Friday, February 03, 2006

In Honor of Black History Month...

I am performing at a Black History Month mass.

This Little Light of Mine (Opening Song)
Amazing Grace (Communion Song)
Lift Ev'ry Voice (Reflection)
Still I Rise (Closing Song)

I'm not Catholic, but these selections look more like a Baptist church than Jesuit Ceremony but hey it should be fun.

*k, gotta go. Have a great weekend!*

Oh and Support Black Film at the BoxOffice:

Opening in theaters today...

Something New

Copyright © 2006 Focus Features

A romantic comedy about finding love when and where it’s least expected. Kenya (Sanaa Lathan) is a beautiful career woman who has achieved great professional success but still yearns for a fulfilling personal life. Looking for that “perfect man,” she even has a checklist at the ready.

*peace, for real this time*


Blogger Reeta said...

Just saw something's GREAT!

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