Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Goals for the Summer...

My summer goals are simple:

1. Lose 10lbs
I don't think I'll look very different physically, just more toned. So for all of my people out there who may be worried that I'll lose my curvacious goodness - not to worry. It'll jsut be accentuated.

2. Networking
I haven't quite figured out what I mean by Networking, but I just know that I need to expand my creative community and strum up some more opportunities for singing. Although my ultimate goal is becoming a major-label-signed Recording Artist, at this time I'd like to pursue studio work and background singing gigs to better my skills.

3. Recording
To get as much stuff cataloged as possible for my EP and for a demo for the purposes of networking. Plus, recording is an art within itself and is different from singing live, so I can always learn how to be a more polished recording artist.

I read The Alchemist this past weekend and I am feeling re-focused on my career goals. More to come - but like Al Pacino said in 'Any Given Sunday'..."Like football, you live life Inch by Inch."

*come and get me*


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