Saturday, June 10, 2006

What a waste of Talent...Next!

I originally saw this at while I was at work - but checked it out at finally when I had the chance. If you haven't done so already - please be prepared to waste about 4:00 minutes of your time. Please check it out though - RnB Beef....

is so whack. If I remember correctly, 112 pre-dates R.L and his crew and Jagged Edge hasn't dissappeared from the scene since they first came out.

This beef it seems is unprovoked and downright arbitrary and quite honestly, a waste of talent (although midly entertaining). G-G-G-G-Unit, STOP!!!

A couple of things:
1. Please don't diss male RnB singers singing to a female RnB track. Especially one that talks about catering to a man.
2. When it's been years since your last record and male RnB groups went outta style in let's say 01-02, not only are you late has hell, but you've made yourself look really dumb.
3. Why 112 and Jagged Edge? I guess with B2K no longer together or even Pretty Ricky gone missing, R.L. decided to diss someone his own age even though he's acting like his shoe size. At least go after someone who is comparable, R.L. - Jagged Edge and 112 have classic RnB albums - not just classic singles.
4. Please stop teabagging Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson. You know what? From here on out - I'm gonna start calling him Daemien, cus whenever an act signs to him, you know that catastrophic things will start to happen. Case.And.Point.

*stepping off of my soapbox*


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah I have to agree with you on this for real. This R&B beef shit is soooooo wack! And I can't believe that RL and them had the nerve to try to play 112 of all groups-they can't fuck with 112 on their best day (although they are talented)! And I don't understand why everytime 50 signs someone they have to put out a diss record...I mean I fucks with 50 and GUNIT but that shit is getting really tired. This shit right here reminds me of the Cam joint-just wack and unnecessary and really doesn't deserve a response of any kind.

10:16 AM  

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