothing.
- Getting love in the club: "Ain't Gonna Cry" is gonna be in heavy rotation @ Cinespace on the 23rd. Flier and details to come soon.
- And just because she's dope, Artist Synthia St. James hooked me up with this Printer's Proof:

(c) Synthia St. James, 1991

All original prints are sold outs, but because I loved this painting so much, she sold me the printer's proof - which is one of a kind. And it's signed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you mentioned the 23rd before i that the performance thing you were talking about or am i making up stuff?


11:53 AM  
Blogger Elle B. said...

well it turns out that I won't be "performing" now, as I had originally thought - so instead we're just gonna introduce Aint Gonna Cry

11:55 AM  

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