Saturday, November 19, 2005

Quick and Dirty...

Weekend Edition:

Friday was a great day. Here's why:

- DJ OK called to tell me that I have the opportunity to submit a song or two to A&R reps at Atlantic Records for some new RnB act, name Jenny (sp?). The only drawback is that I have to have something ready for Monday. So once I finish this post, I am going to start writing and tomorrow I have to record the scratch vocals. The reps are looking for complete songs because this girl doesn't write. *I hope to hell she can sang*

- Payday, Bitches. I got my first official paycheck from my new position in the bank. It was nice. I bought the flyest pair of brown Peter Pan boots. I'd link up a pic, then that might be a little self indulgent. *Probably not more indulgent that what I spent on said boots*

-Level 3 (EJ and AC's Bday Bash) - Last night, the girls and I, went to Level 3 @ Hollywood and Highland to celebrate the birthdays of two of our homies. Freshman year, we all lived together on Somerville Place (read: the Black floor). There is too much to write in a Quick and Dirty Post, but I'll consider a re-cap for Monday's post.


- Writing for Jenny
-Watching the SC vs. Fresno State game at EJ's spot.

Other Random Career Notes:
- SM Harris Media has created the place holder page for while it's under construction *now if only I could find a websdesigner that I liked*
- Angel La. over at Concrete Loop is a graphic designer. Peep I was really impressed with her work and look to work with her on my branding. She's gonna work with my tat to create a logo *read the details on my vision*.

*In honor my life right now, I leave with this quote: "I'm young, I'm single and I love to mingle" (c) Leroy, Fame: The Movie (1980)


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