Sunday, February 12, 2006

Audition Day...

so the audition went well this past friday. although i was hit with an extreme wave of nervousness about 10 minutes before i went into my audtion i think the outcome is promising. i have another meeting with the label exec in two weeks. in the meantime, he hooked me up with a producer-friend of his to have some material for the next meeting.

although i have material already, said label exec wasn't really feeling my "no name brand" producers. i guess it didn't help that when he asked me who they were, i said producers on the "up and up" like me. i didn't sing to any of the tracks that i had prepared already because the label exec wanted to hear my "just sing." unprepared as I was to sing a capella, i slightly fumbled as i started in on lauryn hill's 'ex-factor.' with the assistance of nerves and not having been well prepared for this occassion i stopped somewhere around "who do i have to be" sighting "going blank" as the reason for my abruptness.

he asked me to sing something else for him - which i did, after contemplating singing one of my songs. I ended up singing my song: 'for my girls.' after i finished the first verse and chorus, the label exec said "you can sing' with slight astonishment and definite satisfaction. he also said my song was "good," which is a good thing.

shortly after complimenting me, he called the producer, telling him that i can sing. paraphrasing:

"i've got a girl here, [insert my real name here], who was one of my wife's scholars from her scholarship program. she can sing. i want you to work with her and let me know if we could/should work with you have a minute? are you busy? no? okay, i want her to sing for you"

at this point i am handed the receiver and take the phone and sing her the producer. he also agreed that i could sing. yay! convo continues, the exec has the phone back now:

"so i just gave her your number. her name is [insert my real name here] - she will be calling you soon."

after they hang up, label exec tells me a bit about the producer whose name i already recognized when i read it off the sheet where his number was written. he names some names of some well recognized artists and tells me they have a studio and this producer plays so he can change keys for me, ect. good look.

so i have to call the producer on monday to discuss when and where to meet.when we first talked the producer asked me "so is [insert lable exec's name here] trying to sign you?" i respond, "that's on the table" to which he replies "so let's make that happen."

hey now!

*going to the studio with DJ OK today to record 'Despite What They Say*

in the end, i left him with my track and photos - untouched by either of us during the meeting, because it never came up. no problem though.


Blogger Rell said...

you're on the way! That's hot man -- good luck in two weeks...

9:17 AM  

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