Monday, June 12, 2006

I'm Emotional...So Forgive Me.

"It's just one of those days, that a girl goes through"
- Monica

I am teeming on the brink of pissed off. My disclaimer is that I am emo because of my predisposed female condition, so forgive me if I sound b*tchy or otherwise, whiny. Seriously though, it has been more than a month since I met with DJ OK - who is supposed to be my main producer. Everytime I ask him to set some dates and times for us to get back to work to move closer to finishing my CD he's got some excuse:

1st: I just started working and can only do nights.

- I've been working and have only been able to work nights since we started working together, pushing my otherwise 40 hour work weeks to 70+...but I understand, you're new to this cube-life and you need time to adjust. Although, when you only work from 1p-6p I find it hard to sympathize.

2nd: I'm moving and gotta take care of apartment issues, ect.

- I feel that, DJ. You are getting your grown man on, moving out on your own. I'll give you time and space, I understand what that's like. Although I do recall moving into my apartment back in October with no furniture, sleeping on the floor with my first big concert two days later. But er'body ain't like me - I have to remind myself of that.

3rd: We can't use the studio because Hilsyde is recording and none of my equipment is set up at my spot

- Well let's get it together. At this point I am starting to feel as though I'm not a priority. I understand life circumstances, but I don't understand not trying.

4th: No, we can't set a date to meet this week cus we are recording someone for money and I don't know when it's going to be yet.

- This after I emailed him dates for the next two weeks that I am available to get some work done. At ths point, I am getting really peeved because all I've been hearing are excuses, excuses, excuses. I understand the paper chase and trying to make a living out of this music thing - but because I'm not paying, it seems that us working together isn't time well spent.

5th: Even if we record, I don't have time to mix.

- Fine, let's just start recording and I'll come up with the money to pay a mixer.

6th: We should just create to have more songs to choose from for the album.

- Well we don't have but one song completed. Why would I want to move forward when we haven't completed anything yet and I can't even get into the studio with you to create?

At this point, I am questioning his committment to this project. At one point he had 4 songs on the album, hands down. But with my other producers making themselves available and wanting to work, he's losing ground. More and more I am feeling like he thinks he's doing me a favor, instead of us being creative partners. As far as I am concerned actions speak louder than words.

Oh and to top if off, the icing on the cake:

- So you said your lawyer friend has a hook up at Def Jam, right? Do you think you could get some tracks to her for me?

HELL.TO.THE.NAW. - you can't come up with the time to work with me, but you have the nerve to ask for a favor to hook you up? Like the Roots said "it don't feel right."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

my comments to his excuses:

1. you only work 1pm to 6pm?! that should not even be an excuse. if i had to come in at 1pm, i could work on whatever project from 8pm to 3am and still get 8 hours of sleep and be on work on time at 1pm.

2. moving is a bitch. but it should prolly cancel one weekend (two weekends at most) to get all your shit in a new spot. in college, i remember taking a final, packing, moving, and catching a flight within 36 hours (i didnt sleep for two days) from DC to LA.

3. I think I rather set up my studio than my bed and sleep on the floor.

4. If it were for money, you BETTER have a day set up.

5. Okay, you record and produce. Ill find someone to mix. Not all producers are engineers.

6. This may be his only point (and he is on thin ice with this one). imma try to see things through his eyes. he likes to start new music or projects, but you find someone else to finish it and then "we" have more songs to choose from.

dude - get a backbone.

i agree with you 100%, dude is giving you the cold shoulder.

but what i find distrubing is the fact that he isnt man enough to tell you the truth. he keeps beating around the bush. this could have been a better business/creatvie relationship he were honest from the gate.

i say pursue your career with the new producers. dont hold up your life and career because he cant get it together. you have the talent, the skill, the heart, the drive, and the resources to make this project successful without him.


1:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I second that! Fuck all the bullshit and make it happen! And tell dude that my connects at Def Jam, Sony, EMI, TVT and future connects at Atlantic shall not be used for him!

6:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i agree with all of the above...

don't let nobody hold you back (didn't jill scott say that?) esp. if you have people in the wings itching to work with you.

sometimes you gotta stop the wishful thinking and call it like you see it.


12:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow and i just saw that you edited the comic...hilarious.


12:05 PM  
Anonymous Timothy said...

