Friday, May 12, 2006

It's a Celebration, Trojans!!!

Aight, so today is graduation day at SC! I just want to give shout outs to all my friends who are walking today - this is a huge accomplishment.

Of note, I want to shout out:

- my girl, Arameh. Just one year after undergrad she's getting her Masters in Occupational Therapy. She's got big, big, plans; Ph.D and special clinics she's gonna found are just a few. I am extremely proud of her.

- my girl, Alisia. She finally made it! I met her when she first transfered to SC'; she and her mom has been such a blessing in my life. She'll be interning with the SD Chargers this summer and then off to Law School.
On another note:
People are liars, especially at SC. This week, many members of the Black community were horrified to learn that one of their companions has been lying about being a real student. He was found out, not because he came clean, but because an old friend from HS, ratted him out to one of his SC compadres. Said SC buddy didn't hold his toungue and I don't blame him - dude lied.

The worst thing about the situation is that he was lying for three years! He coulda gotten his AA and transfered to SC' by now. Well, this is actually the worst part, he actually raised money from family, friends and his church in order to "study abroad." Ha!

He was on the executive board of the USC NAACP chapter, member of a campus ministry organization and ran a little massage therapy business on the side.

Oh well. I always thought he was strange and so I kept my distance. Good to know that I went with my feelings.
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Blogger Reeta said...

Wait....WHAT! He never went to SC?!?!?!? OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK see this is why I read your blog, because I find out all kinda stuff. I totally didn't get who you were talking about until the end. That is EXTRA crazy....BLAXX!

9:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

our "meeting" is today after work...ill let you know what the ni**a had to say...sorry online community...not an advocate of the word...but that's what his fake (bleep) is acting like. (i dont curse either...)


12:33 AM  

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