Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Tell Em Why You Mad, Son...

You told me that I was like an angel
Told me I was fit to wear a crown
So that you could get a thrill
You put me on a pedestal
And then you let me down, let me down.

You told me that I'd be wearing diamonds
I would have the smartest car in town
Made me think that I'm the top
And then you let the ladder drop
You know you let me down, let me down

I walked upon a rainbow
I clung onto a star
You had me up in heaven
That's why I had to tall so far

I was even looking for a cottage
I was measured for a wedding gown
That how I got cynical
You put me on a pinnacle
And then you let me down, let me down
How you let me down

"You Let Me Down" Performed by: Billie Holiday.

You gave yourself to so many women
but you cant even committ to me
looks like I was another option
not your top hurts and so does my heart.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is that how you're feeling?

4:03 PM  
Blogger Rell said...

that's not cool...

10:31 AM  

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