Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A Dream Deferred?

Last night I had an insane dream.

I was at my mother's Rose Bowl party but only it was in Miami, like the Orange Bowl. Jay-Z and Beyonce were there, unexpectedly. Everyone was sitting at this large table, eating and having a good time. I am sitting on the end and B and J are somewhere in the middle.

During the dream, more and more people keep coming to sit at the table - so that eventually, Beyonce is sitting right next to me after having to scoot down so many times. At this point, Beyonce and I start talking, somehow she knows that I am pursuing my music career and asks about my project.

As I am explaining my project and the decision to be indy first before pursuing a major label deal, I get the bright idea to ask her if she is looking for backup singers. When she tells me "sorta" I ask her if it would be okay to sing for her. As I begin Amazing Grace, some random chick outta nowhere starts singing over me - but she's just alright as a singer - I know that I can do so much better.

As I begin to sing That Name by Yolanda Adams (because I know how B likes her gospel music), I realize that my chops are shot and I can only do a mediocre job at best. Oh boy...

From that point on, my dream takes another turn involving John Singleton, where we are all leaving to come back to LA.

I know Ive been stressed lately about everything from working two jobs, to getting my car fixed, to financing this project myself, to even getting it completed. Anxiety dream, yes...but maybe deeper than that.

What do you think this dream means?


Blogger Rell said...

I always think dreams have some kind of deeper meaning, that god was always trying to tell us something.

However, I think the hard part is figuring out exactly what they mean and exactly why they were put there.

Difficult but not impossible I suppose...

12:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

girl...i don't know but i agree with rell.


7:11 AM  

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