Thursday, June 15, 2006

Quick and Dirty - Weekend Edition...

I went to an amazing BMI event last night and will be sending out follow-up emails today and tomorrow. It's a great start to the weekend - the panel gave me a lot of motivation and new things to consider. There's one particular project that I am looking to make happen with GV of - so be on the look out. With that said, there will be few, if any, posts this weekend because I am going to be extra busy. Here's the rundown:

Thursday: DJ OK - studio time tonight. Completing 'For My Girls' and possibly starting a new joint.

Friday: Rehearsal, rehearsal, rehearsal! for Leimert Park Idol. Tomorrow night I have to:
- Pick the key for 'Sophisticated Lady'
- Rehearse: 'The Impossible Dream' (if I can find the sheet music)
- Learn what the 'World Needs Now'

Saturday: Lemiert Park Idol - Competition Day 1
- We have to arrive at 11:45a for sound check. The event is outside, which I'm not that excited about, but it'll give me more experience peforming at "unique" venues
- I am performing 'Despite What They Say' an original song.

Sunday: Father's Day - Leimert Park Idol Competition Day 2
- Same deal for sound check, but I am going to be there ALL day. All of the 'Idol' contestants will be a part of the Dionne Warwick tribute later in the evening, singing 'What the World Needs Now'

I am supposed to write with Tim on Saturday night after Idol Day 1, but I am thinking I need to take my pops out for Father's Day instead, cus I'll be tied up all day Sunday. I am thinking about taking tomorrow off from work (as a sick day) to rest my voice for this weekend.

*ciao for now*


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Careful about those "Sick Day" confessions. You never know who in the business will read your blog. Lendell

3:39 PM  

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