Uh, I don't really want to get into all of this, but I'll mix that joint with my boy Adam (he just got some Beautiful sounding NS20s (really great monitors). I'll work out a quote on that in a while.
But I do agree on the one idea: work on new material. Granted, you have some songs that are still incomplete, but that shouldn't stop you from working on new ones.
Anyways, holla at thine TUNA!!!!!!

11:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe he doesn't want to work with you because you look like a CRACKHEAD with that towel wrapped around you on that picture of your new "do". Put on some makeup girlfriend!!! Furthermore, you songs and style of singing sounds completely dated. Stax Records is no longer looking to sign artists. This is not 1974.

12:41 PM  
Blogger Elle B. said...

anon, first anonymous comments are whack. 2nd, my style and sound are produced by DJ, um get a new line.


1:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No....DJ OK does NOT control the voice that comes out of your mouth. Trust me, I've seen you perform live. DATED!!!!

You have no comment on the crackhead comment??? Hmmm....I guess you agree!!! Ha!

1:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Someone sounds pretty salty-you fuckin DJ OK? Cause I'm wondering why you feel the need to fight his battles. And for someone to come thru and start posting messages like yours, shit, I'm wondering why you're not bold enough to state your name. This is a real pussy move you're pullin right now and it's wack and sooooooo high school! Keep it movin my friend...

1:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with FLR.

Let DJ OK and Elle B handle their own battles. And if you are DJ OK, then post your name and let the world know how you feel.

Elle B felt a need to post her emotions and feelings and I think it's something that needed to be communicated. Optimistically speaking, this is only the beginning to opening the communication lines between the singer and the producer because they can now pinpoint the negatives and build on their relationship. This can only help their careers because the more successful each person get, they will encounter different types of people with similar problems in this industry.

I am pretty sure they appreciate and respect each other and learned alot from each other, but what relationship does have their problems?

And if you are not DJ OK, then tell him to contact Elle B, rather than have a friend post anoymous comments dissing Elle like we are in 9th grade. Naw, more like 5th grade.

Also, my comments towards DJ OK were for his excuses for not doing something. Real talk - I respect DJ OK's work and I think the work between Elle B and DJ OK is incredible, but EXCUSES are weak and everyone knows that. I prefer people to be real. If he is too busy or rather not work with Elle that day, then just say that. She is a big girl and she understands that. But beating around the bush is as immature as posting anonymous comments talking shit.


1:57 PM  
Blogger Elle B. said...

Anon...It seems you are a friend of Oren's. If you notice I never once mentioned his artistry, yet somehow, you went straight for the juggular. Shit like this comes with the territory. I truly hope you are a 15 year-old because otherwise, its unfortunate that you don't have the sense to keep your comments to yourself. It is a very immature reaction to try and hurt someone because you may feel hurt which behooves me because you happened to stumble across my blog. I guess your opinion of me is what it will be - I am okay with that. But please keep the garbage and your simple-minded comments to yourself.

2:46 PM  
Anonymous Real Friend of OK said...

Lauren, FLR & Friends:

First of all, Lauren/Elle B. is the one who started this wack ass "let me air out my producer" high school bullshit. She should have been an ADULT and spoke with DJ OK directly rather than the internet for the whole world to see. THAT was a pussy move.

Even pussier....blaming the blog post on her period.

You don't put your friend/producer on blast on the internet. Voice your concerns to HIS FACE in a respectful manner. With a friend like her, who needs enemies?? After all he has been wasting his time helping your ass for free.

2:47 PM  
Blogger Elle B. said...

Real Friend of OK - We've had these discussions before, whenever we've had a problem. So um, there is precedent. But you know what, it's hard to tell someone something in HIS FACE when you can't get in his FACE!

Yall act like you've never had to get some shit out and vent. I didn't diss his music, fuck with his money (and OK never asked me for money - so where is all that coming from?). But I never once degraded him - I just thought his work ethic and reliability was faulty. What's so hard about saying I'm too busy versus stringing someone along?

Get a grip. I'm not gonna comment anymore obviously. If OK wants to talk, we will. I don't fight people I don't see.

2:55 PM  
Anonymous Real Friend of OK said...


Obviously from your last post, you missed the whole point completely. I feel sorry for you and may your other friends beware.

