Thursday, February 16, 2006

Update Time...Producers and more!

Tonight I am meeting the "the producer" to discuss my little project for the label exec I auditioned for last Friday.

We are meeting at his church tonight out in Lynwood. Anyways, I am excited that he called me back and we are gonna get the ball rolling on this project. Plus, he's really cool *considering he was just nominated for a Grammy as a co-writer on Fantasia's "Free Yourself."*

I've woken up the past several morning feeling congested in my throat and I think a cold is looming, although I hope that it will keep at bay at least until I've done all I need to do for my next meeting.

In addition to working with "the producer" I am supposed to be working with another producer 'Goldfingaz' whom I know from a former life. I am recording a track called "911" which a sick duet.

I am also suppossed to be meeting with Tuna Butter to FINALLY finish "What's the Difference." We only have the hook left to write - I think I am mentally tapped out at this point though on lyrics for the song.

"Despite What They Say" is almost completed. We started on a new track called "Workin'" It's my attempt at a club banger. I am having a lot of fun writing to this track - I think it's gonna be time enough for the summer. Ya' heard me?!?

In other news, some people are tripping including The Beatnix who have been MIA for the past several weeks - I hope everything is alright, but I won't know unless they call me back, right? Oh and then, someone else, who well, I have not decided if I really want to deal with...cus I feel like he's playing games *but that's just on a personal note* In any event, it'll be inspiration for another song.

Oh and before I leave...COP THAT NE-YO when it drops! He's mos def very boy said his PR ppl emailed him and said he's already sold 700,000 copies pre-sale. Gone Gold, before it hit the stores...

Anyways, gotta get back to work.



Blogger Berry said...

Damn, it right. Drink some ginger tea with lemon and keep it moving!

6:51 PM  
Blogger Berry said...

BTW, that Ne-Yo is nice...I've been feeling it for a minute (hence the little VD treat to my readers) :-)

6:53 PM  

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