Friday, June 30, 2006

Peep the Banners

1. The July Birthday Jump Off! - If you are in or around LA, mos def check out Elevatedla's Annual July Birthday Jumpoff. I am a July baby, so you know I plan to do it up big. This year's event is going to be held at the Cabana Club in Hollywood. I was just there this past Monday for Benny Boom's BET Awards Pre-Party - the joint is hot!!!

2. Castro's "Last Chance for Edited Play" - Peep the band Castro's site to download their new EP. This project was two years in the making, but the music is fiyah! I'll probably do a "Don't Sleep On" post soon, but in the meantime check them out. You can download the album for free. (see: Castro banner under blogroll).

*see ya later*


Blogger Cocacy said...

Happy Birthday Elle! My sister is a July baby too...Her birthday's tomorrow!


2:41 PM  

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