Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I STILL Care!!!

OhWord thinks otherwise:
It's hard to care about outkast anymore by Sacha Orenstein
"Like a more dramatic Tribe Called Quest with pop flair, they managed to drop knowledge and evolve musically without alienating (no pun intended) a core audience of Hiphop fans. Even Erykah Badu’s LSD laced genitals couldn’t ruin the group since Dre took the weirdness in stride and just got iller on the mic."

The Honorable present...
Laugh Now, Cry Later by W. Jelani Cobb

Nothing better illustrates that point than the recent Oprah Debacle.
Prior to last month, if you’d heard that a group of rappers had teamed
up to attack a billionaire media mogul you would think that hip hop
had finally produced a moment of black pride on par with 1968
Olympics. But nay, just more blackface.

My namesake, is back! I know there is hope for me:
Lauryn Hill, Cold Vampin'
as seen on OhNoTheyDidn't

The vibe of the evening was clear from the start: Hill, who has often hinted at permanent retirement from popular music, has seemingly rediscovered her vigor for performing live. What isn't clear is what exactly that means: were the rehearsals for a new album? A tour? And what ever happened to the much-hyped, Verizon-sponsored Fugees reunion album and tour that came and went with the ill-received single, "Take it Easy"?



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