Sunday, January 22, 2006

Oh My God...

So people, can't even begin to explain but I just got the new track for "Triflin' Woman" from the Beatnix today - it's retarded.

Getting this track is certainly the highlight of my weekend - because it has capitulted my confidence in this record.

In other news - as a re-cap of my weekend - I checked off most of the items on my 'To Do' list (some are still outstanding, *cough* graphic designer being MIA is one of them)

1. I met with Jerome Duchange on Friday night to discuss the photoshoot. Let me tell you French people can get away with a lot of sh*t because they are foriegn and have charming accents.

For Example:
JD: I watched some of your video. (speaking to Elle)
Elle: Oh wow, what did you think?
JD: I don't know - I only watched like a minute
Elle: Why?
JD: I couldn't see anything. You know black people in the dark from far away - you can't see much.
Elle: *pausing to translate his French accented English*
JH (my publicist): *laughing*
Elle: wow.

Nonetheless, our meeting went over very well. JD talks a lot. We struggled to understand him. But in the end, I am very confident that we will have a great product. I am going to do some research on the theme for the shoot in preparation for our meeting later on this week to solidify our creative focus.

Saturday I went shopping and clubbing - no recording and no meeting with the graphic designer (who has still yet to call me back). So today I made up for it including meeting with the Beatnix, DJOK and going to House of Blues to buy my tickets to Rafael Saadiq's show tomorrow night.

I am tired, people. Have a great week.

*I'll be black*


Blogger Rell said...

Did you have the Saadiq live double-cd? It's one of my all-time favorites...

9:21 AM  

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