Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Quick and Dirty...

1. I'm shelving a track I worked wrote for the 'label exec' because the track is limited and I think needs to be remixed...

2. My show is coming up on May 7th and I have a lot of old friends and collegues who planning on coming to the show. yay! I also have at least on fellow blogger who's coming out to show some love.

The current show listing is as follows:
- Ain't Gonna Cry (D'greg remix)
-Despite What They Say
-Triflin' Woman
-Joseph's Song
-About You
-He Ain't Heavy (remix)
-For My Girls

I wanna do a cover tune - a throw back,'s what I have in mind:
- One Step (aretha franklin)
- Love Has Fallen on Me (chaka khan)

I am open to suggestions...maybe something more contemporay? holla at me with your suggestions!

3. For the on-going project for the 'label exec' I've written 2 complete songs to the 'producer's' tracks and and 1/3 of two other tracks completed. I want to write to three other for a total of 7 choices before going to the studio.

4. My mom was recently let go (on some shadiness too) from her job (and is appealing), but has brought up the idea of being my manager.

Here are some pros and cons:
- Pro: I can trust her
- Con: She still sees me as her little girl (and I'm not)
- Pro: She's a great contract negotiator
- Con: She could be very 'stage-momish'
- Pro: She's extremely creative and thinks outside of the box
- Con: We have very different personalities

at the end of the day, I wonder how my mom would feel being my employee. There would be a contract and this would most likely be an interim position for her until she can move into another capacity (she'd really like to run a not-for-profit).

k, that's the major update with me...I'll holla!

*ciao for now*


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like we're making progress:) Keep it up. But damn, I'm sorry to hear about your mom. Then again, who knows-it may be a blessing in disguise. This may be your time and she may be the right one to manage you and then follow her dream. Well, best of luck and you know I'm right here when you need me:) -

Your future attorney, FLR

6:38 PM  
Blogger Reeta said...

Can't wait for the show homie. It's perfect timing, a study break between my last two finals ever! :o)

What's this madness about your mom? When did this happen? It doesn't even sound right for her to not be there. That's extra strange. Just another reason for me to leave this place.

6:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Think about all of the support your mom has given to your career over the years. Has she ever lead you wrong? You can trust that she will always have your best interest in mind and won't sign you up for any shady deals. She knows you're grown and you can always remind her if she lapses into motherhood on you, but I remember your mom and think she will be totally capable of handling the management position. You will probably find that others will see her in action and ask "Will your mom like to be my manager too?" She may have been sent (released from her day-to-day job)to you simply because your career is taking off and you'll need that extra protection from the money hungries that will sign you to absurd contracts where they are the only one's scheduled to get any of the profits. A contract(?). Is she wanting to be paid or are you wanting something that says - she works for you? If she is wanting a contract to outline her duties than negotiate! If she just wants to be involved in her daughters career and do what ever she can to help with no intentions of charging you for her services (as she has been doing thus far), then I would'nt even bring up a contract. She would need to be a licensed Manager in order to be listed as such on contracts with records labels, etc. anyway. Lendell (Mother and Manager to GOLDFINGAZ)

1:03 PM  
Blogger Elle B. said...

it'd be for the purposes of outline responsibilities, duties and maintaining a professional relationship with regards to my career. nothing too stuffy or disrespectful....

and i do trust that she's the best person for the job.

1:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My suggestion would be to (1)let your mother begin helping you (2) take a look at what she is doing 1st, because you may be limiting her in what she is capable of doing for you by writing a list of duties - a manager will need to use all of their abilities and resources and she has alot of both. Do you have a talent manager example that helps you know exactally what-all a manager needs to do? (3)keep the lines of communications open letting her know what you would like to happen and any things that go on that you dislike. Ask her what she plans to do as a manager and write that down for your reference.(4) only sign contracts with anybody when absolutely necessary because the contract would commit you to it's content as well and you may not be able to change things at will when she has something in writing committing you to adhear for a certain time period, doing things the way you have outlined them, before making any changes. When you are ready to sign a record deal, she would need to be a licensed Manager in order to be listed as such in the deal. When she get's her license to be a Talent Manager, then, she would need to have contracts on her Talent to assure she can collect her 20%. In other words - "I don't see where a contract is necessary between a mother and her child that she wants to help - unless she is asking for a salary like the percentage that the licensed managers can collect" If she just wants to help, I would say let her. She might just want something to do to keep busy for now. Has she ever done anything unprofessional regarding your career? The fact will always remain that she is your mother, no matter what any paper says, so if there would be a problem with her professional conduct, then you won't want her trying to help you. If a problem arises between the two of you while she is trying to help, then tell her to stop helping. If you have a contract, you may not be able to decide that you don't want her in this position at a later date - prior to expiration of the contract. To me there are too many Cons to even asking ones mother to sign such a document. Maybe it's because I'm a mother that helps my son - always - with no intention of charging him. Believe me, he sets the rules and changes them as we both learn more about the industry. He can ask me at anytime to stop being involved, but wants me to keep doing whatever I can to help him in his career. At home, he is still "The Baby", but I too am capable of conducting myself professionally in business. Also, what if you sign something and then the record label producers like what you came up with (song writing) and say "okay were ready to sign you and this is the Manager the label wants you to work with"? This is why I suggest not signing any contracts unless absolutely necessary and to really think over the long term rammifications of those that are necessary to your career. Lendell (Mother and Manager to GOLDFINGAZ) I know, I know "I'm way too passionate about this stuff, huh?"

2:04 PM  
Blogger Elle B. said...

I understand totally Lendell and I agree that a contract could be, I think that I was considering it more along the lines of outlining the extent of a personal/professional relationship. But I have some books at home that I was gonna consult with first before bringing it up. I always like to be clear and uprfront about expectations (which something my mother taught me)...and she does want to help, but she also has told me that "noone else can be my manager" and the last time I told her I didn't think it was a good idea, she took it personally, which is why, I think it's good that we are clear on what I'd like for any manager to do...not just because she's my mother. And I'd like to make sure she gets compensated for outstanding work, because she does have other things that she might like to do and I think this would be considered a serious professional endeavor for's a bit more than, merely helping - i think. Your concerns though about limitations for contracts, ect is valid and I need to know how involved my mom wants to be in my career and for how long in a manager capacity...

2:17 PM  
Blogger Elle B. said...

we are meeting on Saturday to discuss, btw...

2:18 PM  
Anonymous roomster said...

wow, really? i didn't know you had thought about it this much (the manager thing). would like to hear more over dinner and a movie (like our apartment and chili!!!!).

3:02 PM  
Blogger Rell said...

I'd go if i was in California, however I'm in the wonderful Durham/Chapel Hill, N.C. area.

10:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

heck yeah man...heck yeah


2:00 PM  

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