Thursday, April 27, 2006

I Have the Worst Luck...

with drummers.

It is starting to seem that way.

Exhibit A:

- On my first show, my drummer (whom I've known since birth practically) backed out on me to do a show with Jon B. While I understand the 'getting-paid vs. not-getting-paid' dilemma, I was a little more disgusted by the fact that he had some random guy call me, acting as his manager, to quit the gig. This was on a Friday evening and my show was on Saturday.

In the End: Fortunately, the other musicians in the band helped out and called people they knew and we eventually found a drummer. He was amazing too!

Exhibit B:

- As tempted as I was to call my childhood friend, I opted not to. *Fool me once...fool me twice, shame on me, right?* So instead my boy, the honorable, called one of his good buddies. After talking with the drummer and discussing logistics, I thought we were set - but I guess I had a feeling. Because not more than a couple of hours later he called to quit, citing that, although he was available, it might just be too much. He's in school I can understand.

In the End: I posted an ad on

Exhibit C:

- So my craigslist post yielded three responses. The first of which is a 22 year old cat from Newport Beach. We'd been talking for the past several days about meeting tonight, until I get an email from him this morning. I get an email from his this morning stating his car was impounded last night for driving too fast and that he may not be able to make it out tonight to audtion for me. While this is not the end of the world, as I still have a week and a half until my bad luck is up to its old tricks again.

In the End: I may need to call the other two drummers that responded, but we shall see.

*ciao for now*


Blogger Sangindiva said...

Girl when we meet up-
I can tell you some musician stories...
I have been there BELIEVE ME! just stay prayed up
I will be praying for you too...
Musicians are just flaky sometimes :(

11:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i may have a drummer for you let me know

10:18 AM  
Blogger Elle B. said...

anon?!? can't hollar cus I don't know who you are...

2:43 PM  

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