Sunday, April 30, 2006

Quick and Dirty: Weekend Edition

Life is good. Got the singer and drummer situation squared away.

The Lakers may take the series over Phoenix and looks like they will be challenging the Clippers for an LA showdown for conference semi-finals.

In disappointing news, USC Football is going through some tumultuous times right now. Sanchez is accused of sexual assault. Booty is hurt. Jarret may be dis-qualified for next season. Reggie is going to the Saints and was the #2 pick after Mario Williams outta N.C.; Matt went #10 to the Cardinals and my Lendale went #45 to Tennessee Titans where he'll be teamates with Vince Young.

Tomorrow I expect to be stuck downtown because of the immigration rally that may block me from leaving work. I'm not looking forward to the inconvenience. I'm not apathetic - I have an opinion on the matter - but I'll opt not to share for the sake of likeability.

And I thank God for bringing me through a tough past two weeks; emotionally and spiritually.


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