Real friend of OK

3:24 PM  
Anonymous "DJ OK" said... is everybody doing today. Alright, good. Well, I think its safe by saying that a lot of this discussion has to do with myself I feel I need to "chime" in on this whole thing...
1st--To The People Who Left These Comments..
I was working from 9:00 am to 6pm..just so you know..Whereveer 1pm to 6pm came up is simply not true. So SH, please stop telling the whole world about how "hard you work" whoever you name is Oren Mr./Ms Anonymous. Listen I'm sure you work very hard in your everyday life, but stop FUCKING comparing how hard you work compared to myself. Thats ridiculous, you have no idea how hard I work, how hard I grind, and how much focus other than whats being said in an Elle B STOP POSTING NEGATIVE COMMENTS ABOUT MYSELF PLEASE..
2nd--A Message For FLR--

As with Mr/Ms SH, you seem to be a really good friend to Lauren and want to stick up for her..thats cool..I met you before, you seemed to be very nice..but please stop RECORD LABEL DROPPING on your comments.. I really can care less about your "connections"..I asked Lauren to do me a favor when she said she had a hook up with something..but trust me..I have put in HUNDREDS OF hours with Lauren (literally), put together musicians for Lauren's shows that YOU attend, and recorded her at a studio that I rent and currently pay for. So, please, I think if I ask her for a little favor..I DONT NEED THAT SHOVED BACK IN MY FACE ESPECIALLY BY SOMEONE LIKE YOURSELF...By the way, did you also know that if Lauren helped get some music of mine placed that would help Lauren if anything. hmmm?..Ohh..and if Lauren ever wants to try to sell some songs and asks me if we can place them with some of the poeple that I know, I'll make sure to write a name droping list just like yours so we can be twins =)..

To "Elle B" and The REST of Her READERS--

To put false accusations about someone and put that in a blog is outrageous.. I dont work from 1pm-6pm ALRIGHT..I dont make excuses OTHER THAN VALID ONES..and I'm busy trying to make a living at doing what I do..just like Elle B is trying to do..SO STOP JUDGING MY CHARACTER IF I CAN'T SPEND THE TIME TO WORK ON SOMETHING FOR FREE ALL THE TIME. I've known Lauren for a long time, and Lauren should be the first one to tell you that I have been a fan of hers since high school..but this is the most ridiculous thing ever..STOP WITH this bullshit EXCUSES..I'M BUSY ON SOME GROWN MAN SHIT RIGHT NOW. So to those readers who actually try to make the ends meet..My Priority is putting FOOD in MY MOUTH SO I CAN SURVIVE..understand fuck any people reading this and judging me...again my priority is recording people at the studio to pay rent for the studio and my home..Oh I'm sorry about that..

Lauren..I dont think that putting negative comments about you is right and would never want you to have a friend of yours tell you "I think that dude "DJ OK" is writing begative shit on his blog about you. ..SO STOP DOING IT TO ME..Grown folks bring up problems to people. Its called calling me..I'm accesible..I just met with you a few days ago and WAS going to meet with you this could have called me anytime to talk about this becasue its ok that your frustrated BUT:

12:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


In response to your comments about me, I must agree...I only knew one side of the story. And yes, I do agree that maybe Elle should have placed a phone call rather than a post.

But she did what she did and it was effective because now, I think you see what was going on. Now, all this defending yourself about how hard you work is irrelevant because the issue is about you and Elle working together and how she felt as if you were blowing her off with excuses that she said you made. Rather than "friends of DJ OK" trying to destroy Elle's character, we really just wanted to know your side of the story.

I think you kinda missed the point (or maybe I wasnt clear). The point is - be real with Elle. That's what the whole post is about. That's what my comments are about. I just wanted to you to be honest with her. It has nothing to do with her voice, her style, her looks, and nothing to do with your production, your music, your gift, and your art. She never said anything bad about you, yet she expressed that she was not happy with how she felt as if you were blowing her off.

I understand you are busy on some "grown man shit". I was not trying to show off "how much I work." Rather, I wanted to let you know that we all have our grind and we are all chasing dreams. You are no different than I in regards to putting food on the table and trying to make it. In other words, you dont get a cookie for doing what you are suppose to do. You will get rewarded when your grind pays off.

