Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Quick and Dirty...

Before I begin: I want to give KUDOS to Mario for his performance of "Somebody Loves You Baby" on the Patti LaBelle special on UBN *(c) Little Brother's The Minstrel Show*. The industry is sleeping on this young man - he's got something special. Considering the lackluster performances of the other younger talent who performed, I truly had to question why he isn't more popular/successful. I am wishing him the best and hope he gets it.

Check out his latest video: Boom

*I am mos def a Mario fan and proud of it*


Today is promising to be a very busy day at work, but I have to post because I missed yesterday. Here are the highlights Quick and Dirty:

- Elevated Annual Holiday Party @ the Garden of Eden: Although its not set in stone yet, I may have the opportunity to perform on 12/16. In anticiaption of a confirmation, details have already been decided on the wardrobe (mod sweater dress and boots) and show (Elle B. singing to tracks and DJ OK scratching) and songs (Ain't Gonna Cry, Despite What They Say and Joseph's Song). Crazy!

- Budget decisions for the EP Release: Since I don't want to break the bank on the EP release when I expect to release the album 3-4 mo. later, GV and I did some research to figure out how we can keep costs low for the packaging and still have a dope product. We decided: Bulk pressed CD with 3-color printing on top, white cardboard sleeves with the Elle B. sticker on the front. I know it sounds cheap, but we decided that people are more likely to keep the CD over a cardboard sleeve - so why pay that much for packaging.

- Logo Design: I decided that Elle B. will have a will be my tattoo. A Treble Clef with a butterfly sitting on top. It's really cute and I always get compliments on it (when ppl get over the fact that I have a tattoo in the first place.) I'm gonna get a necklace made of the logo as well for the album cover. If my tattoo's tranfer to "bling" aka jewlery, I'll think about other ways to create Elle B. Merchandising opps. *People this is a business and I am a business woman*

- The Beatnix and Me: Me and AS of the Beatnix are meeting on Friday to do Joseph's song. I can't wait!

- DJ OK and Elle B.: We are scheduled to do an all day Sunday session. We've not created any new music since before the show. I am feenin' to get back on the project especially since I've been moving forward with all of the business stuff.

- DJ OK, Snugg & Blue Cantrell: DJ OK and his partner Snuff have been working on some new RnB tracks for Blue Cantrell...there is a possibility that I may also get in on this gig if I write to the tracks they submit. I think she's looking for completed songs, so I'd be writing the lyrics and singing on the demo. *Cool*

- Elle B andn Tuna Butter: A few weeks and counting until Thanksgiving break (still on that collegiate calendar), when Tim comes back from Berkelee and we can get the pre-production track for "What's The Difference"

- New Sh*it, New Sh*t: Started on a new song last night...although I only have the first verse, I really think it's gonna be a good song. I don't think I'll have a hook until I have a track, but I am gonna work on an outline tonight.

- Crate and Barrel for the Holidays: I'm applying to Crate and Barrel at the Grove today for a holiday gig. Granted I just got hired full time at the bank and I make a great salary - but I've not received my first paycheck yet and my apartment is still close to pretty freaking empty. I can put away some extra money in savings, have that necklace made, get the EP and website done and pay for all the costs of adulthood. I'ont mind working on weekends either, it's LA and there are so many new people to meet.

- Link for Video: Hopefull, I will have a link to download video of my show soon. I can't quite figure out how to embed it on my blog yet, so if I have some free time to day, I'll zip it and add a Quick Dump link.

That's it for now...more rants to come later.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

kelly rowland's performance made me angry...not really angry but just kinda why? why? and i was surprised that ashanti had that strong of a voice...not to say that it was strong...but just like kelly rowland, i've never heard her voice really carry...and i was thinking...kelly, flipping your massive head of hair back is not gonna help you get out those notes...but anyway...yolanda adams was off the chain as usual...i really like that song. and i need to buy a mario album because "you should let me love you" is my cut...i will drop everything, cut off conversation, whatever...when that song comes on...i thought he did a great job last night. but i actually thought the whole show was kinda wack since it was supposed to be an ALL STAR tribute...but patti did her thing and that was cool. also, it seemed like no other celebrities were there besides the people who performed, which was kinda weird to maybe it was just a concert for the people vacationing at atlantis...anyway...yeah...


1:21 PM  
Blogger Elle B. said...

I feel you...I was disappointed too. Man, my heart went out to Gerald LEvert, I used to love him. But, Kelly I've decided, is the chick with a great blending voice, like she should stay in the choir...And Ashanti can belt..I was surprised she could hang (relatively speaking) with Ms. Patti. But it wasnt enough to convert me...he he. Anyways, the show was alright. Yolanda is still the bomb-diggity and uh, she always tears it up.


4:34 PM  
Blogger Michael said...

My shero.

4:59 AM  

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