Thursday, April 20, 2006

Really Doe?

as you may very well know, the outcome of my initial audition with the 'label exec' yielded me working with 'the producer.' after waiting about two months after our first meeting, i finally received a cd of 14 tracks. although i think that I am a good songwriter - I did think that I could polish up and write stronger material if I had a writing partner. so, i pursued the option of writing with two of my producers, one in particular has pissed me off today!

i dare say he doesn't realize that he's offended me. the first song we wrote together went down without a hitch. the second one, i kinda took over because the melody her wrote inspired me - maybe he took that as his que to write songs on his own. but in that instance we still collaborated - i used his melody, but wrote an intensly personal song to it and asked his help on the bridge and solidifying the chorus once he could understand the full context of the song.

the next song, he wrote the melody to the entire song at home. the night we were supposed to meet, he had car problems and could only drop off a cd instead of the melody. we sat in his mom's car and listened - great melody! we decided that we'd both write something and share. well i wrote and shared and sent my initial lyrics. all melodies are maleable when you marry them to lyrics...he hadn't heard the lyrics with the melody - i hadn't heard anything from him regarding the song.

today when he calls me on his break from work, he says -

"i wasn't feeling the lyrics"
"the words don't go with the melody"
"I don't like the topic"
"I wrote a completely different song to the melody I wrote"
"I wrote the song from the other person's perspective"

*scoobie doo'd and scrunched faced I proceed*

"you haven't heard the song yet"

from that point he tells me that, he'll have his sister demo the song and send it to me...there is no other discussion on the topic. trying to diplomatic, I say:

"i'll listen, maybe we can work it out"

but really, I'm thinking...this isn't a collaboration. and having not given the song a chance or calling me to hear it, i felt like he had an agenda from the start...and you don't do that to the artist. not like i'm pulling rank, but I am, saying...don't just discard a person's work without giving it a chance - assuming yours is better (undertone of the conversation).

i'm irritated. i have no problem with constructive criticism and i guess I'm still waiting for it. I didn't send him an entire song, i sent the concept in a form and fashion that could be molded TOGETHER...

*booing him as i click 'publish this post'*


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's a good thing that you are the one who get's to decide what will be submitted to the Record Label Producer, Huh? Keep on truckin lady - Lendell

11:02 AM  

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