Furthermore, I think its "cute" how you claim to be on some "grown man" shit, but the "friend of dj ok" (honestly, i believe it was Oren - if you look at writing style, the elle bashing, and the same ip address - peep the site meter, you can be tracked easily with the blog. or maybe you and this friend used the same computer) comes on her blog acting very childish. Now, you wanna drop knowledge saying that "I am accessible...just call me anytime" Umm...we are not stupid in the blog world - you should really practice what you preach OR cover your tracks. (BTW, this makes you look guilty)

Everyone left comments of their opinion about what Elle said. Nobody judge your character. Nobody said negative comments about DJ OK (ironically, you wanna call Elle a Crackhead?). Are you reading this stuff or are your just browsing through it? If anything, we encouraged Elle to continue her grind and do not let your priorities block her dreams. How is that negative, Oren?

Please post your side of the story (minus the Elle bashing) and the people that commented will response in regards to what you say.

Im going to say it again to make myself clear. DJ OK - you are talented and I think you will make it. I just wanted you to be real with Elle.


1:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha, this is pretty funny to me. First of all Oren, I will be the first to let you know that the one mistake Lauren made was not talking to you about her issue before airing you out to other people. I definitely understand that that wasn't the right move to make and that if anything she should apologize for it-and I told her that myself. However, I also believe that since she didn't air you out and use your government so that everyone knows who she's talking about, it shouldn't be such a big deal-a stab in the back as you said. As for the details of your problems, I'm not so sure who is to blame nor do I really care. What I didn't like was that someone came onto her blog and started talking shit but wouldn't make themselves known-secret thugs are wack to me. If you're going to say what you feel, the least you can do is let people know who you are.

Now as for name dropping-when Lauren explained the situation to me, it seemed as though you were trying to play her-giving all kinds of excuses for why you couldn't get the job done, but then hollerin at her for a connect... Name dropping was a little JOKE-it really wasn't that serious to me at the time and shit, it still isn't. I'm not the name dropping type-shit, when I met you guys at her crib, I told you that I would do anything I could do to help and offered to listen to shit and pass it on (NOT EVEN THINKING ABOUT GETTING A CUT OF ANYTHING!). So I'm not some chick with a big ego thinking that dropping names makes me someone-at the end of the day, those names don't put shit in my pocket. What's going to put shit in my pocket is the degree that I'm working on right now. It so happens that I know some people who asked me to pass shit on if I thought it was worth it and I let you guys know that-the only people I ever spoke to about it I might add. I did think it was wack that you couldn't make time to meet with her or even holler at her and keep her posted on the moves you were making but could holler at her for a connect. But shit, it is what it is and I sure wasn't trippin-believe me, I didn't lose sleep over it.

Now, if I did decide to name drop because I wanted to on the strengh of it-shit I can do that just as you could be pussy enough not to state your name when you first started posting comments. Lol. We can all afford a bitch move here and there right?!?! LMAO

And you said you don't need shit shoved in your face by someone like me? What's that supposed to mean? Someone like, you don't know me from a hole in the wall-someone like me...what the fuck are you talking about?!?!?! I never came out my face on some fuck DJ OK shit-I told Lauren she needed to work with other people and not stop her project for anyone because at the end of the day I understand that no one will do for you they way you do for yourself-everyone is doing them, so Lauren has to do her. It was strictly business. And I wanted to help her and pass on her shit but couldn't do so if she didn't have anything to give me. So please be easy with all of that-you don't know shit about me. You don't know what "someone like me" is about.

I'm going to put and end to my convo with you before this shit gets out of control although I kinda feel it already has. I don't have time to put into beefin with you over your issues with Lauren. To me, you guys had a pretty good relationship and fucked it up because you weren't communicating. Rather than sitting around and blogging back and forth about this bullshit, you guys need to sit down and talk about the issues you have and figure out how to move on-whether you do it together or apart. I know that Lauren values you as a friend and artist and would like to work with you in the future, so if you can make that happen and move past all of this high school drama, it would be great. If on the other hand you can't, I'm sure Lauren and her "outdated style" and "crackhead look" will be just fine-I've met the exec at def jam who she auditioned for and he told me himself that she has talent, and I have some producers who have heard her shit and want to work with her, and shit...didn't she just win a competition this past weekend?!?!? So my girl is destined for great things, with or without you-it would be nice for her to have you along for the journey, but trust-she'll make it even if you're not around. With that said-goodnight and good luck. I'm out. One.

PS...Feel free to hit me up with a cd-if it's any good, I'll pass it on. I'm not a hater;) lol

1:08 AM  
Anonymous "Dj OK" said...

