Saturday, June 02, 2007

New Home - For Real this time!

Check me out at 'Diva In Training' here.
Update your links with the new address:

See ya at the new spot!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Once Again...

I just wanted to let yall know (the five people still reading *wink* that I am moving to a new home...well, my blog is at least. The new site is

This page will automatically re-direct...but in case, you get email updates or whatever, I wanted to notify ya'.

Ciao for now.


Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving...

2006 has been a crazy year for me. Although it is not over yet, I can't help but reflect on the progress that I made in my career this year. I have learned many invaluable lessons professionally, but I must say, that it has been my personal triumphs and lessons that have taught me the most.

In 2006, I made the transition from being a full-time corporate employee to a self-employed singer/songwriter and entrepreneaur. I have learned about self-motivation and perserverance and what demons have kept me from accomplishing more. I have also learned the true value of friendship - as my friends are my foundation and my extended family - they have and will continue to support me and lift me up on this journey.

I have grown more confident in my skills and ability as a songwriter. I have taken up learning the guitar to take me over the threshold of being a novice to being a skilled musician. I am laying the groundwork for a long and prosperous career. I am so thankful for being able to take advantage of the opportunity that my youth grants me to pursue my love of music...entertainment...singing.

So, on Thanksgiving Eve, I say thank you for joining me, watching me, listening to me in 2006. I wish you a safe and fun-filled holiday season. And I will see you in 2007.

Elle B.