Monday, June 26, 2006

Whatchu gonna do....

with that prize money?

As a result of winning Leimert Park Idol, I was award a really pretty trophy and a $1500 check.

I thought about a plasma screen TV for 2.5 seconds but only because I could pay cash for it outright. That might have been a cool experience. But I've actually got a plan to mark some things off of my Summer Action Plan.

Pretty much, I am going to use the $$$ to pay for studio time to complete my demo. I've identified 6 songs I want to complete. Four of the six are already in production, but I now have the resources to get in and add those final touches on the project.
The six songs and production plan goes as follows:

1. Despite What They Say -
a. Add more vocal arrangement to help build the song to a climax at the end.
b. Will need to bring in additional vocalists for background vocals
c. Re-mix

2. For My Girls -
a. Record live drums
b. Finalize and Record vocal arrangement on the hook
c. Mix

3. Joseph's Song
a. Record live drums to current drum pattern
b. Record live guitar
c. Maybe re-record some parts of the song
d. Re-mix

4. Addict Me
a. Develop vocal arrangement
b. Record lead and background vocals
c. Mix

5. Work It Out
a. Develop vocal arrangement
b. Record lead and background vocals
c. Mix

This knocks off point Creative:1a. from my action plan. I am also going to enroll in some dance classes - point Creative: 3a. and have my business cards made - point Professional: 3c.

*going to get caffeine*


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