Friends of Lauren--
To those that think i wrote that negative shit about Lauren being a crackhead..your an idiot..I would never write anything of the sort and that is exactly why I wrote last night to clarify..if I wanted to say some f..ed up shit to Lauren I would say it in her face 100%..not in a blog, and not like SH..if your talking about a "similar "writing" style thats the funniest isht I've ever need to go back to calligraphy school..LOL..ohh and check my IP address with the one from the "negative" comment..please..then write back and then you can apologize for being the linguistic/computer genious that you are..I was trying to be nice..but..

FLR--no beef here.. maybe next time we might "meet" in the non cyber space world on better terms. Lauren should keep it moving with or without me..I agree 100%!!! I'm glad Lauren has some stand up friends..seriously. I've know Lauren since the 8th or 9th grade, and I wish her the best regardless if she works with me or not..or even does music..
Peace I'm out.

8:38 AM  
Blogger Elle B. said...

DJ...just call me or at least pick up your phone when I call. This is now out of control. At this point, you are doing the same thing that I did - blasting folks on the blog and not confronting the situation face to face.

Whether you wrote those mean comments or not, someone you know did - that is clear. Either way at this point, you are keeping this online fight going. Let's be the adults that we are. Aight.

9:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oren (you posted your name and put your self out there),

Lets just make a few things clear.

1. Calligraphy is defined as penmanship or artistic, stylized, or elegant handwriting or lettering.

2. IP Address is your digital ID that can be tracked for security purposes. Its almost like your online driver’s license. Every time you log onto the internet with your computer, your IP address (represents your computer) is being tracked on every website you visit. When I saw the comments of “Friend of DJ OK” and “Oren” coming from the same IP address (click the Site Meter link below), that means the comments are coming from the same computer. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out (funny thing is… some may consider me a rocket scientist).

3. Maybe this “Friend of DJ OK” hacked into your IP address and posted these nasty comments about Elle. I highly doubt it. So, I concluded that either this “Friend of DJ OK” posted the comments from your computer/your IP address (and maybe you let this friend post it or maybe you were gone when he/she did it) or you posted the comments under the secret moniker “Friend of DJ OK”

4. Hint: Next time you would like to play digital games, you can either reset your IP address (call your ISP) or log onto different computers and post nasty comments.

5. I appreciate your compliment of my linguistics (umm, which means language) and my computer genius skills (umm…you misspelled “genious” – spell check is your friend) and you…umm…”trying to be nice” (is that a digital threat?). But I agree with Lauren, this is out of control.

6. I do not have beef with you. I never said anything bad about you. Wait, I said…”get a backbone” because I read Elle’s side of story and thought you were blowing her off by giving excuses rather than confronting the issue (you still didn’t give us your side of the story…I am waiting and would love to read it). Which, if the tables were turn, you would feel the same way.

7. Confronting the issue – yes, we went off on a tangent. The issue is between you and Elle. Rather than trying to defend yourself against me and FLR, you should really read whats going on and try to resolve the problem because the problem isn’t the people leaving the comments.

8. I apologize if you feel as if I insulted you. I hope you learn from this and move on. Can we let bygones be bygones? Truce? No digital beef? No bad feelings?


10:18 AM  
Anonymous Real Friend of OK said...

Dear All of You:

This is so comical. Come on, now you guys are diction experts? Comparing writing styles? Pretty soon I guess you'll hire a psychic.

Yes, I am a friend of Oren's. He didn't write the negative comments. I DID. And I meant every word of it. As a matter of fact, he asked me not to comment but I was so set aback by Lauren's audacity that it was a must. I still can't believe she continues to call herself a friend of his.

Furthermore, I haven't seen Oren in months so there is no way I could have 'hacked' into his computer. One thing I will say, I'm not that computer savvy. Do you have a degree in computer science? If so, I think you need to go back to those books and do a little research. But what surprises me is that you took the time to look up th IP address. Is it really that serious?

But I love the fact that those comments got under your skin. And yes I am a coward, I will never reveal myself because I see it's frustrating you. Mission accomplished.

And the funny thing is Lauren is back-tracking because she knows she is wrong. Not back-tracking enough though to apologize though. I hope DJ OK never works with her again. Not even worth it.


P.S. Lauren, I think the group Klymaxx is looking for a new lead singer. Here is their contact info: 1-800-WACKEST

Good luck!

11:26 AM  

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