Monday, May 15, 2006

[Jack Move] One Year Ago...

So my girl Jamz, did a re-cap of her life one year after graduation. Since I've been feeling like things have been moving rather slowly lately, I thought I'd do this for my own personal edification.

May 05 - Walked at graduation
June 05- Finished two final classes; moved into summer housing;
decided NOT to move to Miami or DC/Maryland;
July 05- Finished summer courses; re-hired as an intern with UBOC;
Realized that in all of my post-graduate plans, music was the only constant; called DJ OK and we began working; wrote and recorded 'Ain't Gonna Cry'; Met Raphael Saadiq - he told me to send him a package when I had stuff recorded;
August 05 - moved back home; started writing more and more songs; continued working with DJ OK; began networking
Sept 05' - Submitted my 40 pg independent research project to complete my degree (got an A-) ; still working on new music; met the Beatnix;
Oct 05' - Started my blog!; began researching apartments; began process to be hired full-time at the bank; preparing for first Elle B. performance
Nov 05- First Elle B. performance at Katrina benefit concert
Dec 05- First photoshoot for Elle B. promotions
Jan 06 - Elle B. team meeting to discuss project for the year;
Feb 06 - Label opportunity emerged; postponed Elle B. project temporarily; met with new producer; photoshoot with Jerome Duchange
March 06 - Performed at USC Hip-Hop/Poetry night; Performed at DST Scholarship gala
April 06 - Performed at USC Black Alumni post-gala
May 06 - Second Elle B. performance; back ont track with Elle B. project; label opportunity on the back-burner; started working with new producer, Goldfingaz

I've done a lot of pre-work, now is the time to get the product out. I put my own project on hold to get stuff done for the label - but I still have not been able to get to work with the producer they set me up with. So I am now back on track for my EP.


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