Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Not Much to Report in Career News...

I sent 'Despite What They Say' to the label exec this past weekend - I plan on following up with him tomorrow.

The producer said that we are most def gonna get down in the studio this weekend, so I am praying that happens.

I am starting Lent tomorrow. Although I am not Catholic, I believe in fasting which is a commom Christian practice and I am a Christian. Like last year, I am giving up 'Hoof and Fowl' meaning I will essentially be Vegan until Easter.

On that note, I am going to Fat Burger tonight to get a phat juicy Turkey Burger before I commence...

There is alot going on this week: a potential Baby Phat party going down on Thursday, Soweto Gospel Choir at SC' this Friday, Saturday - networking event, studio maybe and my best friend's mom's enchilada and margarita party....

Anyways, hopefully I'll be in a better blogging mood tomorrow, but right now, I've got a choatic desk to get under control and a growing 'To Do' list...

*back to work*


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