Friday, January 20, 2006

Recording and the Weekend

So we made it's Friday - the weekend is officiall here.

Last night I went the studio to record "For My Girls" the title track for the EP. We recorded at DJ OK's new studio at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica... As my boy G would say, the place was a sleeper, cus it looked like a straight shack when we parked, but once inside - the place was laid.

It's really small, but they've got a 32-track mixer, the new G5 mac with ProTool, the Triton keyboard, plus another one I can't remember, a phat sofa and a sizeable recording booth (relative to the whole studio of course).

We started recording about 11p and left at about half past midnight. Baby girl was tired! But the track is simple with acoustic piano and phat harmonies on the chorus. DJ OK is gonna spruce up the second half of the track with live bass and sick drums - cus that's what I am about.

Anyways, on the agenda for this weekend:

Friday: Meeting w/ a new photographer Jerome 6:30
Clubbin (maybe at White Lotus) with my roomie and her boy who's visiting from Seattle

Sat: More Recording at the Santa Monica studio
Meeting the Graphic Designer Nakrumah to get the ball rolling on my website
Clubbin @ my boy G's special event Ultra Suede

Sun: Meeting with The Beatnix - see what they're talking about on some Club tracks
Ladies Night In - chillin with Jamz, Meh and Sem at the house for a movie night

Mon: Meeting w/ Tim to finish writing 'What the Difference' (tentative)
Rafael Saadiq is at HOB (house of blues); probably gonna roll out with Jamz and her sister to the show

Then it's back to work in corporate america. it's taking its toll on me - I used to be a happy person (j/k)...

*Have a great one*


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