Monday, June 26, 2006

After the Demo It's the Afterparty?

Um, probably not, but this is still a fiesta! I am estatic that things are getting underway once again. Third quarter of 2006 is looking very promising.

The plan for completing my demo will futher advance my LP. I've decided that instead of putting out an EP as my first record, I'll do an entire LP. I realize that there is really no rush to get the project done.

I've listed my production plan for releases below. While I'll have my demo songs for networking purposes, I will also use them for the mixtape - which will be the Elle B. sampler, so to speak. Over the next couple of months, I am going to continue to create until I have about 12-15 songs that truly represent me as an artist. That is when I'll be ready to release the LP.

1. Complete album quality demo songs.
- There will be about 5-6 of these.
- Deadline: July 30
2. Record and Release an Elle B. mixtape
- Use demo songs as samplers for the mixtape.
- Deadline: September 06' (Labor Day)
3. Release my first LP.
- Deadline: Open-ended. Ideally Fall 06

In the meantime I am going to continue writing (point Creative:2b on my Summer Action Plan). I just got my hands on some great instrumentals and started writing already for the mixtape. Some of the instrumentals I might use are Deja Vu, Turn It Up, Ain't No Other Man, and Promiscious Girl.

*k, I'm done for now*


Blogger Sangindiva said...

I think you have excellent plans, Elle.
Just continue to perfect your craft...
If you STAY ready- you won't have to GET ready :)

5:52 PM  

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