Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Grammys and Congrats

So I wasn't able to watch the Grammys last night, but I did check out the award winners. I am personally happy for the following winners:

1. Johnta Austin - Co-wrote "We Belong Together" on Mariah Carey's Emancipation of Mimi. He's a talented songwriter and is the reason why Tyrese was first signed (he penned "Sweet Lady" and was bumped for a recording deal when the label saw Tyrese - they thought he's be more marketable). Johnta Austin is the brother of industry vet, Dallas Austin. He's got a record out "Ocean Park" on SoSo Def and can be heard singing the hook/bridge on "Getcha" by Jermaine Dupri.

2. Kelly Clarkson - "Best Female Pop Vocal Performance" Most people don't know it, but Clarkson has gone 5 times Platinum with her Breakaway release. I really began to take notice that she's moving up the ranks of the music industry elite, 1) I continuously listen to any single she has played on the radio 2) People around me began to notice the same thing. Don't be discouraged because Mimi didn't win this award, 2005 has been an amazing year for Clarkson - she deserved it!

3. John Legend - "Best New Artist" and "Best R&B Male Vocal Performance" He's simply the best. I will admit when I first heard John sing it was a recording of "If this World Were Mine" cover and it was terrible - I couldn't get with it. But as an artist myself, I understand that it's about finding your space or like DJay from Hustle and Flow would say your "Mode." His material is well written (only two other writers penned for his debut CD and the album was fire) and vocally he's come along way. I am very proud of him and look forward to more of his work.

4. Gorillaz - "Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals" Don't have much to say, but I really like Gorillaz. I think the concept of the group is so innovative and I love the fusion of Hip-Hop and Electronica style music. Consistently pushing the envelope...

5. Damien Marley - "Best Urban Alternative Performance" and "Best Reggae Album" I will saw that I've not heard the album yet, but "Welcome to Jamrock" was fiya. I love me some reggae.

6. Ray - "Best Compiliation Soundtrack for Motion Picture, Television and other Visual Media"
When I first saw Ray, I was amazed at how much I didn't know about that man himself. When I listened to the Soundtrack, I was amazed at how much great music I had missed out on. Albums are so much more than singles and rarely do you have great compilation records - the flow of the record and overall experience is an art within itself. I am happy the Soundtrack took home the award.

In closing, I am happy this year's Grammy Awards show recognized a wide spectrum of talent. I personally began to feel slighted when the Academy (voters) seemed to be giving away awards to glorified artists (ie, Norah Jones, Alicia Keys). I was expecting to hear that Mariah was gonna take away all of the awards. I guess it still happened in the case of U2, but something about their prevelence in music for the past several decades makes it appear well deserved and not overexposed.

*Hopefully I'll be there soon.*


Blogger Michael said...

NARAS voters hate Mariah Carey because of how she scored most of her hits under Tommy Mottola. I knew she wouldn't get any of the majors. Still, they could have given her an award on TV. They made the effort for Beyonce (Best Contemporary R&B Album is never given away on air) two years ago. The Grammys were wack. I'll be happy to see you win one, though.

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