Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Howard Stern, Really?

You know, alot of people have had a lot to say about Kanye's Rolling Stone cover since articles about its release this Friday hit the net yesterday. But Howard Stern takes the cake saying that the only reason Kanye was allowed to do the cover (that we was previously denied by the mag in 1997) is because Kanye is Black.

No. It's because Kanye is likely far more controversial than you are and well considering his now famous Bush-related comments and his unequivocable pinache at convincing people that he's the best thing since sliced bread, Stern pales in comparison. Not to say that Stern isn't or hasn't been just as controversial in the past, but for Christ's sake (no pun intended) his ass has gotten away with a lot of shit for a long time - but noone wants to give him an award for it. Face it, there are other diffferences besides skin color, but really, just shut up...Kanye raps with RhymeFest and Stern just raps in his WhineFest.

Check it out.

*You know, after seeing this cover, I'd thought that my feelings toward Kanye had changed forever, but I have Howard Stern to thank for, well, reversing that. Nothing like good ole' priveleged whining to get me to flare my militant urges despite the cause...Jesse has trained us well.*


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wow...just wow.

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