Monday, April 10, 2006

Productive Weekend...

What up Fam!

This weekend was pretty productive despite this cold lingering over me.

Friday night, Tuna Butter (peep the production crew links on the right), and I got to work writing to the new tracks I received from the 'producer' last week. We wrote a track called 'Addict Me' I usually don't toot my own horn, but the song is mos def fresh! Kinda has a Missy Elliot feel to it.

Saturday was spent trying to get better. Tuna Butter and I met again to start working on a new track. We didn't make much progress, partly due to creative differences. We will be working again on Tuesday night to start on a new track.

Sunday was cool. I hung out with one of my roomies and then attended Sol Sundays at Cinespace. It was a chill event - the first one for Elevated. I politicked a bit with Nakrumah from Ankore (who is also a dope graphic designer) and got to see Hilsyde perform (my main producer Oren Yoel plays the keys in the band). All in all it was a good event. Looks like I'll be heating up the stage to May 7 at the next Sol, so be on the look out.

Anyways, yall it's Monday and time for me to get some work done. I'm still trying to beat this cold. I'm in the mood for an 'Elle's Pic' since it's been a while, so if I get some free time today, I'll add another post.

*I'll holla*


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