Sunday, November 20, 2005

Reason #503 Why I Don't Do Reality TV...

Almost without fail after a performance someone asks me... "Have you ever tried out for American Idol?" I say no. I think it's like the gong show: farcical and fixed. Additionally, I think shows like American Idol are great for people who need the exposure because they aren't geographically located in the traditional entertaiment markets, LA, NYC, ATL, Nashville. For that, I do not knock the programming and certainly not the millions of viewers who watch and vote. But the media circus and sub-par careers that are born out of talent themed Reality Shows *and it's safe to say reality TV shows in general* would be the worse career move I could make.

The problem I have with reality tv "star search" themed shows are they are counter-productive to a persons career. Most people start there because their careers would have never happened otherwise. Please don't misread me, I am not trying to be over critical of the choices that people have made, but I just need to illustrate my point before I go one.

Brittany from BET's College Hill, now "modeling."

Malika from Diddy's MTB 3. *Not Sure What She's Doing*

Toccara from Tyra's America's Next Top Model *I guess she's modeling too...*

Babs from Diddy's Making the Band 2 *She's signed but where is her album?*

3 of the 4 above mentioned were casted on reality TV shows for their "talent." There is nothing new about female celebrities posing for sexy magazines, King and XXL are two that come to mind. However, for former cast members of reality series this seems to be the transitional occupation. I don't know how it'll help their careers - as I mentioned earlier I think its counterproductive. Reality tv has created a genre of "below b-list" celebrities. Because they are forced to become "caricatures" of personalities on their shows, noone has the chance to really see what they have to offer, even if they are talented.

And what are our opinions about these personalities? They are entertaining on the show because it's contained drama. But don't we wince a little when we see pictures like the ones above? I do. I'm not knocking XXL or King, but what does posing in your lingerie have to do with a singing career, especially when you're not signed. I honestly think it makes it more difficult for serious artists because the bar is lowered - as if men are gonna buy my record cus I got a big booty. Like they said, why buy the cow when your giving the milk away for me. Why buy the record when all they really wanna see is another video chick?

Another illustration from a personal experience:

At the beginning of sophomore year, I auditioned for Diddy's Making The Band. A brief re-cap of my experience.

- Stood in line for 1.5 hours at the Hollywood Athletic club
-Had some whack group interview where the show producers attempted to decide who's personality would stand out.
-Auditioned with "America the Beautiful" for the judges. They let me get through my entire song - which is much farther than they let the 10 ppl ahead of me go.
-After my audition, some nice lady told me they'd keep my application on file and took my picture. She said that I may not be what they are looking for, but the Bunin-Murray team do a lot of shows where I might be better suited.

I didn't get called to be on show *but then again I kinda figured that would be the outcome* After seeing MTB, I knew why I didn't get called. To them I woulda been Ms Prim and Proper (read: not HOOD enuf). I am the No Drama kinda chick. It's alright though, cus I wasn't trying to get caught up with controlling-on the verge of abusive husbands, court dates, set-ups with Juvenile or the sort. Instead, I finished out college.

I wonder what'll happen to all the other girls on this cycle of MTB.

REASON #503 Why I Don't Do Reality TV... You have to pimp yourself out to miniscule publicity ploys for the public to continue to notice you.


Blogger Rell said...

you right they hurt people. And diddy, dont' get me started on him, if you can't make a group that has more then one album after almost four years and three seasons later -- nothing.

12:53 PM  
Blogger Rell said...

you right they hurt people. And diddy, dont' get me started on him, if you can't make a group that has more then one album after almost four years and three seasons later -- nothing.

12:53 PM  
Blogger Clay said...

baps still looka like a man!

11:21 AM  

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