Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Hey Er'body...

Wow, I feel like I've been gone for so long - my last real post was about a week ago or so.

Anyways, the past 7 days have been extra busy for Elle B. Tuesday night we set it off with a Team Elle B. meeting to get everyone together and acquainted with each other. All of my producers were there, my marketing guy, my publicist, stylist and video director, as well as my future attorney.

The meeting was extremely successful, we are now on the move to getting the website created, researching unique promotional items, finding venues to book shows leading up to the release and decidely in pursuit of a "club track" to distribute to local DJs.

Not only that, but my publicist has started pitching me for events. I ended up at the an opening for Nu on 5 at the Los Angeles Fashion Mart. Although the event was "cool" because it was more fashion oriented than music industry, my girl JH was doing her thing networking with the designers to get gear and what not for my performances and photoshoots.

The highlight of my evening was meeting Rohan Marley - Lauryn Hill's baby daddy. My roomate was not as excited as I was when I recounted the meeting. Her sentiments, "He the man responsible for making her crazy." True as it may be, here I was kicking it with LAURYN HILL'S baby's daddy! It's like being close to royalty, but not really. Anyways, he was there because one of his "brethen" was part of the opening - as well, he is getting into the fashion scene with "Tuff Gong" gear. *shrugging my shoulders, cus I'ont know...*

Later on that night, me and my girl FLR were supposed to hit up the Stuff Magazine party, but I we didn't get in. JH, my pub, told me to arrive no later than 10p - we showed up at 11p. Damn, we were hungary...we were just down the block, but the restaurant stop took longer than expected.

What might have started as a quick run to McDonalds turned into a dish session at an Italian food joing - Bella Cucina on Hollywood - with Martinis. By the time we got to the Stuff Mag party the head of talent, Bryan Ling, told me - "I'm Sorry, we are at capacity. I can't let you in" Right...

JH had another PR industry party to attend so there was no pro to fight for my right to party! Instead, Elle B and FLR bounced (after about 30 minutes) when "Eric" from The 70s Show rolled up with his crew and we were forcefully pushed outta the way for his "people."

Not the kid... What is Stuff Magazine anyway?!?


Blogger Cocacy said...

Wow! I'm so proud of you. You've got the lawyer, the publicist, etc. It gives me inspiration to start whippin' my ass into shape and figuring out how I'm going to get my book published. Remember me when you get famous...

6:16 PM  

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