Thursday, April 06, 2006

I'm So Lady...

Last night was the XXL Mag and Nick Cannon album release party at the Cabanna Club in Hollywood. The atmosphere was amazing - or as my boy claimed "it was pandamonium."

I'm sure fun was had by all, but I never made it into the party. I tried. Trying was a major step above what I might have normally done two years ago.

I will admit, when it comes to these types of events, I don't go unless I know that I am on V.I.P. status - but I learned last night, that I'm hardly considered, very important - hell, even important for that matter.

I went for the press opportunity and the networking. However, it seemed that my timing was all wrong. By the time 'The Fly' and I made it front of the line, the head bouncer was not accepting anymore 'regular guests.'

Despite knowing several of the promoters (and having one blatantly ignore me - which I will remember for future references), I was determined to get inside the party. Not that I particularly cared one way or the other, I figured since I'm here, why not try, right?

As I began to work my magic on one bodyguard *smile, wink, hand on arm* Brandy, Jahiem, Mysterious (MTB) and some bball player shut down my hopes of getting in.

It wasn't the 'freindly' bodyguard who elbowed me to move people out of the way. Because quite frankly, I was tucked away perfectly just out of the way of the velvet rope.

Instead, it was some other prick that showed up when the celebs started rolling in. I think he needed more hugs as a child, that or his mother didn't like him very much, cus he was an ass! Instead of networking wih other V.I.P., all I networked with that night was a celeb-hungry and overzeoulous bodyguard's elbow to my sternum.

I wasn't humiliated nor was my pride wounded - I walked away without a black eye or being called out of my name. My dignity was still in tact.

Maybe it's because I spent a better part of the time day dreaming on 'Who I'm ABOUT to be - that real V.I.P.!" It comes with the territory.

*ciao for now*


Anonymous Anonymous said...

dang!...that's real though...


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