Monday, June 26, 2006

You Know I've Been Thinking...

about this topic alot lately. Sheryl Lee Ralph in an interview touched on the topic in re: to the studio production of Dreamgirls. Check out the interview at C&D or click the photo below to read the relevant part of the interview.

When I referenced my list "of reasons that teetered on self-pity" in this post, skin complexion was among one of those reasons. Not to take anything away from Beyonce - this ain't about her - but there are things that can be observed and are accepted without being said. For me to make mention of them would be to play the victim, a role I've never cared to accept. After all, I've been told time and again that I'm "pretty for a dark-skin girl....very exotic" or something to that affect; therefore, I'm not allowed to complain because I pass that "exception" bar. But it does make me think about how many others will be passed up, hell, or even how many time I may be passed up [again] because I don't fit the "status quo" of beauty.

At the recent BMI event that I attend about two weeks ago a question was raised about the likelihood of new artists being signed off an demo. All of the panelists agreed that it is a very rare occurance because execs are looking for artists to be already be centers of influence (ie. have a following) before they walk through the door. In less than a full breath later, the music-publishing panelist said that the only recent case was Rihanna, but then again when you look at her, how can you NOT sign her?

I would have answered that by saying, if they had actually listened to her demo. Just imagine how many more records she might sell if she had some vocal training? I actually like Rihanna though, but it is an interesting question.

I'm gonna leave it open to discussion.

*ciao for now*


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Currently, it appears that the “r&b industry is like a frikken assembly line, pretty much pick your options and ur colors, engine size etc. and everything fits this modular packaged commodity called an “artist”” (DJ Sanga Genesis).

i never understood when people would say “she is cute for a dark skinned girl.” umm…she is either cute or not. regardless of how people judge the standards of beauty broadcasted by the media, you are a beautiful woman and people cant deny that.

now, it is disappointing to watch doors of opportunity not open because you dont have a certain look that every artist has out right now (being light skinned with long hair) or you do not meet the “status quo of beauty” (closer to white – I don’t care what ppl say about beyonce, but the media has her looking more and more like a blonde every day). but you have the total package – looks, talent, and educated – which is much better than the "product" labels are manufacturing.

as for dreamgirls, i think casting beyonce was a matter of getting the biggest name for the film. they are putting all their eggs in one basketball for this one. Eddie Murphy?! What was the last movie he made that was under PG-13 (of course, after he got caught up.) also, beyonce did come from a humble beginning with destiny’s children…working with wyclef and working hard to achieve the success she received.

on second thought, maybe beyonce fits the role of deena jones perfectly, despite not looking like the “obvious black girl.” who else can play deena? Umm…not heather headley, not lauryn hill (maybe sister act 2 lauryn, not not crazy lauryn), maybe kelis (she has the “obvious black girl” look), maybe erykah badu (on second thought…no), not kelly rowland…`


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